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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, it was a good read, glad you liked the experience. You can get some necromancer marks and spell during the campaign, but the number of undead battles in different routes varies a lot so the plan was to add some necromancer related goodies to phorampa, so if you're using undead you have the option to go in there and stock up on some essentials from act 2 onwards, necromancer was indeed meant to predominantly be a 'cleric for the dead' so you need to be using some to get good mileage off them. To rank up and use parry or deflect you need a melee weapon equipped in one of your hand slots, that's one of the fringe benefits of 1h weapon + melee, so a necro could use a book in the main hand for the int bonus, MP boost, and the ability to deflect, and use a crossbow in off hand for some ranged capability. Dragonborn does have empower dragon, yes. No plans for giving patriarch evil eye, the only reason they can technically use the skill is because gorgons share the same skill set. It's hard to hit a good middle ground with gauntlets, as most players love big numbers and everyone would run them on every unit if they weren't such a liability. The current state of using them only on units that can afford to seems ok, honestly. Got a few gear slots left so I could add a few more helms and leggings if I think of something useful. The loot tables are mostly the same for now, you can find the drop list for recipes and arcana here in the equipment table below https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T7TupkvrKhnH0HtmU2O_-csqQuYQrjHf?usp=sharing and another player is maintaining an equipment drop list for the mod here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yZj8sUBp5BVYXK0XQSPR7BIZYGZCKBFb?usp=sharing
  2. If you tried the mod and have something to share about your experience, be it small nitpicks, ideas, random thoughts, ramblings, musings or, why not, praise, you can do so here. In case you want an extended discussion regarding some specific aspect of the game or mod you can open a new thread instead. These are some of the more obvious known issues, some are low priority and some are either extremely tedious or tricky to fix. Missing character sprite in the opening scenes of Donnalto's or Rudlum's battles. Funny item, skill or spell sorting in some categories (spells can be manually sorted for use so this is a low priority one). Disabled skills in enemy skill lists which should be replaced with something more useful. Identical descriptions on some lategame weapons. Consolidated changelist up to version 0.92a can be found here, along with an up-to-date class sheet detailing the skills and abilities of all classes in the mod. On the same address you can also find a damage calculator table explaining some of the mechanical nuances is available in the same location, it is made for vanilla game but all of the formulas are still the same, consult the manual sheet for more info.
  3. I'd like to say there's something to share these days but it seems that the community isn't at that point yet, I'm still using a hex editor and you can already find most of the addresses I have on cheat boards. Thing is, I'm not terribly optimistic that it will change soon and we'll have a ton of mods and scope is probably the biggest reason, I'd estimate that FFT has around a hundred battles altogether, but with branching paths, massive endgame and the way they chose to scale battles with different level ranges being multiple versions of the same battle, this has literally several thousands of them.
  4. New Grub Plus

    The running stereotype about gaming enthusiasts is they aren't really putting much thought to eating healthy, surviving mostly on undisclosed amounts of cheetos, takeout pizza and cola, which firmly sorts them into either bone thin or morbidly obese category. That, of course, isn't true any more than it is, and with the rising price as well as declining food quality most gaming communities are sure to have their share of food enthusiasts or urban survival experts, capable of twisting a garden hose and a pair of moldy socks into an edible, if not tasty meal. With accessibility to broad public in mind, it's preferable if the recipes in this thread are simple or cheap and having some pics or, even better, a video, would be more likely to get someone interested into trying your recipe but none of that is a must, post whatever you want to share but it's best if you restrict it to something you made personally or at least saw done. I'll post some recipes I had in another forum and link whatever anyone submits in the first post just in case it catches on and browsing hundreds upon hundreds of submissions becomes cumbersome. Seafood Moussaka Borderlands Yogurt Tarator Soup Uzbek Pilaf
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, I left assassin with anatomy on purpose, it makes sense. You can't obtain full ward legitimately, it's set to be a free use skill so bosses could equip it when needed, which means that if there was some way to get it on your character, they would be able to use it with any class.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi, The problem with racial skills is I can't really fix them, if a human unit equips anatomy it will get a damage bonus vs humans and a damage reduction when attacked by any race, if it equips draconology it will get a damage bonus vs dragons and no damage reduction. The problem is currently circumvented by barring every class from using racial skills for races that can use the class, so you can't ever equip a racial skill that matches your race so the only thing you're getting is the damage bonus, I considered scrapping them altogether, but they aren't doing any harm this way and add a bit of flavor. Steal tables were updated for all reworked battles, which is the campaign and some sidequests, I'm currently working on random battles. A good rule of thumb is - if you see that no enemies are equipped with skills they can't use, I most likely reworked that battle and replaced the steal tables. I'll most likely replace the full ward on ganpp's pets with specific wards, now that beasts got more dangerous removing the option to shut them down is too much of a handicap.
  7. New Grub Plus

