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  1. I've changed those endgame sniper gauntlets to have a few uses of Benumb, you can't change the duration just for the item, however, unless you make a whole new skill just for using it on the weapon. When an item has a usable skill it uses the same one, except it has no cost and you have to spend a turn on it, so an active skill on an item would use up your main action too. Can't see any way to create new racial buffs yet, maybe some day. Dunno, can't say they hated them too much, maces are a perfectly normal crappy weapon, meaning anything that isn't a dagger, katana or bow.
  2. Right, if a skill description is missing punctuation or a space, in 99% of the cases it means I had no room for it and it's better than abbreviating. Sometimes it seems there's enough room but it still truncates the text a bit strangely for some reason, which is the case with Whim so I'll just shorten it a bit and it should be fine, thanks for reporting it. The situation with burst spells is similar, instill spells have more space in their name slots so bursts II had to go there, there isn't enough room below. You can rearrange the spell list for every character so it isn't too much of an issue, I hope.
  3. I could, but not to separate factions, gear is added to the random pool globally. Can't be on just some of them unless you force equip it to a certain enemy that appears in a certain fight, which I haven't found the table for yet.
  4. Yeah, saw that one and took care of it today, didn't remember they could also drop besides being available at deneb's shop so I haven't replaced them back then.
  5. Yeah, I've already reduced it to the same duration as bewitch for next patch. Did a minor pass over some skills and spells too, I'll probably release what I did up to now and leave the serious item tweaking for another time. Status accuracy decay would be 99% impossible, I think.
  6. Sure, it's possible to have any spell, active or special as a usable item ability. There are special cases of some passive skills working too, like reflect damage/magic, it could be a craftable alternative for barbed and baldur shield. I was also thinking about using books as a zero defense shield. Some of those ideas could be interesting, we'll see what works once I shuffle the things around and see how much space I have to work with.
  7. Sure, I can do some of those and some I can't, however room is the problem now that we can't count on those extra 34 slots from cursed weapons. I could use the +1 weapon slots for those alternatives because it isn't really doing much for the game currently. I was planning on using some of those to cover extra elemental weapons anyway but that's weeks worth of just shifting stuff around and fixing what I inevitably messed up. Boots, shield or those gauntlets are fine but I have to be careful not to exceed +4 total bonus from all items you can equip at the same time or it starts counting back from 1. There's probably no point in having more movement effect items, I can just shift the ones we already got to be available earlier. The Poleaxe can't work, however, an item can have only one damage type, one element and one racial affinity. All endgame elemental items have a bonus against some race so it wouldn't be adding anything new, it also applies only to that extra damage from stat difference so you'll likely do more damage with a high ATK weapon to some enemies than a low ATK one with high racial damage bonus. Depends what kind of active effect you had in mind, the system is kinda restricted. A longer range spear is no problem at least. Stun pistol is fine but it can't have both stun and TP reset, unlike spells and skills an item can have only one on hit effect. Mentioned this before, but the game doesn't really have a distance-limited cone AoE for your blunderbuss, only an infinite one which will probably freeze the emulator on weaker devices. Teutonic armor is ok, no idea if anyone will use something that heavy, though, we like our RT low
  8. Sure, I'm planning to add more craftables if I can.
  9. Probably not, I've been intending to remove resurrections altogether. Dunno how feasible would a countdown stopper be, maybe some kind of evacuate move that removes the corpse from the battle so you're left one man short but his life is saved.
  10. Won't really be that big, I did the cursed weapon rework, fixed some spells and a few other minor things, I'll try squeezing in the remaining elements for all weapons somehow, probably by using the upgrade slots for lower level gear, you don't even have access to crafting at that point. Songs as in scrolls or the skill? They use Art of War skill now so you can't learn the Songs skill. Thanks for reminding me, though, I forgot to switch over the Songs skill back to song spell group, it should be done so you have access to them through both skills because enemy songstresses won't have Art of War.
