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  1. Wow what a game! I consider myself a SMRPG vet, having beat it dozens of times as a kid with no internet or guides or squat. Hell, replaying with the guide alone provides a ton of new content for me, but this....this masterpiece deserves an award. Sadly all I can give is my absolute thanks for the time involved and the awesomeness that is you, King Creator of Armageddon! Now a few questions for any of you familiar intently with V8 Hard Mode. 1) When I get a Lucky Flower (I.E. Stats) and the option comes up to risk doubling my coins, the Snarlax (I think?) that replaces the old Yoshi Eggs are all glitchy, and when they start spinning my party glitches out as well. It plays through alright, and resumes unglitched, just wondering if this is normal or... 2) Very start of the game, when you rescue Toad from the flying Troopa Mushroom way area 2, you can fall behind that plateau and be stuck forever and ever? Again is this just me or are there many areas that explorers like me are going to glitch out on and lose all unsaved stuffs? Thanks and forgive the noobness