    Uzbek Pilaf Ingredients: - 1/2 kg of long grain rice or any kind of rice that doesn't stick much, this is important - 1/2 kg of lamb, beef, pork or turkey - 1/2 kg of carrots, cut in thin strips - 2-3 onions, depending on size - a handful of dried chickpeas or canned ones - 3-4 garlic cloves - 2-3 pepper grains - 1/2 teaspoon cumin grains - 1/2 teaspoon of cumin powder - 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika powder - 1/2 teaspoon of sweet curry powder - (optional) half a handful of unsweetened raisins (may be hard to find) 1. Dip the chickpeas in warm water and leave overnight Or you will break your teeth on them. This step is skipped if you're using canned peas, in which case increase the amount from a handful to whatever you're comfortable with. 2. Wash the rice and set it aside to soak if the rice you're using takes a long time to cook, you may want to give it a bit of a headstart but it usually isn't necessary 3. Fry the meat chunks on hot oil 4. Cut the onions into quarters and add them in when the meat browns a bit 5. Add chickpeas, pepper grains and a bit of salt keep on frying, adding a little water if the juices from meat and onion aren't enough 6. Add water to cover everything when the onion turns glassy and meat is half-cooked, let it simmer for a bit more 7. Add whole garlic cloves, cumin grains and half the paprika powder let it simmer for a few more minutes. 8. Add the carrots so they form a layer above the meat, do not stir the stew anymore after this point, cover and leave it to cook for some ten minutes 9. Drain the rice and spread it over everything carefully so the carrot layer is not disturbed. 10. Add the rest of paprika, cumin powder, curry powder and raisins and stir it carefully into the rice layer, leaving the carrots alone 11. Add water so it covers the rice with half a finger width to spare, let the liquid slowly boil on low heat 12. Carefully add some more water when it is is gone from the surface and the rice starts expanding, you want it roughly level with the rice this time 13. Cover up and let it steam for half an hour more turning the stove down on lowest possible heat, don't lift the lid, don't touch anything 14. That's it serve with fresh or pickled veggies, depending on season
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    No need for that, there's now an alternative patching method in the readme where you just extract the files and point the emulator to it, everything can be done on any phone.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Haven't really gotten much feedback about names, I assume it's one of those things people don't care too much about as long as they have an idea of what the spell does. If the name of the spell isn't an issue, it was fitting the name of the spell together with 'arcana' for the scroll. Anyway, if we put something most people don't care about against a usability issue, the latter is more important after all. Rogues already have enough advantages over the ninja, they're tougher, have more versatility with full item access and traps, self haste is always good, and their ranged options are much better, as they have 2h crossbows and guaranteed status infliction with bullseye and blowguns, real solid class. Familiar is good enough at doing its own thing, they don't need to be full divine users to be useful.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, but knowing in which list you are is still something that should be clear without looking too hard, names are something you get used to and the pattern for most spell types is the same anyway. I'm getting good feedback about rogue and it was a strong class in my last test playthrough, I don't think it needs anything at this point. Familiar shouldn't match the scope of classes that focus just on utility, it isn't meant to be a full replacement for cleric.
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    Right, it would probably be best if I started by saying that those inconsistent uses of 'and', 'or' and '/' are all a consequence of space limitations, which is the biggest problem with most of those suggestions. With some others the problem is that the text isn't in one chunk that I could change, but instead generated on the spot, like 'Weapon Type' + some 'weapon_type' variable whose name the game is fetching, so I wouldn't have any room to put anything there. That aside, the chance and amount for some weapons can vary even for generic weapons within the same class so it's better to put nothing than a number that may be wrong, the general rule is that a stronger status will have a lower proc chance and that a 2h weapon will have a higher chance than 1h, unless the whole class is specialized for status infliction, like blowguns. The proc chance is always the same regardless of the target, so there's no decision involved and you don't really need to know how high it is, you won't pick one target over the other based on that information, you might decide to hit someone else if the target is immune to the secondary effect, though, and the tooltip will hide the icon when that's the case, which is probably good enough. For spells, the chance differs based on the target so that wouldn't be possible, but there aren't many spells left that do a guaranteed hit and then have a chance for an effect that depends on your stats, maybe there aren't any at all currently. Monster skills have either a guaranteed secondary effect or a fixed 50%-ish chance so showing it isn't helping that much either. Strengthen and Fortify are intentionally not in caps, to indicate you're getting a usable skill that grants that effect, not the effect itself, didn't really have the room to do anything more than that. I tried it without the 'arcana' and it was a bit confusing because you'd sometimes forget if you're browsing the list of learned spells or the list of arcana and have to check, shortening some of the spell names was the lesser evil. Scrolls and treatises still have different names because there aren't many of them in comparison with other spells so they aren't hard to remember.
  12. A bunch of questions

