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  1. 21 hours ago, Satarack said:

    There's some good news from this though, if Shadow dies then Relm gets Interceptor.  That's a 2nd evasion check, giving her two chances to dodge physical attacks.  Also, Relm's Interceptor attacks can hit flying enemies because BTB decided it would be that way.

    Also because Relm's evasion sucks, it means more attacks by best doggo!


  2. 5 minutes ago, ShadowNinja said:

    Hmm not sure what you mean?  I got to the end and it said "jump" or "I can't leave without shadow!" I tried to click that but nothing happened and I only had 10 seconds left so i just jumped


    don't tell me I can't get Shadow now...

    You have to let the time run out while at the very end where you can jump. Shadow shows up "Dramatically". If you jump before that point, then I'm sorry to say that he's dead. That said, if you do let him die, Relm gets Interceptor, the doggie gets a boost depending on how much Stamina Relm has, and the dog can now attack Floating enemies (he couldn't do this before).^_^


  3. 4 hours ago, GeradFigaro said:

    Just gonna throw this out there, but random encounter rate gets a little crazy at times. Two steps is not enough.

    ...I'm not having this issue at all. Infact no one has been having this sort of issue. So there's likely something funky going on with your end of things. The issue now is figuring out where and why.

    First, have you applied the encounter patch? If not, it can be found HERE. The patch will be automatically applied to 1.9.1 and/or 2.0 should no other major problems pop up (meaning you won't need to apply the encounter patch next update), but if you have not used this patch here, you should apply it to fix your problem.

    Second, do you know if your ROM file is headered or unheadered? A lot of newbies aren't aware that there are two different types of roms, and applying the wrong patch types can create issues. So if you have a headered ROM (something you can check with some various modding tools for FF6), you need to use headered patches, and vice versa with unheadered roms/patches.

    Hopefully this reply of mine will help you solve the issues you are having here with that.^_^


  4. For future newbies, when patching FF6, you have to keep track of whether the rom is headered or headerless and use the appropriate patch. BNW includes patches for both rom types, so that makes things easier.

    In addition to that, if you have an OS that is 64 bit, you can download a program known as Headerizer that can change various patches and make them headered or headerless as desired. While this isn't strictly needed for BNW, it is a useful tool for those getting into modding of FF6 and/or wanting to add more to BNW. Here's a link for that.


  5. 18 hours ago, Domiran said:

    Wait , wtf does this do? Randomize character stats?

    It can randomize items (weapons, armor, relics, etc.), spells, espers (including who can equip them and what bonuses/spells/equip bonuses they may give), character data, among many other things.


  6. 12 hours ago, Vydaera said:

    Is there any way to encounter a Raven in WoR?

    Not outside of the Veldt. If you missed it in the WoB, it's gone. Of course, if you're willing to edit things, you can add it into the WoR.

    Quite honestly, I wouldn't mind all of the leapable monsters being available in the WoR in various places.


  7. 12 hours ago, BTB said:

    Were there any observed instances of slowdown in just regular BNW, or was it only with the randomizer applied?


    8 hours ago, abyssonym said:

    Now that I've actually tested it, it seems to be the same. I suspect the discrepancy I was noticing before was due to hidden map variables that cause different maps to have different loading times.

    I've noticed this in South Figaro especially (first spot early game it shows up, and from what I can tell, one of the worst areas with this), especially with the Mansion area and the rooms inside of it.


  8. Quote

    What numbers should I be looking at trying to increase Speed and Stamina to before focusing on other stats?

    As the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy informed us, the answer is 42. ;):P


    More seriously though, BNW has changed how players can increase the stats of their characters (as stat increases are no longer dependant on characters having Espers equipped when the character levels up), and some characters get a lot of choices and options. Your general questions however show that you haven't actually played the game to see a lot of those changes yet. In addition, most characters will not have HP levels above 1000 for most of the game. Things have seriously been changed in BNW compared to the vanilla game.

    Stamina plays a role in some defenses and attacks now. Speed is focused on giving players more turns turing the battle (and the way that has been changed in BNW is MAJOR). Magic is still useful for spells, but not all of them anymore, and a lot of spells and espers have been limited to certain characters. Strength is self-explanatory.


