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  1. Just a thought, the new row mechanics can potentially be a buff to c/c characters that have lower stamina or attack power, like stam edgar. Being more likely to be attacked in the front row will make the lower stamina hurt less and make defense matter more for c/c characters. This also means you could do a sort of "soft tank" by having a character be the only person in the front row but not having cover, this would work well with phantom shadow I think, since his evasion is penalized and he can't use image while covering. I'm still not sure how I feel about only covering backrow characters though, I think it would be better with thzfuzzymzn's idea to make HP-Critical happen at 1/4th hp. In addition to making cover function better at saving low HP guys it would also make desperation attacks proc more frequently. I've personally only ever had a desperation attack go off once in BNW, and it was with sabin in the colosseum. Edit: I also have a couple of questions about some of the new stuff. If you have a shield or a weapon that gives an auto status, like hero shield or aegis shield, do you lose it when you switch it out? And does strago and relm's aero rod auto-crit like the other rods do?
  2. Since everyone is throwing ideas out here, what would you think of Relm getting a brush that procs Image? Also I'm still throwing out my vote for the Gungnir to either get a +Stam bonus or get the "strong vs floating enemies" bonus. Speaking of which, since you're taking out 5 weapons and adding the new wind rod, are there another 4 new weapons you'll be adding? Oh, got it, I thought Omega determined its BP from your HP and you MP and that Atma only used your HP.
  3. This sounds pretty fantastic, I'm especially glad to see all the new stuff Sabin is getting since I always considered him to be the weakest character in WoR. Also happy about Dark getting buffed so X-Strago can magically turn his MP into dead monsters. 2 questions though, if the Omega Weapon is gone, will the Atma Weapon be buffed to be as strong as Omega? And I think I saw you say somewhere that you were making FC into a multi-party dungeon in the next update. Are you still planning on doing that?
  4. I play BNW on a snes classic but I didn't mod the rom that came with it, I just put the modded rom I already had on there.
  5. I recently played around with Stamina builds on every character in BNW after I discovered that everybody has at least 1 Stamina boosting esper, and I had some ideas for improving Stamina-based builds that I'd like to throw out here. First off, I think the most recent patch making Counter and Cover go off Stamina to determine their proc rate is absolutely genius, and C/C builds have been some of my favorites since then and I love having a useful purpose for Stamina other than just being a third "damage stat" for niche builds. I think there should be an event in the WoR that becomes accessible once you have Relm and Shadow (and maybe Strago) that switches Interceptor over to Relm. My logic is that Shadow can easily get sky-high physical evasion and that between that and Image-spam he should almost never be getting hit, and therefore never proccing Interceptor, while Relm otoh still gets hit plenty and could really use an extra use for her Stamina since she has access to a +2 Stamina esper. Alternatively, being able to trigger an event to switch Interceptor back and forth between them could work too, or maybe even a Relm-exclusive relic that let's her use Interceptor. On the subject of Relm, if her paintbrushes healed with Stamina that could give it some extra utility too; with stam-heals, regen-x, interceptor, and Stamina-based sketches I think Stam Relm could finally become a widely used build. Strago, Edgar, and Sabin all come really close of having good Stamina builds imo but just fall short of where they should be. Sabin's main shortcoming in this department is that his Stam build would need both relic slots for covering and countering, and with his low defense I don't think this makes him very appealing as a tank, so maybe a unique piece of equipment that gives cover or counter to him? I kind of like the idea of claws having inherent counter, making him more like the monk from FF5, but since all of his claws are elemental that would probably be awful in practice, since he'd counter enemies with elements that they negate/absorb all the time. Edgar's Stam build is nearly great, being really beefy and still being a great status setter, even if he loses out on damage, but his low starting Stamina and poor damage options outside of the Omega Weapon hinder him here I think. It'd be good if he started with 30 or 36 Stamina instead of 24, which would not only make him cover and counter more but also let him invest some into another esper on his tank build to give it some more side benefits rather than demanding every EL be invested into Unicorn to make up for his low Stamina, and/or the Gungnir getting its "strong vs floating enemies" property back, giving him stronger counter-attacks. Since that property wouldn't proc on jumps it would also make it more solid in its role as a "tank weapon" instead of a "damage-dealer weapon". Then there's Strago, whom I really want to have a great stamina build, but I just don't think rod counters on such a flimsy character and a strong Odin summon are enough. I'm not sure what to recommend to buff it on Strago though, maybe have it somehow make Holy Wind or Raid stronger? Mog's Stam build is pretty good I think, I like having a sturdy tank that'll counter with rod spell-crits, but I think it'd be even better if he could dance and C/C at the same time, which would allow him to use one of his dances with a lot of Stamina-based healing while still covering and countering, otherwise he needs the Moogle Charm if he wants to dance AND cover, which locks him out of countering. I think losing the ability to control his dancing in exchange for the ability to counter would be a fair trade-off and would effectively give you two major ways to play Stamina Mog. Besides, its a shame he can't really use his dances on a C/C build as of now since there's synergy with his high Stamina on it. On pretty much everyone else, I've found their Stamina builds to be pretty solid (esp. Terra and Cyan), so it's really just those five that I think need to be improved upon a little (or a lot in Relm's case). Does anyone else have any ideas? I like the idea of Stamina being less niche and would love to see it have a stronger place in any future patches.
