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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. No idea if it will be possible to do something about loot bags down the line, but it's possible (though very time consuming) to make all interesting drops guaranteed, hard to say what happened when they decided to go that way.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    Both the phased out skill removal and replacing the ones one enemies is possible, but it requires dumping all of the battle data which I've been doing for a while and it will take me a good while longer too. I'll also be able to fix the drop and steal tables once that is done.
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    Ah, right, giving the recruits skill points isn't easy because there isn't an entry for that in the template, skill points are something that only characters in your roster can have. However, as a workaround I could give them more adequate generic skills for their level so you don't have to buy stuff like counter or clarity at least. More weapon skills to choose from might not be a bad idea either, maybe even a few ranks in all weapon types their default class can use. There isn't really a way to set minimum duration, I'd have to raise the default duration and then it could potentially last too long. Some signature skills are cross-class, you can check if other classes can use them by checking the second info tab, classes that can use it are highlighted. A good example is meditate which is usable by most casters, some knight skills are accessible by unique knight-ish classes or squash which is usable by most attackers with access to heavy weapons. Some unique classes will have access to a few skills from normal classes, like knight commander, buccaneer or ranger, and lord can use one from each. Got a consolidated changelog on the first page but it isn't fully up to date, I'll try to bring it up to snuff these days, got a handy sheet for vanilla but I was waiting until the mod solidifies enough to avoid extra work. If you haven't played the game much, could you tell me how much of an annoyance are the french names for spell scrolls? Got some requests from first time players to change it to be the same as spell name because finding the right one can sometimes be annoying, and it isn't really adding anything to the game.
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sorry for not responding, went on a short trip and had no reliable internet access. Not really, I should probably make one. The pattern that most gear pieces follow is similar within a category, though. Yeah, enemies in those battles are of higher level compared to the story missions or optional content available at that point, that's a vanilla thing, I'll most likely normalize that once I finish tweaking the battle data but it won't be soon, that's a ton of work. It wouldn't break anything, but skill points have to be granted to a character, they can't be tied to the class so that part can't be done. It might be possible to add new classes at a higher level but I don't know how to do that yet. Charm and bewitch are potentially gamebreaking so their starting duration is very low and there's a small amount of variance for statuses that tick away on 'per turn' basis. It's the same pieces as before, they're just all saying 'legion' instead of various variants of 'stinky'. There were a few other set changes, you can complete the infernal set with shaytan's bullova too if you prefer axes to hammers and the dragonslayer set can be done with either a dragon/wyrm shield or any 2h weapon that has a racial bonus versus dragons. Unlike rings, earrings have a resistance bonus and there's also accuracy from extra weapon skill levels and bonus HP, they're a more balanced option compared to the focused boost to just one stat that rings have. Scout Vest is supposed to be really bad, you're trading off good defense of damasc or elemental vests for bonus movement. I'll check up on beckon, thanks for reporting.
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    I should update the consolidated changelog but it's kinda tedious. Reverted the change at some point to reduce the equipment overlap between berserker and terror knight, but I could bring it back, some players asked for it recently and it isn't exactly hurting anything.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yes, that's what the upgraded evacuation stone is for, besides saving denam.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    It's perfectly fine, there's no money in this anyway so I don't mind if just the biggest fans of the game play it. The important thing is that the game deserves a mod, considering how many FFT has, maybe we could say it even needs one so I'm really happy when I see people enjoy it, that means it's a real improvement and not a bunch of wasted effort. Thanks for trying it out.
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    It's mostly a more offensive knight, probably a bit stronger than terror knight but won't match a berserker. They potentially have very strong skills later on, time of need is good anywhere and fervor is borderline broken in undead maps. Their light spells are indeed situational, he's no cleric so you won't use them all the time but they can save your bacon and won't slow you down much so it's handy to have. One of the reasons I can't make them super good is because you can get so many of them.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Maybe you did something wrong, I'm positive it's the right address. Which number did you put in?
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    I did try to make unique classes that take more effort to obtain stronger, Astromancer and Songstress are probably worth it now and I might give some others a little boost. The problem with unique classes is you don't get only one, or three or five, you can have your whole team composed of unique classes in best case scenario and if I make them too good that will be the absolute ultimate team and generics will be kinda pointless, ideally I'd like a situation where getting unique characters is worth it but if you're feeling lazy you can go for generics for their accessibility and not feel like you're shooting yourself in the foot. Might have talked about that before, if I can, I definitely will add kill all condition to more battles. Adding more ext to PotD might be trickier, we'll see, I'll keep it in mind. Giving your Lord the Shadow Walk skill is easy, however, just go to the address d25e4 and change the number from 255 (can't learn or use) to whatever level you want him to be able to learn it on.
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    That's the case with a lot of unique classes, they have one or two unique abilities and several more from normal classes. Would be nice to have more, of course, but the extra room in ability section I scrounged up is almost gone.
  12. Feedback and Suggestions

