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  1. NG+ Secret Santa 2017 Dispersal Thread!

    @Laith You totally chose the important part of my username, and that's one of my favorite songs. Love the Ibanez, by the way, I have an Iceman with DiMarzio pickups which I'm terrible at playing. Either way, you are either really lucky or more thoughtful than you think before you hit the point.
  2. NG+ Secret Santa 2017 Dispersal Thread!

    Here's my gift for @WicForever The only info I had about her is that she likes Bon Jovi, so I had to go with that and I made this terrible FrankenChristmasThing, in honor to all Frankenpatches and FrankenWallpapers on the world. The journey wasn't an easy one, but, but the result was so weird it was totally worth it. Secret GIFt link!: The message was sent through my phone because I'm on the road right now and I don't have access to my computer, so if anything is weird I'll fix it later. 🎵 Woo, I wish WicForever 🎶 🎵 Wooohooo, merry merry Christmas! 🎶 🎵 Don't give up, just have the best days🎶 🎵Wooohooo, merry merry Christmas! 🎶
  3. NG+'s Secret Santa 2017 Main Thread!

    How many hours until the dispersal thread? My gift is already prepared , but I'll be traveling tomorrow.
  4. NG+'s Secret Santa 2017 Main Thread!

    I'm in! Loooong time lurker (and sometimes Discord chatter) here. Are they physical gifts? Virtual ones? How does the gifting work?
  5. NG+ Member Pictures

    Ok, so, here's my character gallery with all the unlockable skins... So I can't hide in plain sight anymore. Serj - The one you get at the beginning of the game. No special abilities. Cook Weirdo - Obtained by consuming every food item available in the game. Better healing but an picky eater... Burton - Obtained after completing the secret "This is halloween event". The headless rider can appear randomly to instantly kill your enemies... 80s Metal - Obtained after defeating Belzeboss. Activates Serj Must Die difficulty mode.