  6. For Hario's idea with the Retort-like Blitz, what if while in the "counter-ready" state, Sabin takes reduced damage based on his Stamina?
  7. I love this idea, a late game insta-kill would be much more appropriate for an ability gained at level 30 than a fairly weak AoE that most people will never touch. And much like Cyan's Cleave and Strago's X-Zone it would be great on Sabin regardless of his build, therefore giving his stamina build something nice for random encounters. I don't know if having a third guy with an AoE instant kill would be good for balance though (4 if you count Mog X-casting Doom), so maybe it would only target one enemy but remove the ability to counter it like X-Zone does?
  8. You know I've always felt that Locke was weak in WoB and strong in WoR (the opposite of how I think about Sabin) In my most recent playthrough I decided to just make him a tanky healer with the healing shiv and respecced him as soon as I got him in WoR. I hear people talk about how good his X-Magic build is but I didn't like it when I tried it. I used him in Narshe and in Cyan's Dream, were those just bad dungeons for him? Or am I maybe just doing it wrong?
  9. Tons of great ideas in this thread. +1-ing stam on spears, changing force armor into force robe and either diamond or crystal into something force armor-esque, HP/Stam from Odin, Fire Dance and Sonic Boom as stam blitzes, and upping the status resist and regen ticks from Stamina in general. I still think an event would be better than a relic for putting Interceptor on Relm if for no other reason than to not let her and Shadow have him at the same time, but a relic that you trade the memento ring for would also be really good. Also I didn't know about stamina influencing Drain and Gravity spells, I guess that's something nice for Locke, Sabin, Cyan, and Celes. Does it also affect Quarter procs from the Gravity Rod and Drain procs from the Blood Sword?
  10. Ah cool, I'm glad it tells you when a barrier goes down, I was worried about that since reflect has no visual cue.
  11. I don't know, this would make Magic, the game's best stat, even better, and besides, the apocylumina, the rods, and the elemental swords (on siren edgar) are already really good. This would also ruin one of the only things that stamina sabin has going on for him, getting Doom procs from 2 frostgores.
  12. So it sounds like just about everyone likes Stamina Edgar well enough already, I guess being that tanky and that good at support is good enough by itself, and being a good damage dealer on top would be overkill, but I'd still really like the Gungnir to get its "strong vs floating enemies" property back. I also didn't consider that Stam Sabin was made for Chakra/Mantra support instead of tanking. I heard from someone that Nirvana Band doesn't boost Chakra and Mantra, so that might be something that could help it, because I also noticed neither really seemed that good. His Chakra definitely couldn't keep up with heavy MP users like X-Locke and X-Mog and Mantra wasn't terribly impressive either, so it'd definitely be nice if they got some sort of buff, like if Stamina contributed more to the healing so Stam Sabin would be better at Mantra than HP Sabin. As for the Interceptor thing, I don't think anyone would be willing to kill off one of the better characters in the party to enable a mostly mediocre meme build for Relm. I love the idea of her getting Interceptor but it feels more like an easter egg than an actual character option because it comes at such a high cost.
