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  1. This was actually my first time ever using Lucia's oils for real and... Yeah, they're totally broken haha. To be honest, I think if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't use the Mind's Eyes. I messed up so many damn rings because of those things. I think the mod is in a great spot. Even when I was using the strongest combinations in the game the bosses still had some challenge. I started up ME1 instead cause everyone was telling me I should play it first before jumping into ME2. The combat is clunky but I really like all the worldbuilding. Honestly, From the New World is a guilty pleasure of mine. I used to hate it, but I've gotten used to its wacky antics and it has the best gameplay in the series. The setting is definitely a huge departure which I think works in some ways and falls flat in others. Some locations were very unique and really showed off the Shadow Hearts universe in a brand new setting, but I wish there were more dark locations to go and less pirate ships and area 51... In my From the New World playthrough I'll be using all the worst armor and not using any arc buffs. I might not use Mind's Eyes either this time. Also there won't be any broken oils. Last time I played the game that way and it was actually a nice little challenge, especially towards the end. I know what you mean. So many RPG's are easy to beat even without using everything in your arsenal. We need more hardmods in the RPG community. Hmm, I've never tried a HP, Str, and Mag only run of FFX. That sounds interesting. Do you still pick up Accuracy and Agility? SMT3 is a great example of a challenging JRPG (Matador can kiss my ass), and Persona 3 is another good one despite the fact that some bosses can be pretty cheap. Digital Devil Saga is a favorite of mine. Plenty of challenges without it ever feeling unfair.
  2. I've done it! I beat the game! Holy crap dude, I can't believe it's over... Man this has been a blast and I'm real sad that after 60+ hours of playing through this game there really is nothing left. This was such a fun trip down memory lane, and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for your mod. Thank you so much Zed! Now it's on to other games (first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 coming up), but I shall return with From the New World in the future! Of course I'll be playing my own poor man's "hard mod" of it as well, if you haven't come up with one by then haha.
  3. Ahhh, I thought that might be the case. I figured I was a bit underleveled as it was but having Kurando and Anastasia, who were SUPER underleveled, in the party really made the difficulty jump. I power leveled a bit offscreen last time I played and got Yuri and Blanca to 90 so that's perfect! I'm planning to stream the finale tomorrow if everything works out! Thanks! Maybe it'll bring some more players your way. <3
  4. I guess it doesn't matter too much now that I'm 99% of the way done with the game haha. Damn, it's just hit me that I'm already at the end. It's been great to go back and experience this game again after so many years. I just might edit and put my playthrough up on youtube. Maybe not the whole thing since that would require a lot of editing and tons of bandwidth, but we'll see how the reception is (if there is any anyway). If anything, it'll make a good excuse to practice editing. The smaller enemies in the Neam Ruins part 2 are insanely fast! I think you might want to adjust them a little cause running into the 6-stack of them can be an instant game over since they all go first. Then again, I think this might be the hardest dungeon in the game right? I probably should have done the Dog Shrine first...
  5. Aw, no need to apologize! It's my fault for breaking the game haha. Honestly, Technical Ring by itself is a nice boost, but technical ring WITH with Lucia's strike oil (with 99 strike expansions...) is completely busted. It's an extra 29% bonus on strikes, including buffs. If you balanced around that the game would be insanely hard for normal ring users. I think I'm going to switch to normal ring for the rest of the game cause I feel like I'm cheapening the late-game experience.
  6. Ok cool thanks! Mecha Lord fight went really well. I put Anastasia in to take its picture and she ended up face-tanking almost every single hit so the entire battle came down to reviving Anastasia over and over and over again as it punched her across the room haha. Only the Queen's Garden left and then I'll start the optional dungeons! Not too far off from the end now.
  7. It seems weird just from a mechanical standpoint to have a spell that not only has a very small AoE but also does reduced damage to multiple targets... Oh. Well, time to swallow my pride and start using those coral pendants then haha. Is there an order I should do the sidequest dungeons in?
  8. Oh YEAH! I forgot about Dark Seraphim and his broken For Everyone buff. Wow, that's going to be interesting if I can get that off with Lucia's oil... Hitting perfects might become a problem especially with my lack of coral items. I'll try to honor my code of not using them but we'll see... My Garan fight did not go well, mostly because I kept screwing up my rings. I was really out of it when I was fighting him last stream and ended up getting tilted after screwing up Yuri's ring for the 30th time that day haha. I'll probably give it another go next time I stream and grind a bit if need be. That's a good point about Bright Banish! It really is a weak spell in comparison to all the other ones. Thanks!
  9. I'm pretty excited just to see how fast the final boss is going to decimate me haha. My first week of classes is just about over and then I'll have three days off to do nothing but stream.
  10. Aw, thank you man! I'm glad you could make it to the stream yesterday! I should be ok as far as saving myself into a dead end now. I'll probably keep going with it tonight.
  11. I've been having a lot of fun. It got a lot better once I got out of the early game, but again, that's a problem with the early game's lack of variety and strategy rather than the mod itself. Hey, I'm more than happy to help! I did my own "hard" playthrough of From the New World where I never upgraded armor, used arc buffs, or bought the "coral" items and found that it was a lot more challenging and fun. I love Shadow Hearts, but the combat like most RPG's is easy and formulaic once you know what you're doing which really takes away from the fun. Challenges like this are a dream come true. Haha, looking forward to it!
  12. That's good to know! The seals definitely make a difference though, especially on Karin who is taking over physical attacking for Yuri. The Mother Filarias and Asmodeus were just as intense, if not more! Making my way towards Astaroth, and then onto Disc 2!
  13. Night Queen is ROUGH. Damn, that was intense haha.
  14. True, I had to wait for Joachim to get out of bat form when I was grinding so he would be able to survive a hit. Karin is quite a beast right now since I gave her +6 strength/luck from seeds, even though Joachim could have used them too but... Ya know... Aesthetics. Also I just realized that Lucia's oils don't scale with stats and the only one worth using would be the one for guaranteed crits so... Crap. Well I guess I wasted those seeds on her, haha. Ah well. Stand + Spikes is amazing, I never used spikes in the original game so I had no clue they could be so broken. I was wondering why my level 2's weren't learning anymore abilities... Totally forgot they were attached to the level 3 fusions. Thanks for the tips!
  15. Joachim is probably the better choice honestly since he's a better physical attacker than Karin and he can take hits like a pro, but I just enjoy Lucia and her later oils. I'm actually boosting up Karin's physical damage with seals to make her into my secondary fighter with Yuri. Not optimal, but it's more fun for me. I'll do that! I actually beat Godhand with ease due to some very lucky Slow debuffs from Yuri.