    1. Sure, enemies in random battles will match the highest level unit you deploy, so if you want to train new classes the best way is to change as many units as you can into it and then deploy them to an area with easy enemies that scales low. Tynemouth hill is a good option because it can downscale to level 3, which is fine for a level 1 team, so if you deploy only one or two classes they will get all the exp and it will go very fast. If you're training a special class you can't change more units into, you can try to combine it with other special classes you want. 2. Passive skills tend to be interchangeable, and active skills tend to be unique to a class, but some can transfer, you can see the full list in the class chart below. As the teams in TO are larger than FFT, there's no need to have every unit capable of multiple roles, you can have more specialists, so instead of combining skillsets you combine units. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T7TupkvrKhnH0HtmU2O_-csqQuYQrjHf?usp=sharing 3. Most generic classmarks will be available in the store, the only exceptions are necromancer and fusilier which are craftable (and also can be stolen or dropped from units in that class), also angel knight an lich marks which are found only in specific places. Special classmarks are mostly craftable with some endgame books. 4. The battles will get larger later so you will often have need of a full team of 12 units. 5. Some other classes have some form of healing in water/dark magic, war dances, songs, or skill based like warlock's distills or warden's pumpkin pie, some classes can throw items and that's still a very good option. Princess and lord can still heal very well with light magic, also priest, angel knight, paragon, familiar and paladin. All those can work in a pinch, still, if you want the strongest healer around, get a cleric, love him and keep him happy. 5a. There isn't a straight resurrection ability, you can only swap another unit for the incapacitated one if you need it more, and there's a high level draconic spell that can potentially swap one unit for multiple dead ones if you can set it up with a bit of corpse management. Think of it as an incentive to play better, the game already gives the player enough advantages over the CPU and I'm making sure that it's possible to do every battle without incapacitation or casualties if you play well. 6. There are differences in starting stats, fliers are weaker than other races and can't change into heavy fighters, lizardmen make the best warriors, lamias are good casters and archers, and some have unique classes you might want. Humans are well rounded and have the largest class selection, though, so there's no best answer here. 7. Their stats are still higher, just not as high, they join with high ranked skills and every special character has a unique class now. If there's some item you can't find in guides it was probably introduced in the mod, you can just search the readme for it to see what it does. In this case, you can examine the phylactery to see it has the bodyswap ability like Ogre Blade, there are some guides out there that go into more detail about what can you do with that exactly. And if you got more questions, you can also join this discord https://discord.gg/N9mfUh, the mod has a section here so there are plenty of people you can talk with, another option is the tactics ogre reddit.
  13. Feedback and Suggestions