  9. I would like to make a request for 2.0. It's a minor one all considered.

    You know the Fanatics Tower? Have the guy you pay 100,000 Gil to give you an item you can use for betting in the Coloseium. You have said you like games where choices actually matter, and that seems like an easy way of making the players have to put serious time and effort into  bribing the guy in order to get both the info and the item that can then be used (either on its own, or for betting purposes).


  10. I would like to ask the location of a specific enemy as well, or at least clarification. Ahem.

    Ziegfried. Enemy #305.

    The reason I bring him up is his HP and the item he drops as both a common and rare. In the soultrain, the party gets no item for fighting him, and given how much HP Ziegfried has along with the nature of what he drops, it looks like an optional boss battle with an insanely overpowered boss. If so, I would like to know where I can fight him or what I need to do to make that battle happen. The item doesn't interest me much, but the optional boss battle does.

    If however that is the enemy used for the soul train fight, I would appreciate knowing as well. Thank you.


  11. 15 hours ago, MCP said:
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    Elixir heals all HP/MP to 9999, so rasp doesn't work. Elixir wasn't showing any MP healing on Magi Master after rasp or bushido 2 so I didn't notice until later.
    FYI my Morphed Terra rasp was doing 1.9k and usually hit around 2/3rds of the time.

    I'm not sure about your strategy. Every thing I tried except for Raid and Slow would cause him to auto cast elixir which heals 9999. So unless a character does more than 9999 per attack, it's not worth it.
    Are you saying, if Magi master casts fire, and I cast Ice, he won't Overkill with auto elixir?

    The only thing I could think of was Cyan bushido 7 tempest with nirvana ring and power gloves for about 3k x 4 with refract to avoid overkill, so overall, doing about 2k damage per round minus some regen which magimaster has. And keep slow applied.

    Eventually that kills the Magi Master...

    FYI, that was Cyan, Strago, and Terra party so I have regenx, regen, and slow.
    Umaro took a "nap".

    BNw 1.9.0



    15 hours ago, A Dummy said:

    He doesn't use Elixirs when you play to his elemental gimmick, or at least he's not supposed to at any rate.
    If you're not sure about what his current weakness is when he does a barrier change you can always just use Scan to check it, but even if you do throw a "wrong" spell at him the worst that should happen is it just does no damage. (Or does it absorb? I don't quite remember at the moment.)
    I could be wrong on this, but I think you can also technically use non-elemental magic without him using an Elixir, but he does counter stuff like that with a strong attack (Overkill I think?) since it's circumventing his gimmick, so don't use stuff like that too much or you'll die from all the counters. (Though maybe he does still use an Elixir? I don't quite remember in this case.)

    Magimaster, if he casts Ice for example (meaning he's weak to Fire at that point), and one of your characters casts Wind, will take no damage (he will not absorb the damage). The big thing is avoiding having Shell on a character though, as he throws out Quasar whenever a character with Shell is in play, as well as having your characters trying to do the opposite elemental damage to whatever it is he is using.

    As for my reasoning for the characters I suggested is those characters will be able to do Fire, Ice, Bolt, Water, Wind, and potentially even Holy damage, which covers most of the elemental weaknesses that will appear during the fight, along with the fact that Relm and Celes will have access to the Rerise spell.

    Trying to Rasp him to death, or using other things usually results in Overkills and Elixers, but I'm glad you were able to get around that particular boss. I hoped this info helped somewhat though, and if you have issues, feel free to ask.

    Amusingly I have a level 50 Umaro I use in some of the more annoying battles, and it's amusing how damned useful the 'useless' character can be.


  12. 50 minutes ago, MCP said:

    Please make sure to use spoiler tags in case someone accidentally sees it.

    And thank you.

    Deciding if Rasp strategy is worth it.

    He has Tree Fiddy.:P


    More seriously, 40,000 MP. Rasp usually only does a couple hundred MP damage, while elemental weaknesses can do thousands. Given that, spells are the better choices. The way to beat Magimaster is to use the 'opposite' element of whathever he casts. If he casts Fire for example, you will want to use Ice spells.