    Right, the recipe dropping earlier isn't intended, I can't do anything (or at least anything elegant) about it until I go through all the battle data and you can't use those spells yet anyway so it isn't a huge issue, it's just saving you 50k goth. Indirects are indeed a shade on the strong side, there was an error in the formula when I last buffed them so they're roughly as good as first tier projectiles, which shouldn't be the case, they should do less damage. I won't be reverting them to 1 panel, though, having a low level area spell is doing more good than harm and the loss of projectiles for area-only casters was supposed to be meaningful drawback, so it's a choice of lesser evil. I could knock Vyce a peg or two down on the offensive side, sure, 1v1 fights are mostly for drama and flavor anyway, not much tactics to be had there. He's likely squishy enough, though.
  13. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, if it's possible I'll add Leonar in neutral route. Oelias already has priest available in my working version and there's also another quite unique character in neutral. Seems that the game raises your crafting chances for each recipe book you got, or by level, either way it goes up.
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    For Donnalto, not really, I was trying out something and people liked it so it stuck, kinda grows on you after a while.
  15. Feedback and Suggestions

    Glad you're enjoying it. About those sprites, Sara using that particular one is a small nod to Orson from Knight of Lodis as it's kinda similar to his outfit and Voltare is just a recolored knight which is probably what you had in mind. Most characters that were previously named generics now have a fixed recolored sprite of their class, Sara could have an archer sprite too but I didn't want to double it up with Arycelle. Can't see a way that would make individual stat growth being recorded on the character instead of a class as it isn't just flipping some switches, it would require a rework of the whole levelling system so that one will have to wait for someone else. Weapon restrictions can easily be removed but a fair bit of the balancing rests on that so I wouldn't do it, for instance, you could just equip a warlock with a 2h hammer and tear new assholes with dragon magic all over the place, valkyries would be close to wizards in power if they could wear his gear and wizards would be pretty tanky in heavy armor. In the original game (and vanilla remake to an extent), gear didn't really matter, everyone ran around with the lightest weapon and naked so full freedom in gearing didn't make any difference, in the mod half of the class are stats and the other half is gear.
  16. Feedback and Suggestions

    Right, seems that the game calculates the bonus for str weapons but not dex, I'll check on it tomorrow to see if it's just a display issue. If not, it might be some sort of a bug or just another one of their wtf design decisions.
  17. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, since there are more elemental weapons now I could split them into two groups so some of them follow the usual pattern and some are sidegrades. Elemental weapons from the first crafting book can randomly spawn on enemies but enchiridion weapons and above can't (unless set manually), usable abilities are encountered only on weapons that can't be crafted and the highest required level for any piece of gear is 40. Yes, only robes have an augment, that way classes that can use robes and other armor types have to choose between offense and protection. Elemental gear is pretty strong so it's a nice upgrade over normal gear and you don't need to hunt it all around the place anymore, you can craft it all except jyigla and thanatos with secrets of the master. It's the way jewelry works, the resistance values double as a damage bonus. That's why chokers in vanilla are so broken, besides augment you get 40% increased damage of your element, another 10% vs all races (which the char screen doesn't show) and 3% blunt/crash/pierce, that's pretty much extra two tiers of strengthen/spellcraft. I've updated the damage calculator in the first post recently so you can check that out.
  18. Feedback and Suggestions

