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  1. It's been a while since last release and I've been testing and working on re-balance and improvements on various jobs. 1.3 will have a big update with real effort to keep things more balanced and improve enjoyment. Since there's a lot of changes going on in 1.3, I'd appreciate if anyone can test my mod before releasing. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send current Valeria 1.3 update for you. -Archer will have abilities similar to aim with status infliction added -Some spells has been adjusted and reworked -Monk has some offensive abilities reworked for situational use and adjusted support abilities not to render spells useless -Summoner receives magical attack and spells boost now -Holy Knight and Sword Saint abilities is now nerfed to be more balanced -Some adjustments on items making ranged weapon be more useful and balanced This new patch will totally change the way you play the game since tutorial. Ladd can be hit by Archer. Sword skills won't work right away and hit weaker. It may raise the game difficulty a little but also make some fights easier too. Please let me know what do you guys think about these changes and have fun.
  2. He asked me "What is the purpose of including abilities that people shouldn't use in a game? Why have that ability at all?" That's out of topic question from 1.3 development. It was part of my suggestion mixed with my opinion that I felt that lower RNG isn't something to be used strategically (and everyone in here also agreed from what I read). It has nothing about defending when I answer his question that it's my opinion. if Administrator think it deserves down voting due to misunderstandings or whatever, fine. I don't care anymore at this point.
  3. So I got down voted from expressing my opinions and got warned to stop talking about 1.3 updates due to misunderstandings. Nice. I wish you luck from now on. I'm done.
  4. What? I got told to avoid speaking because I disagree about their ideas about 50% RNG? Are you serious? I already told them I'm on the same boat about their opinion but we should respect for people who have that taste about RNG elements for making 1.3 better. Fine, I'll leave this 1.3 improvements stuff and wait to see its outcome from the sidelines. I hope it's not all about talking and do something real to make 1.3 better so I can actually play and see.
  5. For better reason, lower RNG gives you more variety sense of adventure. If you want to make your own mod for realist with real world's strategy, it's fine. I'd love to play your finished work too. I'm speaking in topic about making 1.3 better in this regard.
  6. Personally, I'm on the same page with you about not relying on low chance RNG. However, there's also a few players who enjoy that kind of high risk high reward from low RNG abilities. Let's see the case of steal for an example. It has low chance and stealing is hard to do for some fights but many tried to get cool items regardless of risks. If there's no low RNG abilities, there'll be some abilities being abused like Arithmetician, Dancer+Mimic, Rend/Steal party, etc. And ended up having to remove some abilities to keep the game from being abused. Sometimes seeing enemies using low RNG abilities give us thrill to spice things up. Without such element, it'd make the game less enjoyable to me personally. As for abilities with advantage/disadvantage has interesting concepts but harder to utilize since most of them are about status ailments, buff/debuff. I think the merits for this should be designer's responsibilities. When modding game, I'll think about benefits and loss between players and enemies. If I add this ability or modify it like this, will it balance benefits between player and enemies better or something like that. I think it'd be more preferable for more players to have 1.3 with low RNG support and provide flexibility to utilize more strategies without having to resort to sandbagging.
  7. I think lower RNG has its room for player to plan their strategy whether they should utilize high risk high return approach in the game play. If it works, you'll gain a bit more favor. If it doesn't, how will you recover from such situation. I for one who doesn't like low RNG ability because I hate it when it fails but I understand the mindset of putting this on. Removing such elements will make the game more solid but also lose some rewards. If I were to make 1.3 better, I'd tone down the extremeness of overpowering and punishing players down a bit to add more variety with RNG and some certain abilities to be more balanced between players and enemies. As for Charm + Slow, I disagree as fellow who use Female Thief charming Knights and Wizards. The merit of Charm is you can stall their movement that can be harmful down a bit and enemies aren't stupid so closest unit will knock their friends back to their sense as I did to mine. Adding Slow means you'll also gain favor of slowing down enemy if it is hit before acting in your favor. If I were to add abilities baesd on my gameplay, I'd rather add something giving benefits enemy unit like Regen so he can gain portion of HP back after being hit from friends and you won't gain benefits from such ability too. Though I'd prefer charm to be as is as it seems fine to make enemies hitting each other instead. Or you can change from Charm to Confuse to reduce the benefits to your side a bit.
  8. That's why I tried to make my own re-balance instead of fixing 1.3. It's beyond my skills to make proper balance on 1.3. In my opinion, some abilities with low RNG means, you shouldn't use it. If it's set to 50% or higher, people can abuse it and game will be broken like dancer's forbidden dance. It really should be forbidden. Unless steal that I will really need to get no matter what, I won't use low RNG abilities in my gameplay.
  9. I'm against making 1.3 easier as it's supposed to be hard to enjoy. That's my point here. I think it'd be better to focus on 1.3 without comparing to vanilla. Charm + Slow sounds interesting but enemy will also knock charmed unit back to their sense so we'll get enemy unit being hit and slowed instead. I agree that some physical skills need CT added in 1.3 to balance things out with spells. I don't agree about coin flip limit of RNG though. Some hard to infllict status has its own charm too.
  10. On contrary, while Vanilla wizard has poorer scaling, -ja spells does better job with balancing against physical damage than 1.3 did. If you prefer magic being useless during lategame in 1.3, fine. Your issue about vanilla spells was taken care off in my mod with 2 radius for -ga spells and add status effect on -ja spells. That's how I fixed it and it did work well enough for me right now. Elemental damage has less role to play in FFT than others which I do agree. However, it's still usable with monsters and some re-balancing can work on it in if you try. And if you think Vanilla is too hard for early game, it means you need to learn and understand more about tactics. I used to be FFT noob and I felt it was hard before too. But that's not issue about learning how to play properly. Nerfing Orlandu might sound proper in re-balance but some fights in endgame can be tought and easy mode unit can help such players getting over it. He's a sword saint and probably the strongest knight in FFT. Do give him some credits OK? As for your excuse to make the game easier and more reasonable for you, asking creators why you put this on and you should remove it is asked before and the answer was there. Accept it. As for speed manipulation issue, it's an issue with 1.3 where CT on spells isn't balanced. 1.3 favors physical with no CT so you might as well remove CT altogether to fix it. That may work.
