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  1. New FF8 Mod (New Threat) - Discussion Thread

    I have a proposed solution for Zell's limit break (This is assuming you keep the one limit per battle rule) each combo he does could either debuff the enemy's stats or buff his so he can adapt to the fight, he is a martial artist after all so it fits with his theme to learn an enemies weakness as he fights and to adapt his fighting technique so for instance punch rush could increase Zells speed by 5% or debuff the enemy Speed by 5% ( I'm pulling these numbers out of my ass for an example ) It depends on balance whether he buffs his own stats for the rest of the fight or debuffs the enemy, both themes fit, he is making himself more capable by adapting or He is exploiting the enemy in such a way to weaken it for the party This would give incentive to not just booyah spam and for the sake of balance you could nerf the damage of those attacks given the stat component to them You could also increase the stat bonus for high level combos like final heaven to reduce enemy Vitality by a % or flat number , or give the buff to Zell if that's too strong There could be a mix such as half the moves debuff the enemy and the other half buff Zell as he has more combo's than there are stats and some stats may be too strong to debuff on certain bosses.