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  1. Prometheus has a blank skill that does nothing on sketch It was as plain a build as cyan could have, no weird items, just a standard c/c set up
  2. I got Cyan blocking a fire 3 from a tap dancer with his sword. Moveover, it's a fire 3 that was cast on locke, and cyan is covering him to block it.
  3. I know this isn't exactly a new issue, but death immunity isn't functioning right for me. I've got seraph equipped to celes and she's still getting zombie'd by plantpires
  4. Few new bugs to report While fighting number 128 gau somehow lost the auto-haste and auto-regen he had from his relics (i think when he died, i wasn't paying attention) and i actually summoned kirin and he still didn't have regen on him. Also the encounter rate skyrocketed after the mine carts, i'm getting a fight every two or three steps in vector now. On a side note: IMTRF is definitely the best part of WoB so far, it's challenging and a few of the bosses are even kind of brutal, especially 128 with that net.
  5. Ran into another weird one here: It looks like dadaluma's script is broken. It was normal at first, but after a while he started exclusively snapping into a slim jim and jumping every single turn. I'm playing RC12b2 btw Edit: He broke the loop when i quit taking the same actions, specifically I think its because I kept putting sap back on him with the drill (I'm guessing you were attacking pretty aggressively in this fight and were doing so almost exclusively with the "Fight" and "Tools" commands)
  6. I've got text going over Locke's head here. Also some display wonkiness where damage wasn't displaying on a giant after he was stolen from twice. (the second one was a switchblade proc) Edit: Now i'm getting a lack of damage display on both player characters and enemies seemingly at random. The damage is still being taken, but the numbers aren't popping up. I've tested this with different encounters in different locations and the damage display is still turning invisible at random no matter where I am or what I'm fighting. I'm also seeing lag after attacks from characters and enemies. After any action they just stand there for a second like something is about to proc. It's more noticeable on player characters since they have animations but the enemies are doing it too. It's especially noticeable if a character dual wields and attacks twice because there's a big pause between their attacks. I've also started a new game since the file I was using was from an older patch, and these problems still persist, so I don't think that has anything to do with it. And I've tried toggling the backgrounds on and off, but it didn't affect it. I'm using snes9x if it matters.
  7. Just a thought, the new row mechanics can potentially be a buff to c/c characters that have lower stamina or attack power, like stam edgar. Being more likely to be attacked in the front row will make the lower stamina hurt less and make defense matter more for c/c characters. This also means you could do a sort of "soft tank" by having a character be the only person in the front row but not having cover, this would work well with phantom shadow I think, since his evasion is penalized and he can't use image while covering. I'm still not sure how I feel about only covering backrow characters though, I think it would be better with thzfuzzymzn's idea to make HP-Critical happen at 1/4th hp. In addition to making cover function better at saving low HP guys it would also make desperation attacks proc more frequently. I've personally only ever had a desperation attack go off once in BNW, and it was with sabin in the colosseum. Edit: I also have a couple of questions about some of the new stuff. If you have a shield or a weapon that gives an auto status, like hero shield or aegis shield, do you lose it when you switch it out? And does strago and relm's aero rod auto-crit like the other rods do?
  8. Since everyone is throwing ideas out here, what would you think of Relm getting a brush that procs Image? Also I'm still throwing out my vote for the Gungnir to either get a +Stam bonus or get the "strong vs floating enemies" bonus. Speaking of which, since you're taking out 5 weapons and adding the new wind rod, are there another 4 new weapons you'll be adding? Oh, got it, I thought Omega determined its BP from your HP and you MP and that Atma only used your HP.
  9. This sounds pretty fantastic, I'm especially glad to see all the new stuff Sabin is getting since I always considered him to be the weakest character in WoR. Also happy about Dark getting buffed so X-Strago can magically turn his MP into dead monsters. 2 questions though, if the Omega Weapon is gone, will the Atma Weapon be buffed to be as strong as Omega? And I think I saw you say somewhere that you were making FC into a multi-party dungeon in the next update. Are you still planning on doing that?
  10. SNES Classic Modding

    I play BNW on a snes classic but I didn't mod the rom that came with it, I just put the modded rom I already had on there.
  11. Some thoughts on Stamina builds

    For Hario's idea with the Retort-like Blitz, what if while in the "counter-ready" state, Sabin takes reduced damage based on his Stamina?
  12. Some thoughts on Stamina builds

    I love this idea, a late game insta-kill would be much more appropriate for an ability gained at level 30 than a fairly weak AoE that most people will never touch. And much like Cyan's Cleave and Strago's X-Zone it would be great on Sabin regardless of his build, therefore giving his stamina build something nice for random encounters. I don't know if having a third guy with an AoE instant kill would be good for balance though (4 if you count Mog X-casting Doom), so maybe it would only target one enemy but remove the ability to counter it like X-Zone does?
  13. Who's your MVP?

    You know I've always felt that Locke was weak in WoB and strong in WoR (the opposite of how I think about Sabin) In my most recent playthrough I decided to just make him a tanky healer with the healing shiv and respecced him as soon as I got him in WoR. I hear people talk about how good his X-Magic build is but I didn't like it when I tried it. I used him in Narshe and in Cyan's Dream, were those just bad dungeons for him? Or am I maybe just doing it wrong?
  14. Some thoughts on Stamina builds

    Tons of great ideas in this thread. +1-ing stam on spears, changing force armor into force robe and either diamond or crystal into something force armor-esque, HP/Stam from Odin, Fire Dance and Sonic Boom as stam blitzes, and upping the status resist and regen ticks from Stamina in general. I still think an event would be better than a relic for putting Interceptor on Relm if for no other reason than to not let her and Shadow have him at the same time, but a relic that you trade the memento ring for would also be really good. Also I didn't know about stamina influencing Drain and Gravity spells, I guess that's something nice for Locke, Sabin, Cyan, and Celes. Does it also affect Quarter procs from the Gravity Rod and Drain procs from the Blood Sword?
  15. Image-like Reflect patch

    Ah cool, I'm glad it tells you when a barrier goes down, I was worried about that since reflect has no visual cue.