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  1. Don't worry, I know that the cards still work so it was no bother. Seems there's a fair bit of interest in the hardcore version and doing it will probably be possible but it won't be before 1.0, you can always self-enforce it and maintaining two versions is a bit of a bother so I can't do it until the process slows down a bit... more.
  2. They're still granting stat increases, it's the usual 0.3 per card or something so you probably didn't have enough to break the full point.
  3. Not really but it won't be soon, moving all that gear about takes a lot of time and it's easy to mess things up. It's the end of the year so things are busier too, let's say mid January at the latest.
  4. I've changed it for the next patch, it costs no TP and charges the amount equal to the life it removed, life cost should be enough. Skills remove their TP cost after the effect is done so you can never charge your TP to the max with them.
  5. Not really, it's applied to the character but kicks in only if you make a weapon attack. It won't give your weapon elemental property or change it to a different one, it just attaches bonus damage which has an elemental property. Some things about attunements are a bit weird. For instance, if you equip a fire weapon and use instill air you can level fire and air augments by the same attack, but using an air weapon instead won't level augment air twice.
  6. Thanks, I missed that one. It ultimately should be better, it costs a skill slot and 2H is free. It isn't as simple as having 1H weapons do half the damage of 2H because using a 1h weapon with a shield will be too weak and if I jack up 2H weapons too much Warrior will get a bit too good with his Double strike. Most straight tank classes like Knight and Hoplite don't have access to 2H weapons, yeah, shields provide a ton of defense and are a part of what defines their class. There will be something in next patch that expands their options a bit.
  7. 2H weapons do a good job of punching through armor, which is their primary role, they're generally lighter and faster than two 1h weapons, do more damage with finishers and their stat bonus or status chance are higher, they have their perks and I can always tweak the numbers some more if needed. Yeah, the main role of blowguns are status effects, they have a strong selection and high proc chance, damage is mostly incidental so if that's what you're after thrown weapons will obviously be better.
  8. When monsters gain elemental attunement via their resonance skills it wouldn't do anything in vanilla because it requires a weapon to provide bonus damage, those assault tokens just act as a weapon. Beasts seem fine to me, their role is to take a lot of damage and then spam their special moves as they aren't burning all of their TP away anymore. At low levels they have high starting stats and at high levels they start outscaling equipment, which keeps them viable.
  9. Sure, no need to ask.
  10. Sure, but a cleric/monk/priest without a staff is plain weird. Depends which unit uses the bomb and on what, those items scale with attack stats so a mage would do little damage to a tank with it.
  11. Hell if I do, it's no problem to give it back but it doesn't really fit. I could give clerics spellbooks but they have no use for INT bonus and spellblade doesn't seem like one for gimmicky weapons, they play it safe with a fairly classic arsenal. I could give patriarchs access. Books don't strike me as a finesse weapon and as many serious staff attackers are str as dex, most notably spellblades, terror and angel knights.
  12. Really? Meant to keep it as a fusilier exclusive because it isn't used much and it's a fairly mundane skill, but it's certainly no problem to let spellblade have it too.
  13. Yes, generics have more specialized templates now, so even though specials have higher stat totals, a right generic for the role will have comparable performance, for instance a generic in mage template will be a better mage than Vyce. RT advantage is also minor, between 2-6, which is more cosmetic than significant. I'm getting good feedback about most classes, more of them are useful and it seems people are especially happy with changes to clerics, knights (both terror and normal), swordmasters, warlocks or trapper rogues. I like to think no class is absolutely pointless and with some of the broken ones toned down there's more reason to expand your selection. There are also more combos to take advantage of, like exploding knight's clones with your terror knight, or knocking enemies into traps with warlock's mind blast.
  14. Ok, got the fix out, you can get if from here or moddb.
  15. Hmm, that's most likely because she starts the battle knocked out and needs to be revived to trigger her dialogue. I could just give Spellblade a reviving skill as a temporary measure until I get the next patch out, I'll post it in soon.
  16. Yeah, that might not be a bad mid-way solution.
  17. They'd still do it by accident even if the AI wasn't inclined to do so, I suppose, and I wouldn't give them the instruction to avoid the bags and cards because that would make no sense. All this assuming I knew how to do it in the first place, of course. If I knew how, the best and simplest solution would probably be to remove the interaction with bags so you can't pick them up while the battle is going on and they're just scooped up afterwards. It might also be possible to have enemies drop cards as random loot and it would be easy to transfer the stat boosting effect to actually using the card. On the flip side, that would make it too easy to focus on creating one broken character. Sure, it's possible, bosses, leaders and generics are already stronger, your unique characters are weaker, more classes are dangerous and the game isn't as prone to exploits so it's already somewhat harder. I'm not trying to make a difficulty mod, though, but I'd like to have a hardcore version of the mod without chariot and death timers, if possible.
  18. If you want to be able to take a lot of spell damage you kinda need a shield, preferably a large one, some classes are kinda resistant but can't just stand there and take it in most cases, the way a knight or angel knight can. Most pure mages are intentionally squishy as wet toilet paper and aren't terribly evasive (unlike archers) so they're supposed to have a reliably high damage output to offset that, that makes them extremely tempting targets and everything about that is fully intended. In vanilla game they would stop doing damage to you around act3 and wouldn't be able to hit you with anything so you'd leave them for last regardless of how easy to kill they are, that's probably one of the main differences in the mod, there are enemies you really want to kill.
  19. That 100% won't happen, with the low opportunity cost of skill slot in the mod it would be the same as just giving them a survivability boost straight out, which would be a better way to go about it. Besides, those two classes are tanky enough, a warrior in full heavy gear tanks only slightly worse than a knight.
  20. The exact formula for status duration is still unknown so it's anyone's guess what's going on there but there's an amount of variance involved for sure and it also likely depends on how much RT did the unit start with that turn. Charm is a very powerful status so I'd be fine if inflicting it on a target that's about to move is the only surefire way to get something out of it.
  21. Sure, I'll doublecheck it
  22. If it's doable, I have no idea how. Dark status spells are penalized on purpose either by AoE or duration because you're getting a better selection.
  23. Neither, unfortunately, you can choose the target for added effects on skills so they can affect the user if you targeted something else and vice versa, but not for weapon hits. Permanent status effects on items aren't a thing in general. Yeah, it would be cool if I could make them real powerful with some kind of nasty drawback, if that's what you were going for.
  24. Dunno about a guaranteed curse, that's just 15% life they can't heal back and there's no point in reapplying, might lack the oomph and stop is kinda common. Maybe guaranteed RT delay or percentage of target HP, those effects are nifty because I can set them to different values, a dagger might cause 10% damage and a 2h hammer 20%. Then again, those are common too, maybe I should just revert it to double hit now that I can set their stats to whatever I want and do something else with Crissaegrim. That chariot killing will have to wait until I understand the code better, if anyone here knows mips he can go ahead and give it a shot.
  25. Now that I think of it, you have. Never mind, I wasn't terribly fond if instakill anyway because of chariot, we'll think of something else.