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  1. A timer could potentially overpower reflect if enemies happen to scream at a magic wall all day until it runs out. Infinite runtime with a few hits to live seems the most balanced.
  2. The penalty is losing the item you bet is it not? I don't remember. We save, and reload when we lose against bosses. Perhaps not the same as losing without control of your character, I actually prefer having control, and would prefer a muddle-less coliseum with uber serious bosses to earn top tier items. I just don't mind a RNG system either, though I can see the hate for requiring patience to deal with irrationality which sounds a lot like everyday life if you're surrounded by assholes. (Goes to therapy to talk about my problems that manifest based on a 24 year old video game).
  3. It's interesting witnessing many opinions that contradict others I think due to everyone creating their own outcomes in their playthrough, and it's tricky to see how things could be done any other way unless you restart the game from Zozo which most of us don't feel like doing (or..?). I'd like to see a reworked colloseum. I think there's ample strategy involved to justify the RNG that BNW frowns upon. It's fun taking a particular character out of his/her equipment comfort zone to create a RNG build for the appropriate enemy with reworked AI. BNW uses logic as the motivator for fun, therefore, irrational outcomes are not fun. However, gambling addicts exist for a reason. Because gambling is fun!
  4. Gogo has better things to do than jump around all day anyway. Replace him with Fig's chakra Sabin idea, though I feel weird having a non-magic user ingest mp he won't use, and Edgar would miss the juice while in the air, which makes Sabin feel underused all because I want to gamble on the moogle toss. Perhaps modify the toss so that Umaro doesn't feel underused when Mog isn't by his side.
  5. Came here to say the same! Grounded Mog + Umaro throwing him + Eddy and Gogo leaving the ground with only Mog left for Umaro to throw, it's a very interesting team. Mog can haste the slow yeti and dual cast another spell against enemies so to not feel like it's a chore to buff Umaro all the time before being allowed to start attacking or perhaps consider sharing the chore with Edgar and another mate with haste in order to focus solely on building one helluva dancer. Mog's Palidor summons with multi-jumping Edgar also sounds cool as it would give Edgar a free jump to rain more stabs (can you have two raining dragoons in this mod?). I haven't seen anyone else mention a Mog and Umaro team which is strange considering Umaro was designed for it. EDIT: Forgot about the Umaro thread, doh.
  6. I can't find that FF1 mod anywhere, got a link?
  7. Ahhhhhh that's what I'm talking about! Whelp, thus again I wait in the lurking shadows, drooling more so than ever, holding in my patience furthermore. Despite not playing the mod I'm really getting a kick out of reading and envisioning each new update.
  8. Sorry for coming off as offensive. I've been lurking for years in anticipation for every update that comes out, especially the esper bank addition which is really amazing, I'm seriously grateful. I've read the readme from start to finish many times like they're literally bedtime stories. The new update's cover/counter is something I used to love equipping on Cloud from FF7 except it's going to be way more interesting in FF6 due to the game's various character personalities that handle C/C in their own way. I only have the patience to play the game once hence my morbid curiosity. I enjoy envisioning all the changes from every update I read without requiring a vast amount of time to test them all for myself, therefore, eventually, I will play the game when I feel it has reached its utmost balance to my liking. The brilliance of the mod's constant balance inventions leaves me hanging in anticipated drooling, there's just so many cool new things worth waiting for.
  9. Everyone is bad mouthing the mod and it's discouraging me from starting a new game. Should I wait until this mod cleans up a bit or is it worth playing?