    - Yeah, elixirs still work so you can bring the heart count back up when it isn't zero. - Discord has to stay a finisher because it wouldn't scale with your katana skill, but it should still be possible to nerf it, gently of course. - Dunno if denam would be all that keen to enter water in his lordish finery, he's probably unused to it, and I honestly don't think it would make art of war much less attractive, it would just make one spell in there a bit pointless. - Yeah, can't make windshot a finisher, it can be improved in other ways if it's weak, though, not like I exhausted all the options.
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    - The potion is there just to make skill poaching easier and less painful for the recipient, the warranty doesn't cover anything beyond the intended use. If your hearts went to zero you can't bring them back up. - The AI is probably just being wack as usual, I've seen enemies use ivory tower before. - Maybe, but I think there was some mention somewhere about warp removing the RT cost from movement, which does give it an edge of sorts over fly when there's no rampart around. - Yes, it was a side effect of the armor rearrangement, it will be taken care of in next patch. - It's a damage scaling finisher so it needs be fully charged to shine. - Yup, I expected it will be too strong, I'll probably dial it down a bit. - There's a ton of units that don't have waterstep and can't natively go into water, it's pretty common so we can't say that lord drew the short straw, he has a lot of useful things in that set too so it isn't as if we're taking it just for waterwalk. - Might have mentioned it before when we talked about those minor finishers, but the only way to tie the ability fully to your basic attack damage is making it a finisher, and an ability can't be a spell and a finisher at the same time, also, you can't give it to multiple classes, it's either limited to one class or available to everyone that can equip that weapon type. You probably won't notice any difference in damage type when a low offense unit like warlock is attacking a high toughness unit because the damage overhead will be either very low or non-existent, the armor type vulnerabilities aren't a huge factor anyway and only kick in in some situations, the physical damage type on some abilities is mostly there to tell you that their damage overhead will be more easily resisted than for pure elemental abilities. That could be changed by moving a higher portion of damage to stats but that opens more cans of worms than it closes.
  15. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, the chapter 4 isn't done yet, I'm doing it in the order from game files ch1, ch2 chaos, ch2 law, ch3 neutral, ch3 chaos, ch2 law, ch4. So, cerya will join as a dragoon, skills will be fixed, Ehlrig could be a warrior, why not. Swapping sprites around just like that doesn't work, however, the game won't load them and you will have blanks, the actual graphics have to be changed so that will happen when I fix the warren report. The RT values were standardized, special characters have either a -2 or -4 advantage, depending on the character and uniques have -4 or -6. It goes towards their stat totals, so when vyce has -6 it means he has a lower total in other stats than, say, gildas who has -4. We can't get a matra class because those class slots can't be used by the player, and if we're missing a special character you can just use those codes to tweak anyone's appearance to your liking. Warlocks can do a lot of things, their default role is mid range supporters but it's really up to you. If you want, you can do something like equip them for max defense, use only their buffs and stick them in front to hit things and get hit so they have the TP to empower your golem, or you can outfit them as a full caster and keep the back line ticking.
  16. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, berserker could have a skill like that in another kind of game, but he doesn't need it here and probably shouldn't have it. I meant that you don't know exactly which skills and spells your class can use until you obtain all spells and fully level some other class that can use those skills because they don't show at level 1, compare with something like the FF12 license board where you know in advance which skills and spells the class will be able to use. Hawkmen count as humans so they can't have anatomy, Tamuz can use it with some of his classes because ravenmen count as umbra.
  17. Feedback and Suggestions

    You can't really use that argument here, berserker is frontline dps, swordmaster is an evasive all-rounder, spellblade is a light supporter tank, 'pure long range dps' is what archers were in vanilla and in the mod they are a backline harassment unit, art of war only reinforces that role. When berserkers need self-sustain it's usually tied to their dps in some way, with life leech or on-kill effects which are either tricky or impossible here, but the main thing is that berserkers tend to have that when they are on their own, this is obviously a team game so your healers and supporters are their sustain. Minor finishers are usually tied to the only weapon the class can use so you will get them eventually, there's no decision to be made depending on it so the lack of information isn't an issue. For archer or necromancer it's just an extra to spice up the setups you won't normally use with the class, and those that like to plan everything ahead will use my class table anyway because the game doesn't tell you which skills or spells can the class learn so it's nothing out of the norm and I could just add the minor finishers in there. The dialogue issue can't really be solved elegantly because I can't make a character or an entire class faster or slower just because of that or reintroduce revives, it would be nice to have both but in cases where I have to choose between lore and gameplay it's gameplay first.
  18. Feedback and Suggestions