    Quicken is one of those buffs that's tied to the RT clock so it can't be specifically limited to a number of turns, I can reduce its duration further but I'd rather increase the TP cost and keep the ability impactful, if I increased the RT cost much to offset the speedup it might go against the theme of the ability, it's supposed to hasten you after all. It's probably good that white knights are powerful in undead battles, makes a bit of sense so I'll just leave it like this and let them have their fun for now, I've had it up to here with 'white knights suck' anyway I could just remove the RT cost of dances instead, it would do the same thing. Dunno if I should, their abilities are pretty cheap already and have either better effect or more aoe than spells that do the same thing to compensate for limited range.
  19. Feedback and Suggestions

    It's intended indeed, some wanted a playable templar so we'll just say Rudlum used it as a disguise to move around easier, makes a bit of sense. I'll have Denam comment on that so it doesn't seem as random. Crafting chances increase a bit over the course of he game, not sure of the exact formula but it might depend on the amount of recipe books you acquired, hard to say. Yeah, cloth sidegrade has better bonuses but lower def and resists, it's better overall but fewer classes can use it so it doesn't directly compete most of the time, I'll probably remove the duelist bonus versus some races or nerf it a bit in other ways but not by much. Draconic spell descriptions mention they're attacks, so they use your str/dex (more dex than str) instead of int/mnd and add weapon ATK on top of their spell ATK, so it's expected that a lord or princess would do more damage with them than a warlock or wicce. @Riko Sure, it's just that it's harder to say which racial templates the game uses for wraiths so I haven't done it yet, once I dump the battle data I'll know.
  20. New Grub Plus

    Tarator Soup One of the favorite summer meals in south-east Europe and middle East, this cold soup is both savory and refreshing. Ingredients: 2 large cucumbers yogurt, around 0,4l but it can be less or more, depending on consistency which kind you got, ideally greek variety but you can also dilute sour cream in which case you should use less some milk (optional), diluting the soup with water is more common but milk makes it more creamy, depends what you like some dill (a small handful, more if you like it or less if you don't) 3-4 cloves of garlic some oil, preferably olive, a tablespoon or two salt, pepper 1. Finely dice the cucumbers or buzz them for a bit in the food processor, some use a grater but that can alter the soup consistency too much. Mince in the garlic cloves and finely chop the dill, add salt and pepper. 2. Dilute the yogurt to the consistency where it's almost drinkable but don't make it too watery as there can be a lot of water in the cucumbers (unless you drained them) and add the oil, you can use a whisk or a hand mixer if you're going with thick sour cream, add the oil. 2. Mix it all together and check if it's too thick, adjust a bit more if needed. If your ingredients weren't already cold refrigerate the soup or add some ice (make it thicker in that case). You can add some croutons or roasted chickpeas.
  21. Feedback and Suggestions

    Can't say for sure how deep it goes, crafting fails were usually enough to deter people from continuing the playthrough, I think some reported glitches with class changing and some stats.
  22. Feedback and Suggestions

    If it says 95-97% it's only early on, I think it's only visual and can't fail anyway or at least I never saw it myself or had any report that it does, it says 100% later. It can be lower and actually fail if the game was loaded from a saved state after patching and then hard saved, that messes up the file in some ways including crafting chances.
  23. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, you can't, if you evacuate her and hobyrim in chaos route they aren't present to trigger their after battle dialogue. That's what the blessing stone upgrade is for, you raise a unit by evacuating the user (which is why denam can't use them since last patch).
  24. Feedback and Suggestions

    Ozma's is still there but it didn't feel as fitting for Oz, he's a bit more about brawn but I have no strong convictions about that so I could give it back. The gap is larger because bows have two weapons less in the baldur-damasc range, I could fix that but can't do anything about the exp curve yet. I's still considerably less grinding than in snes version or FFT, have you been just going for the leader, maybe, or had a lot of evacs? My no knockdown full clear playthrough is at ch4 start and they're level 16-17 without grinding to enemy's 15, the only class I've doubled up is the cleric. If the game rewards you with no grinding for tight play I'd call that a good thing.