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  1. Greetings, all! I know FFVI already has some item randomizers, but, to my knowledge, Brave New World changes things such that an official item randomizer option would be best. I'd like to have an official item randomization option (with adjustable parameters like likelihood of obtaining things way too strong or weak) for chests, shops, fights, and steals. Plot items and likely each character's starting gear would be unaffected.
  2. Cat Hat Relm: Or remake the sprites.
  3. Multi-party floating contenent: I'd like at least the option to have magitek here for one more opportunity since the base game so rarely used it and I liked it.
  4. I like the multi-party floating continent and multi-party optional endgame content ideas. ROM expansion, anyone?
  5. i've preferred the originals since they seemed like Japanese 'magical girls' in appearance and effect. These sprites never bothered me that much. Good on you for preserving these though!
  6. Greetings, all! Just as the title says. I was especially eager to read about Dr. Letha's finished low level game run.
  7. We could theoretically use things like Google Cache (and the cache of other search engines like Bing) and web.archive.org to find some things.
  8. All the more reason for a future version to expand the ROM.
  9. Very much like the concept! I lamented that Chrono Trigger came out the year after FFVI which is why FFVI never got NG+.