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  1. Plans for 2.0

    Does Blind status prevent Strago from learning Lores? I ussually dont bother curing Blind on Strago.
  2. Plans for 2.0

    i dodged a few, the ones i did fight i must have killed quickly before they could use Blaze.
  3. Plans for 2.0

    Do those grenades appear on The Veldt in the WoR?
  4. just finished this amazing mod, and Final Fantasy VI for the first time. I first played FF6 back in 1998 on the PS1, didn't like it as much as FFIV and FFV and quit half way through. I went back to it a few years later and tried to play through the original snes version. After reaching the WoR i got board and gave up again. Every couple of years i would go back to it and try again, i really wanted to like it as much as everyone else did. The problem i had was the terrible balancing of the characters, the forced parties that lumped you with characters you find useless, and the need to keep your level low until you get some decent Espers. These are some of the issues that Brave New World addresses and more. Forced parties become exciting in BNW because everyone has a use. the leveling system feels more like FFIV and FFIX except each character doesnt just follow one job path, you can control the flow of how they grow, making replay-ability very high. when i first heard about BNW a few of weeks ago and i read about the new levellng system it sounded too good to be true, i think its genius how the Espers are used to grow your characters in this version, and you can bank SP and EL so theere is no hurry. i Really enjoyed the difficulty of the bosses, i did have do do a bit of grinding at times but thats just the way i play RPGs, im not good at low level stuff. for me BNW is the definitive version of FFVI, i couldn't go back to that broken game with all the Untima clones. I'm looking forward to seeing how the final version turns out and i want to thank the guys who have put all their time and ideas into BNW. Thanks guys, great work.
  5. Plans for 2.0

    I think its just Blaze. just seen that Powerslave teaches it. it doesn't matter anyway, im at the top of Kefka's Tower fighting the triads. i will grab everything on my next play-though.
  6. Who's your MVP?

    I picked Locke, not because i think he is the best character or has the biggest potential, but because he contributed more than any other character and he was my most dependable damage dealer. his damage output was coming in at just a bit more than morphed Terra and he dodged most attacks, survived a lot he didn't dodge.
  7. Plans for 2.0

    Thanks, i had a look on Gamer Corner Guides for vanilla locations but i have missed the 3 enemies i need. Are you referring to a BNW change?
  8. Plans for 2.0

    Thais true. i never realised there was a more simple plan being considered. Cid building a time machine is completely mental even by Final Fantasy standards. (Edit) it took him an entire year to build a simple wooden raft.
  9. Plans for 2.0

    Had another idea, i might get laughed out of the topic for this one though. i am missing 3 rages, 2 lores, and the Water Rondo dance, as they are missable after the WoB. In the readme it says something like there is no missable items in the game, wouldn't this be great if it extended to nothing being missable? remember in FFVIII when you could return the world before time compression? there is restrictions such as you cant enter towns. Maybe Cid builds a time machine in the time between leaving the isolated island and getting the pendant. Maybe not Cid cos if you don't save him the whole thing becomes missable. if you could got back in time to the WoB there wouldnt really be anything to do except roam the over-world and dungeons and to fight enemies. i agree its a dumb idea and could be hard to implement anyway. its still good to get ideas going about how to make nothing in the game missable.
  10. Plans for 2.0

    You know how you get blue a red save points, I was thinking it would be handy to have green save points in certain dungeons where you could switch party members. This would be very helpful in Kefka's Tower. Instead of warping or walking out. I took 3 party's into Kefka's tower and after a while decided one party wasn't strong enough and could use a reshuffle. What's your thoughts on this?
  11. Missable WoB rages

    i'm in the WoR and i am missing: Antlion - Figaro desert Stray Cat - outside Nikeah Vaporite - Mount Koltz Are these Missable rages in the WoR?
  12. Brachiosaurs Still Useful?

    I got so excited, i was getting ready to respec some people and farm more of them.
  13. Brachiosaurs Still Useful?

    Is there really supposed to be no Economizer? i'm running version 1.9.0 and i just picked up 2 on The Veldt, not sure who dropped it though. (Edit) it wasn't a drop it was a mug.
  14. First Playthrough Review! (1.8.5)

    There must be a way. maybe the guys who done Eternal Crystals be willing to explain how they managed it.