  11. Hi guys. Version 1.2 is out now. I've finished my big projects so I can focus on finalizing 1.2 release. This time it's another big update on spell improvements in this re-balance. Back then spell tier are classified strictly with less favorable merits. Upgrading to -ra spells is OK but -ga spells are some what redundant and make people feel like I should save up for -ja spells instead. In this re-balance, I added extra merits to -ga and -ja spells to make it more worthwhile. I increased effect area on -ga spells and added status effects on -ja spells so you can use -ga spells as shorter chant version with the same effect area. I also add increased effect area and vertical range on Cure spells and all other status spells including spells on -ja spells for enemies too along with some other minor spell improvements. As I was informed about Archer's Arm/Leg Shot bug not working with Aim skillset in previous release, I decided to build a new skillset for Archer. This new archer abilities will have the follow abilities. Venom Fang Oily Touch Leg Shot Arm Shot Seal Evil I tried playing optimized aim with CT and power for a while but gotta say it's dull and boring. So I decided to make archer abilities around status inflicting instead based on Machinist and monster abilities. I also increased physical attack multiplier to make up for missing aim abilities. Archer will hit a bit harder than vanilla version but not too broken like Tactics Ogre but can be fearsome with Focus/Tailwind added. 1.2 -Added status infliction to abilities' description -Changed Archer's Aim abilities to Venom Fang/Oily Touch/Leg Shot/Arm Shot/Seal Evil -Increased Archer's physical attack a bit -Changed CT time of Wall ability to 6 and no more additional MP cost -Revised Cure spells MP cost to 5/10/16/24 -Cura has 2 Vertical range now -Curaga/Curaja have 2 Effect area range now -Protect/Shell has 1 Vertical range now -Protectja/Shellja have 2 Effect area range now -Holy has chance to inflict Blind status and reduce damage by 20% and cost 48MP -Thundera MP cost is now 12 like others -Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga spells have 2 radius now -Haste/Slow/Stop has 1 Vertical range now -Hasteja/Slowja have 2 Effect area range now -Graviga spells has 2 Effect area range now -Changed Meteor CT to 16 -Kotetsu is now Dark element attack -Adjusted Arithmetician's physical/magical attack to be little weaker than Chemist -Changed Machinist new abilities to Focus/Rend Helm/Rend Armor -Toadja/Gravija/Flareja/Blindja/Confuseja/Sleepja have 2 Effect area range now -Innate abilities also be apply to more enemies' jobs variants like Undead and others -Elmdore's Safeguard innate skill is replaced by Arcane Strength -Move/Find items will be rare or better items now WotL - Valeria 1.2 (PSP USA).ppf WotL - Valeria 1.2 (PSP EUR).ppf In this release, I also tested abilities and performed test run with 1.2 changes to make sure everything is working and also balanced. Machinist also works great with Focus ability now that I wish Mustadio should have it as every generic can do with guns.
  12. What you said has answers in itself. You said screw fire 2 and get only 1 and 3. While some get Fire 2 and never use Fire anymore. I believe that calls flexibility and if you have free JP to spends, you'll eventually learn the rest. However, I do agree that spell tier needs improvements on vanilla. While you appreciate the 'fresh' idea of combined spells with different patterns and stuff, I don't though. That's just the fancy idea from endgame mania who ignores the basics. The main reason why you should upgrade spell is damage throughput and MP allocation. The reason why you should upgrade spell is to make more damage when caster can provide it. I do agree that -ga -ja spells need some adjustments so people won't skip easily though. Vanilla starts out too hard? I mean, seriously? The only fight where I feel it's quite a challenge at first was Dorter Slums and after I realize that we should follow NPCs to take archer on top, it became very easy. The idea is get to the high ground and lure enemies in to finish them off easier. 1.3 has fun aspects but I don't like the idea of enemies having better stuff and throw us a lot to force we play only specific strategy and jobs at times. If Orlandu is broken, don't use him. Think of him as easy mode unit. There's always a unit to help people finishing the game easier if they can't do it without easy mode unit. It's fine to leave Orlandu like that. If calculator skills are broken, change it to something else and I did nerve that job with some good trade offs. Maybe you should consider why they put those on in the first place. But if you want to make your own 1.3 mod without it, fine. Suit yourself. Sometimes mod also suggest me this and that and it's ultimately my decision whether I'll listen to the advice of more experienced modder or not. The only difference is I'm working on my own mod, not on someone else's mod. To modify someone else's work and share it, you need to understand the reason behind the original and preserve the integrity of originals too. If you like 1.3 elements so much, try to make your own mod based on 1.3 implementation. It's not that hard to do actually. As for people who complain about spell, I beg you to consider things like Haste/Quick/Swiftness/Tailwind and other speed manipulation attributes. Another possibility is to reduce the factor of speed growth and multiplier, making it less significant like from 95-110 multiplier instead. In my opinion, alternating speed will affect gameplay mechanics at lot and need to be extra careful on doing that.
  13. After collecting feedback I received, I plan to work on spell improvements for next 1.2 release. Stay tuned.
  14. I'm glad to hear. I'm working for future updates right now so you might see another update in next month. This time I'm thinking about how to make -ga spells more useful while being in original fashion.