  11. There's an unarmed slot with some crappy attack that I could appropriate but it's hard making those things scale well if the class doesn't have monster-class ATK growth, I wouldn't be able to hit a sweet spot where it doesn't do too much damage early on and sucks later. Yeah, pumpkinheads can become songsters. On a separate note, seems I won't be able to use those extra cursed weapon slots after all, the item names are generated when snapping so they don't exist in game files, they're on your game save instead so nothing can be done unless I discover how to change the addressing. I've still reworked the original cursed weapons into static items so you can't snap them anymore and I can alter their stats, we'll see if it works out any better.
  12. A good thing it wasn't halloween recently or you'd be asking for some pumpkins in the game. No... wait... But yeah, christmas is almost upon us and all the MMOs out there will have christmas skin sales, events and whatnot, a good thing this game doesn't resemble an MMO even a tiniest bit. The real problem is that white sprites change very slightly with palette swap, so there isn't a green Brynhildr, well, it would be kinda greenish maybe, as if it had one too many cups of eggnog, but there likely is a very nice green version of Nephrite sword. By the way, there's a pretty cool sword sprite that the game doesn't use for some reason, we'll squeeze that in somewhere if I find a battle sprite too, or at least one that resembles it enough.
  13. Depends how objects get defined, if loot bags share the same table with stuff like shadow clones or shrubs it's probably simple enough, if not, things get complicated.
  14. If I can, sure. It would be pretty sweet if bags could be a height 1 obstacle so you could even use them as a stepping stone, like monsters, but I have no idea if that could be done.
  15. Ah, that, no, can't see how that could be done. Heh, maybe if bags were obstacles but you could gloriously wall yourself in like that
  16. I don't think you can steal drops, it should be a separate table for stealing and a separate one for drops. Haven't tried it, but I think 999 is the actual cap, not a displayed cap.
  17. I'd need to do a lot of testing for that and it's a gimmick so it likely won't come soon.
  18. It shouldn't break anything, if I don't fill those slots with something else you might even keep them. I suppose there's no point in mucking around and replacing poison with something else if it's on the rework list, and it isn't 100% defunct after all. If it turns out I can't improve it we'll think of something.
  19. Right, it's the way damage calculation works, for strengthen, breach and similar to do anything you need to have a stat difference so fortify is much more effective if you use it on squishy allies like mages, archers or ninjas, it won't do much for a knight and strengthen will empower your berserker much more than a ninja or archer. It's easy to apply them at least and they have a high duration, even better that they aren't too broken because AI apparently doesn't know that buffs are beneficial and changing that or the damage calculation is beyond me. Especially AI, it doesn't seem to have fixed algorithms to use certain skills and spells, it tries to identify what they do instead. I'll tamper a bit more with status durations, especially for charm and hard disables like charm, petrify or stop, there aren't enough status effects to distribute them perfectly and what they do is sometimes too different. Doesn't seem that bad, though, most elements have a selling point, lightning has tp charge, ice has stop which is straight better than petrify, healing is pretty exclusive and that slow/rt delay combo is kinda nifty so water isn't badly off either. I'll change poison to, say, 5% HP per turn if I find out how.
  20. Yeah, the AI is plain bad and not much I can do about it currently. Blond Azelstan? Maybe, I haven't really tampered with his sprite much and the game uses a different configuration for cutscenes.
  21. It's fine, knights can't heal anymore but they can still use status removal spells, just ignore it. That will happen a fair deal, you'll recruit units with skills and spells they can't use until I do a cosmetic pass that removes them completely, makes no sense to do that before it's fully decided which class can use what.
  22. Not doing that yet, I'll do a minor patch with cursed weapons first and then try sniffing out that drop table, can't work on it as much as I'd like lately.
  23. I suppose so, we'll see once I dig it out. It's possible that their loot table changes after the first kill because the number of slots is limited so the apocrypha II drop with a level requirement replaces the crafting book.
  24. If an enemy has more than one guaranteed item, like those temple bosses, they should drop them all in addition to any random items, I don't think setting it up would be a problem. Generic class colors are what they look like when they belong to your faction, 0 is for your soldiers, 1 is for galgastan I think, and so on. I can't change what a single class looks like because it's assigned automatically.
  25. Sure, I'll do that as soon as I can.