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  1. Thanks Mishrak, I didn't even notice that was in there.
  2. The character planner doesn't seem to have the information for hidden items like the Lazy Shell or a certain relic that Celes likes.
  3. If you plan on making any changes to the script or adding new scenes, you should totally make Ultimecia be future-Rinoa, it's legitimately more interesting than her just being some sorceress.
  4. Seconding this, I was planning on doing support/tank Mog on my next playthrough and I'm bummed now that I know it doesn't work like that, especially with the potential synergy between cover/counter and dance.
  5. While I generally agree with you about having something like rotations to change up your offense and make it require a little more thought, I actually like the counters and sandbagging. It never seemed cumbersome to learn what enemies react to because I only had to learn the counters enemies use in a single area at a time, so ever initial venture into a new dungeon or area I started off playing cautiously and experimenting, and once I learned how the enemies worked I started blazing through them, and I actually found it pretty rewarding. And as for sandbagging, I actually liked how being forced to rez people changed up how I fought bosses rather than just spamming my best attacks, and it also made buffing characters a choice, since you'd waste time and MP if they died quickly, as opposed to how an FF game typically goes where you just set up all your buffs at the start of the fight. It also made speedy characters more valuable because they can get everybody up more quickly, especially Locke, he was the anti-sandbag with those speedy double Life 2s. Also I'm pretty sure there were only like 4 or 5 bosses that had auto-regen on and the ticks are still only like 250, so it wasn't really frustrating when I had to break from the offense to patch everyone up and re-buff.
  6. I have a few small ideas I'd like to throw out there since we're still in the "throw it at the wall and see what sticks" phase. It's cool that Relm can get Interceptor but no sane person would sacrifice Shadow for that, and I also feel like she doesn't have nearly enough use for high Stamina, so what if Starlet Relm got access to Interceptor even if Shadow wasn't dead? Similarly, I don't think Strago get's enough out of Stamina either, so maybe something like having a higher proc rate on counterattacks with rods? Somebody mentioned having a chance to cast Holy Wind when he covers, that sounded pretty good. I love the idea of Ifrit Relm being called the Illusionist and her brushes proccing Image in place of their normal procs, and it would probably be the only build I'd ever use for Relm if you put this in. I think Bismark Terra definitely shouldn't have the Quickcast: Break and Storm, since she barely has reason to use those spells late game to begin with, and DEFINITELY not when she's built for vigor. It'd be a bit much but what if instead she had a chance to auto-Bserk when she Morphs? Terra is an excellent spell-caster even with pure Vigor builds, so this would serve the dual purpose of cranking up her damage for her glass cannon build while also making it more difficult for her to cast powerful damage spells while morphed with that build. For example, I just ran through Kefka's Tower with pure Bismark Terra and she was still hitting 9999 when she was weakness sniping with tier 3 spells. Another thing that feels like it's a little poorly defined is Terrato Sabin, so why not give it something to exacerbate it's differences with Stray Sabin? I was thinking since one of the main benefits of Stamina over HP for him is that Chakra is stronger, that you could make Terrato Sabin have stronger Mantras and help solidify the HP build's role as a defensive support. That's pretty much all I've got for now.
  7. I'm on my 3rd playthrough of BNW now. The first time I used Shadow with pure speed investment the most, especially against certain elemental dragons with the rogue cloak. The second time my favorite character was mage Mog with the Sage Stone, especially for dual-casting quake/break and throwing muddle and slow x around. Right now my favorite is Stamina/HP Celes tanking, throwing ??? at poor unsuspecting encounters, countering w/ omega weapon, and generally playing a supportive role with the speed from the Crusader ELs and her great grey spells.
  8. Long time player, first time poster here. I just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents about 2.0. I think it'd be good if there were alternate costumes in the game, kind of like in T Edition but without going as overboard. I'd also like it if there was something like Township from BoF2, like you could rebuild Mobliz in WoR and recruit people to live there, and they'd open up unique shops or give you stat boosts.