    If you want your terror knights to be more accurate with spells you can fix it with gear to an extent, you have to sacrifice a bit of defense or damage potential, but that's what's keeping you from getting an efficient heavy armor mage too easily, if they're still too unreliable their caster stats can just be increased. There's no real need to introduce a buff dependence in this case, it's fine for beasts because they're supposed to hit their full potential only when paired with a tamer, I don't think a terror knight should be dependent on other units like that, they're a bit of edgelords after all. A fair few classes get minor finishers like the archer, we got fusiliers, necromancers, priest, paragon, now hobyrim and you also shoot with gunblades that way, the usual reason is that designating something as a finisher is the only way to have a skill that fully uses your weapon stats and skill. Archer's hamstring move could work as an active or special, but it requires a dagger so you have to give up on using a 2h ranged weapon to access it, as I said, the move gives more purpose to a setup like that. Historically, archers would be reasonably armored and have a sidearm they're fairly competent with instead of trying to do the legolas point blank shot, so when they do get flanked the attack could go worse than expected, this surprise move is an homage of sorts to that. Berserkers are supposed to be pure offense and they currently do their job well, if anyone wants a strong attacker with defensive skills he should use a swordmaster, that's what they're for. A dex spear could exist, but I can't do a whole segment, they now have to cover 1h and 2h options in both the main and sidegrade flavor including as many elements in each as possible, there just isn't enough room to do dex spears too. If I'm able to change the warren report portraits the other ones shouldn't be hard either, I wouldn't mind changing the portraits for soldiers if I'm able to match the art style. They're something of a staple in the series, however, so I'd have to pass it by the community first.
  19. Feedback and Suggestions

    I remember tampering with it before and it wasn't working right so I probably messed up somewhere. I'll give it another go when the next version is ready, if it works on re-sort it should work when starting a new game.
  20. Feedback and Suggestions

    Don't worry about it, none of us would be here if we weren't passionate about the game. Portrait issues I will probably be able to change the warren report portraits down the line, it isn't a major issue so it's better if I spend the time chipping away at the mountain of things that need to be done, we'll see about portraits later. Meanwhile I released the code generator you can use to change the way any special character looks, that probably solves all of the issues regarding 'I don't like how the character X looks now'. Having Sara as a rogue is a good thing because there are some nice early game steals you can get with her. Archers I think it's fine if trajectory is a general skill, not many classes have access to heavy ranged weapons or are trying to go for being an exclusive ranged attacker so they can't justify using a skill slot for trajectory as easily, but I feel it's still important to give them the option because of how generally useful it is, rogues have bullseye but it's probably more useful in combination with sidearms. The main reason archers have art of war is that many have felt that the class is a bit dry, warriors have a large weapon selection and can be a discount tank, raw dps or light skirmisher but archers are a lot more specialized, disabling skills are what you'd commonly expect from an archer in games, so it kinda fits. I'm no historian, but they say good bowmen were often paid better than your regular man-at-arms and was hardly an exclusive job for the unwashed masses, especially if we look outside of medieval europe, after all, the samurai were skilled archers first and foremost, and then everything else. The finisher is there because even though an archer could equip a dagger, there would be little reason to besides spending less RT to use your weapon than you normally would and having access to different finishers, it's there for the sole purpose of making that weapon combo more tempting. Cudgels They're available to all classes that can use magic, so it's just a side effect of more classes being able to, warriors can't use magic so they're limited to only the quarterstaff sidegrade. On that note, those transferable weapons are just supposed to mean it's something you wouldn't normally learn as that class, they probably wouldn't teach you how to swing a light sword on the berserker academy but if you picked it up somewhere else it can be put to use as a berserker, you won't be violating the rules and might get laughed at by your classmates only sometimes. Clerics I'd sooner make them a bit worse at other things if needed, healing is their primary role after all. Other Unfortunately, can't do anything about default skill sorting. About pumpkins, having to get 30 is a bit much so the plan is to have around 20-something from the campaign by the time you can get deneb so there's only a bit more to go, you will probably be able to get them in phorampa and other places for that last spurt, and there are other things phorampa will be good for. Can't do anything about titles at the moment, unfortunately. If Leonar ends up recruitable, it will probably be in chaos, neutral got enough candy now.
  21. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, it has no effect, but instills already add 25% extra damage which is pretty substantial, and considering that they already boost your damage when using elemental weapons they do affect instills indirectly. If they also affected them directly, that would be double dipping.
  22. Feedback and Suggestions

    No, but you can look for the location of "Assassin's Dagger" in vanilla guides.
  23. Save Game

    Yeah, he probably has a more recent one.
  24. Save Game

    Sorry, don't have a current one and the the characters in the old ones have wrong stats.
  25. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yes, it's a bug with the game, the shaman class unlocks fully only by changing Sherri or Cerya into it, Olivya or Cistina won't work. Once you have changed either of those two into it, you will see it in class list and it will level properly.