  13. Genji gear is the best stuff for tanky and vigor builds, but there's plenty of instances where you'd prefer something else. If Terra or Celes are using apocylumina or other spell-swords then the Oath Veil is a better helmet, there's also the Circlet for if you want MP and the Minerva is better armor hands down. For a magic build you might also want to use the Light Robe or Force Armor over Genji. Also Force Armor is just better if you want magic defense/power over physical. Genji is great for tanky Locke and Vigor Locke/Shadow, but I prefer the speed and evasion from Mirage Vest and either the Counter from Ninja Mask or the bonus HP and MP from Red Cap. On Edgar its great unless you're running Siren Edgar, in which case the Dragon Helm or Stat Hat and the Force Armor are significantly better, and even on Vigor builds you'd want the Dragon Helm if he's jumping. Setzer usually will prefer Force Armor unless you're doing his Stamina build and in that case you'll probably prefer the Skull Cap to the Genji Helm. Then there's Mog, who vastly prefers Circlet and Force Armor if he's magic, and even for his Vigor build you'll probably want to go with Dragon Helm and Snow Muffler. That just leaves Cyan and... yeah, Genji stuff is the best gear for the samurai hands down.
  14. On my most recent playthrough I actually lost to dadaluma once because of bad rng and forgetting to defend against jump but I thought it was a really fun fight. I had locke on healing duty with his shiv, celes smacking him with the flail, edgar spamming bio blaster and noise blaster for his adds, and gau doing the engineer and wild rat rages. Getting vanish helps with a lot of his attacks, though shockwave will cancel it out. A trick that will help a lot is waiting until your healer can act immediately after whoever throws the phoenix down so they don't get sandbag'd by daddy luma. Next time I play (hopefully after 2.0 comes out) I think I'll swap celes for shadow or cyan, smoke bomb spam would probably be immensely helpful, and dispatch does stupid damage. But anyway yeah, daddy is supposed to be the first REAL boss fight, but I think he's at a perfectly reasonable level of difficulty.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's significantly easier to save Cid in BNW than in vanilla, and even then I'd argue that the attempted suicide scene was better and really helps establish the tone for early WoR. Also, if it matters at all, Atma Weapon was the point where I first really started loving this mod. It was the first time a boss in an FF game kicked my ass without feeling totally unfair, and I was excited to change up my set-up and try again when it happened. The Celes emo stuff is a little heavy handed, but it's a lot better imo than in vanilla where she was basically just there to replace shadow, besides, you'd probably get all emo too after being raised to be a soldier from birth, being beaten and imprisoned, and after having the one of the two people you actually care about losing faith in you and the other one dying.
  16. Auto-haste is a nice rider effect on another piece of equipment, especially for a squishy character that'll die and get rezzed a lot, but for a relic it's a little underwhelming. Late game you have better stuff to put in those slots, and early game most characters don't have enough speed to really gain a sizable benefit from being auto-hasted.
  17. I don't know if this was intentional, but it looks like Excalibur can't be dual-wielded with another weapon. I just got it and tried to put it on Locke along with his Valiance and the Excalibur is greyed out and un-selectable. Similarly, if I equip Excalibur by itself and go to the off-hand slot, all the weapons are greyed out, but shields can still be equipped there.
  18. I agree with the above posts, unicorn edgar may be the tankiest character but he seriously lacks an offensive presence, especially since Gungnir lost its "effective against floating enemies" property. It would be better if Edgar had 30 or 36 Stamina to begin with instead of his pitiable 24, that way you could mix some Golem in there to give him a little more power for his chainsaw and counter-attacks. Using Phantom Celes on my current run and I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that Vigor/Stamina is a perfectly excellent tank option. So my unsolicited two-cents is that higher base Stamina and Gungnir getting the extra damage effect from thrown weapons like it used to have (and maybe an increase to 180 BP) would make Unicorn Edgar an attractive and powerful C/C build, up there with Cyan and Celes.
  19. Asked a question about rhinotaur in griffin but I didn't see it was already answered. So here's another one, are there any plans to put the lete river and sealed cave encounters somewhere else in 2.0?
  20. Thanks Mishrak, I didn't even notice that was in there.
  21. The character planner doesn't seem to have the information for hidden items like the Lazy Shell or a certain relic that Celes likes.
  22. If you plan on making any changes to the script or adding new scenes, you should totally make Ultimecia be future-Rinoa, it's legitimately more interesting than her just being some sorceress.
  23. Seconding this, I was planning on doing support/tank Mog on my next playthrough and I'm bummed now that I know it doesn't work like that, especially with the potential synergy between cover/counter and dance.