    The best characters for this fight, due to spell variety, is Terra, Celes, Strago, Shadow, and Relm. That said, you will need at least one character for healing duties, which Relm is pretty good for. I usually use Terra, Celes, Relm and Strago, as they can cover most issues that will pop up and usually be able to do damage.


  13. Huh, oh, I've seen that hack before. Someone posted a youtube link showing what can be done with it. Ahh, found it.




    Here's a link to the github url for this snes audio hack if you want it as well.

    Also, here's the page for the individual doing this audio hack and what it allows modders to do with it should they so choose.


  14. 3. Would it be possible to have a unique relic or weapon for Gogo that gives him the ability to change his mimic slot into another ability?

    3. Possible? Probably. This isn't a question anyone has ever asked before, and I really don't have an opinion on it.

    The answer to this question is Yes and No. See, the vanilla game has five inbuilt triggers that change one set of commands to another in both battles and in the character status screen. Those triggers are attached to relics (though they could be attached to armors and weapons as well), those being the "Thief Glove" (changing Steal to Mug), "Coin Toss" (changing Slot to GP Toss), "Fake Moustache" (changing Sketch to Command), "Gem Box" (changing Magic to X-Magic), and "Dragoonboots" (changing Fight to Jump). It does this via in-game battle-commands and Status Screen tweaks. The issue is the "Battle Commands" portion of this, as messing with the Battle Commands portion of this is going to be extremely problematic. I can't go fully into why because spoilers, but yeah, that would not be fun or easy to do.

    That's not to say it can't be done, just that it isn't going to be easy. If you wish for spoilers as to why, well...

    The issue is BNW does use all five of the in-game battle/status-screen command changes (though I'm not saying how, though anyone willing to use some of the modding tools for FF6 could spot what I'm talking about quite quickly), meaning that there is no space to change the "Mimic" command into some other ability, and adding more than the vanilla limit of five with the in-battle portion of the game engine is going to cause 'major' issues, delays, and break things before it's at anything resembling a 'usable' state.

    BlackLiquidSrw, if you're messing around with a vanilla FF6 game to make your own mod, you will find you're kind of limited to only 'five' command-changing triggers for relics/armor/weapons. If you wish to find more details about 'how' you can alter those five triggers (which you can, you're just limited to only five unfortunately), go to the "" site or "" and look around, as some users have put up detailed notes on how to do what you want to do.


  15. Quick question. Ultros is there late-game to give players a chance to redo things if they find that some builds work better for them than they first thought or realized. So what's the deal with the-

    ability to trade the Gem Box for the Soul Box, but the inability to trade the Soul Box for the Gem Box


    It seems like something you have to plan for pretty much from the moment you get them and with no way to redo anything after the fact if you wish to see how the other character builds goes. As items go, they're kind of incredibly useful for some character builds, so doesn't the inability to trade that item back kind of make some character build resets harder to do as a consequence of that?o.O

    I'm not hating or anything, it's just that that was kind of weird to me with character respec'ing being a thing and seemingly this bit with the item bet in the colleseum making it harder to do that for two character builds, and was wondering what was up with that.


  16. On 2/25/2018 at 6:55 AM, SpoonyBard said:

    Suggestion: Make Primordite (south figaro cave, locke's scenario) weak to ice or lower their HP to roughly 100

    Reasons: Counters physicals with nasty megavolt, formation with 2x Primordite is very common, and all you can do is use up 2 turns with Celes because MT ice doesn't oneshot them.

    Not only it drags the fight unnecessarily, but more importantly 12 MP in a fight at that point will make you run out very quickly, so you risk being forced to use physicals against them which means nasty counters.

    I think it's a much more tedious fight than it's intended IMO.

    Currently they got 200 HP and are weak to fire/bolt like their cousins, weaknesses you cannot exploit at that point.

    I'm quoting this post over in this thread as I have to second the request by Spoony here. Primordites are absolute unneeded pains to deal with so early in the game.


  17. So, it seems I kind of messed up with the first sprite (pixels were not aligned in a few places, the legs most notably), and it was not as well done as it could have been. I had some time, and have corrected that and put the corrected version in a (headered) patch.

    Here is the corrected image sprite for those who want to mess with things themselves, though the patch deals with sprites 000, 148, and 163 (the first half of which can be found in one of my posts above) without all the hassle.




