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  1. Ok fair enough I guess I might as well start a new game
  2. The last version of the game I have is 0.710 - would there be any save file compatibility issues if I updated to the latest v1.1?
  3. Has anyone played "FFT 1.3 EZ-8"?

    Hey, it took me a year I guess but I did release a new version of this. Some excerpts from the Changelog As usual, you can find the latest version of my mod here https://ontlogy.wordpress.com/fft-ez-8-mod/ So FFT modding is actually fairly done for me right now and I've sorta moved on, so I'll want to put a spotlight on my other SRPG works here - check out SRW DB / SRW GR (you can find it on the toolbar on the top of my page) - because I think if you like short but interesting SRPGs you might enjoy them - one small caveat is that unfortunately a fair portion of the game's interface are in Japanese as I am using a Japanese Engine but I've provided translations in the form of image files included with the download, so if you're willing to put up with that, you might find it fun.
  4. There was a bug with charged shot? What was it? It actually did use to work on bosses and it was removed for balance issues because you could deprive a Zodiac Boss (that doesn't use Non-Charge) of all its turns if you set it up right. Of course that kind of made it kinda useless since most enemies which aren't immune to it are usually more likely to be stopped from charging by just killing him, but Marksman is kind of a headache job where it's just more effective in the enemy hands than yours.
  5. Most games with rare drops tend to be balanced around the power level of common/fixed (such as storebought) items, with Rare items being a nice bonus you get once in a while from the normal process of playing through the game. 1.3 raised the difficulty bar so high you end up feeling like you need Perfumes to compete in late game and thus having to go out of your way since Poaching for rare items is a boring and tedious activity you really must dedicate a couple hours to do if you intend to do it legit unless you're lucky. (In a bit of irony, Perfumes were the COMMON poach item of their respective monsters in vanilla) And outside of Perfumes, most poaches were pretty pointless too, giving you cheap storebought items. Tonberry Knives are like the only ones I can think off the top of my head that are useful.
  6. Has anyone played "FFT 1.3 EZ-8"?

    Hello, I'm the guy who does this mod. I guess this is kinda late so maybe people have moved on now but I only really found this place through a lark when I tried to search for why ID went down. The official page for it is here on my blog. https://ontlogy.wordpress.com/fft-ez-8-mod/ It was indeed based off, but at this point of time, I think the mod has basically become its own thing in terms of balance issues and "vision", so I kind of apologize if anyone wants just a "1.3 but easier and with QOL fixes", though the latter is simply applying some common public ASM patches so anyone who wants that shouldn't have too much trouble. I'm actually sitting on a "new" version for quite some time already - I just haven't found the time to do a full playthrough to fully test it before release (my target audience is basically just me, so I basically have to do all the bug testing myself) I'll reply to some of the comments so far on the balancing, though like I said, it might be a bit outdated. Outside of the 2 mime starters, you actually do have to use the reverse class to unlock the Fighter/Mage tree given how FFT Tactics does its job and skill unlocks. Like the AI picking Chemist skills is likely to start buying a ton of pointless status curing items and not Auto-Potion. I think Squire is now useful enough to actually see usage sometimes though, especially for parties that mix in Monsters. Now if you want a class that has given me headaches and I think I still haven't really solved the issue of really reforming it yet, that would be Archers. Malak was actually considered the best Special in He was considered to be nerfed into uselessness in, so the numbers here are basically halfway in-between. Though I feel it might be a bit too conservative and I would return it back to his numbers if it wasn't for the fact that enemy Hell Knights use the same data. Now Rafa, I kinda agree that her changes are mostly flavor - Malak was made into Super Ninja in 1.3 so following on the theme Rafa is now "Knightly", but being able to put on a Shield is probably the most practical change there. Maybe you mean that they should get a completely new skillset or something, but I kind of feel that their abilities are pretty crucial to their character. Truth will get a Revival skill next version so that's a buff incoming. Defy Pain got removed to return Accumulate... probably. Or maybe that's in the version that I have which isn't uploaded yet. I think it's interesting that you think its broken because I've never really found it that useful - enemies tend to kill my characters before they can be healed and it was mostly just really annoying when the AI still used it. Wild Swing has been gone for quite a while. True that Mimic Ultima is pretty silly good on Chapter 1, but eventually it becomes an AOE (Non-Element) Thunder Spirit with Charge Time and I don't think anyone is clamoring to use Skeletons in Chapter 4. Still, I could consider cutting it for another utility skill. I always heard that Wizards need more utility compared to the other skillsets - it looks really bad when Summoners kill faster, doesn't need to care about friendly fire and ALSO has utility like Revival. The issue is Black Magic's identity in the Final Fantasy series so this is kinda the best I can do maybe unless I get divine inspiration. Though in the current version, enemies and especially bosses are no longer super sanic speed so getting spells out is much more viable (and in the next version, I'm cutting Summons damage down a bit) Worker 8 still has Always: Innocent, so you need a Squire to Haste him, which goes along with that whole "Squires good at supporting monsters" niche thing I am going for. Reis was mostly just a flavor change since most people won't use her for long. Boco being super powerful, fair enough, but I feel he drops off in favor of a human as the game goes. Caution is named Adrenaline now. I think "Spillover to HP" MP Switch is actually pretty horrible right now but that's my opinion. I admit it's kind of a quick and dirty fix - the Deep Dungeon has some very stupid set-ups and I rather redo the entire thing - allowing players to overlevel it was just kinda a stopgap measure. (Though I never really liked level scaling and would revert even story battles back to non-scaling if I had the time) My intention was that players would blow through Chapter 1 as fast as possible, because to be honest, it's not a very interesting part of the game - there's very little gear choice and your units are underdeveloped, so outside of a complete overhaul, I feel like shuffling you quicker towards Chapter 2/3 (the meat of the game, IMO) is an acceptable compromise. (Also, I don't feel Squires are that powerful - Black Mages are still the dominant Chapter 1 class and I still use more Knights than Squires because the Heavy Armor is just vital to not dying at that point of time or Thief/Archers for Bow Access)