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  1. I'm gonna give this a serious playthrough shortly and the mod is really nice from what i can tell so far. I'm not entirely sure what youve edited stat wise in the changeloge and specifically what you added and subtracted from the classes and what you can actually edit, but from what i can tell you increased the base weight of lord class, it seems a little much at the same weight as knights, maybe a slight rebuff would be suitable seeing how it is the lord class. Secondly i was hoping for some pretty big buffs to lich and angel knight. I didnt dive into their skills heavily yet, but from a difficulty to aquire standpoint ive always felt these 2 classes should serve as the real endgame class setups for generics. The angel knight specifically is very heavy and has a very limited holy spell pool, which themeatically never really made sense, i wouldnt be opposed to seeing you give them access to virtually all light magic and a little beefier weapon selection with a little lower rt. Lich isnt terrible but maybe bring the rt closer to necromancer. Ill give you more detailed feedback when i play through it, but without knowing the scope of what youre capable of editing in game its gonna be a little difficult to figure what can and cant be edited or improved. Edit: I dont want to come off as unaprreciative or bossy, we spent alot of time on id helping arch balance 1.3, and since i love this game, honestly helping you get the best mod out of it is a really exciting proposition, just wish i came across this earlier, so if i can help you out in anyway im happy to do so, the best i can do right now is give feedback. Edit2: I LOVE the sara and voltare static sprites, donalto tho is a little ... weird at first.
  2. Hey 2 questions, 1. Is there an upcoming patch or I am safe to test this one out? 2. What are you using to mod the game specifically, is there ptahcer software i could use for myself or are you doing some fancy modding way over my paygrade.
  3. Nice great to hear, losing touch with everyone woulda been terrible. Also this site is nice as fuck good job.
  4. So had the itch to come say hey to everyone at ID, sites down, cried, found everyone here from ID? Gonna be super sad if not. I was gonna start working on my 1.3 normalized again and wanted to chat. <3 Bate.