  18. 24 minutes ago, noah.linden1 said:


    Where are the locations of the missable rages?  I'm especially wondering if Allosaurus is missable...I completed Cyan's Dream without fighting that enemy, IIRC.

    It's not missable, it's just elsewhere.

    Near the forests around Thamasa I think.


  19. 1 hour ago, F-Bomb said:

    This may be getting a little off topic now.

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    But it would be cool if after Shadow has had his 5 dreams, and if Relm has been found that they have a little cut scene where shadow reveals himself as Relms father and gives her the memento ring then identifies himself as Clyde, and from then on you play as Clyde.


    Dont know how hard that would be to program. But it would be pretty sweet.

    The answer;

    Shadow's/Relm's dream in the WoR uses an event check, and they are NOT compatable given in-game events and the checks each of them uses. Now that said, it IS possible to change Shadow's name at the ending credits to "Clyde Arrowny", as THIS patch over on FF6 Hacking shows. It is also possible to use another event check to see if all of Shadow's dreams have been played and then change his name at the ending credits to "Clyde Arrowny" as well, but this is really something I'm unsure if BTB and Synchysi are interested in doing.


  20. 3 hours ago, seibaby said:

    Field palettes are set via event upon character creation or other events (merchant/soldier Locke, Gerad, etc). So yeah, you need to hex edit the event(s) that set Shadow's palette. He's first seen in South Figaro, but is not a guarantee that you first run into Shadow there. In fact is possible to skip ever seeing him until he joins you in Albrook.

    Have a perusal of the event script available at the FF6h wiki.


    Huh, that I did not know. I assumed that it was the character data. I knew that the moogles at the start of the game used an event to change sprites to the moogle-set for the parties in question, but I did not realize that the character color index chosen went by event triggers rather than inate character data. Still, thank you, that is informative and damned useful.

    Anyways, Hapa, I found a more 'complete' version of the Clyde sprite-sheet. Pocoloco is awesome for having made it.


    If you still wish to use Clyde's sheet though without hex editing, you're going to end up having to recolor things. The basic steps for that are to take a vanilla rom and open it up with FF3usME (LINK).

    Go to "Gfx" (the tile editor) and go to the "Sprites" sub-box. You will see an "Index" in the upper left-hand corner of the program, and it should be on "0" (Terra). You need to start going through sprites #9 (Setzer), #25 (Interceptor), #28 (the NPC playing Draco), #29 (Arvis), #36 (old woman NPC with the green shal), #40 (bird), #43 (Impresario), #44 (Epser Eldar who seals the gate), #45 (Yura), #46 (Ziegfried/Siegfried), #48 (Maduin), #50 (Vargas), #53 (Charon), #58 (Fish), #63 (Ramuh), #68 (???), #69 (???), #72 (???), #75 (Bismark), #79 (Airship during the Floating Continent events), #83 (???), #90 (Letter), #96 (Book, unused in-game), #104 (Slavecrown), #106 (4-ton weight), #108 (Bird with a wrapped wing), #115 (Bird in flight), #117 (Bird in flight), #127 (???), #131 (???), #143 (Switch), #153 (Imperial Air-Force), #154 (Sword at Grave), #164 (Bird in flight), and "Export" copies of all of them.

    The exported sprites will be named "sprite009.png", "sprite025.png", etc.

    Now after you have copies of all the original sprites, I would download a copy of pocoloco's Clyde sprite-sheet, as it's far more complete than the original one I found up above.

    Following me so far? Good, now what you need to do after this point is upload the Clyde sprite-sheet, save, followed by then reuploading each of the 'original' spritesheets and saving each time for each sprite. After you have done that, you then have to re-color Clyde's sheet, but that will be far less work than trying to recreate it by hand or dipping your hand into hex editting if you have never done so before or do not wish to. The FF3usME program also has some useful tools for helping determine which box effects what part of the sprite, and the "Animate" box has a film-reel right next to it called "Increment Frame" when you hover the mouse on it. I would suggest using "Grid", "Highlight", and "Increment Frame" as you're doing the recoloring work. Not as helpful as having it handed already-done, but if you wish to do it that is how you would do so. I hope you find these notes helpful.