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  1. Thanks. That covers one of four things I noticed. Other bugs are the music bug in the fight with P******, the BH beetle trigger bug (no beetle box), and the black screen bug when dying to Elder Drake.
  2. I meant without doing the beetle game. I tried going back to Booster Hill right after getting to Marrymore, and I found out that there are galaxy coins that appear at random. Of course, my party was underlevelled for The Master, so I stuck with the BH galaxy coin grind. With that, the bug occurs where Mario gets closer and closer to the bottom of the screen. And... out of nowhere, Snifits appear.
  3. 1) Since you want answers, here's the list I know of. Anti-Guy, Anti-Guy, Anti-Guy, General Guy. Kero Sewers, Rose Way, Booster Pass, Mario's Pad. Ultima Weapon. Mario's Pad. Ozma. Rose Town. Xion. Area below Ice Cave. Rydia & Bahamut, Goddess. Star Hill. Yiazmat. Seaside Town. Tip: don't fast-forward, or you'll get wave-cannon softlocked. Larxene, Emerald Weapon. Sea. Shinryu. Sunken Ship. That one guy whose name eludes me. End of Via Infinito, in the hole in the cliff at Land's End. Magus & Schala. Monstro Town. The Master (if you count him as a super boss). Mushroom Kingdom. Kaiser Dragon. Barrel Volcano. Penance. Nimbus Land. I should also mention the blue area in Forest Maze has a super boss, but I've never even beaten Rydia... Shadow Queen. End of Shadow Palace in Bowser's Keep. Omega Weapon. Factory. Those are ones I know, so don't burn me at the stake for not being an all-knowing wizard. 2) Booster Hill. But be warned: there's a strange bug where you hit a bunch of barrels and eventually get far enough down to where you trigger the Snifits... for some reason. 3) I haven't done the Latios/Latias thing in a while, so I'm not quite sure. I believe it has something to do with the counter you sometimes get in Nimbus Land with the Dream Cushion. Hope that answers the questions you have. EDIT: Ultima Weapon is in Kero Sewers. Sorry...
  4. Well, I posted the specific scenario in Version 8 Errors, but here's what happened... So, I was fighting Yiazmat in hard mode, looking to get the Holy Rod. And before I go any further, you should know I have the tendency to fast-forward a lot, so that might be the cause there. Anyways, the setup was Mario, Geno, and Peach, I believe. So, I fast-forwarded through the spells Yiazmat would cast, while being careful not to fast-forward through the normal attacks. Then it got to a point where he used Wave Cannon (while I was fast-forwarding), and it says "MDEF DOWN" while displaying damage numbers for each character. Then, for some odd reason, Peach's damage number doesn't go away, and neither do the letters "DOW". So I tried fast-forwarding for as long as I could (probably 2 minutes) and I'm still seeing it. So finally, I just decide to load the save state I made before battle and proceed to take down Yiazmat. It might have happened another day when I played, and I think it was the same fight. But it's been a long time since I played it before. But yeah, I have some more bug reports on the Version 8 Errors topic.
  5. Hey DK, I haven't been around to see any streams of v9, but I still look forward to it. Hopefully the strange "DOW" softlock gets fixed as well. Found it in v8 hard mode and didn't know if anyone knew about it.
  6. I know that I'm late to the party, but I thought I might share a bit of my experience with v8. So, first noteworthy thing I picked up on was the first Elder Drake battle. Both easy and hard version have the same bug where if you die... the screen goes black, but the game acts like you're back outside of Via infinito. You get the Rosalina sound to confirm she popped in, then after pressing A enough times, the sound to confirm she popped out. You can even jump around aimlessly, hoping to end the black screen. But hey, at least you now know to either die to a Master Tonberry or beat the first Elder Drake to a pulp. Second bug I might mention is the Penance fight. Again, both versions have the same bug, but this time when you die the FF music keeps playing, except in an ominous low tone. When you win, you get the FF victory theme, only like the ominous low music it keeps playing. And hey, the ominous after-battle music felt like a nice touch. 7/10 would listen again. And thirdly, Yiazmat. Can't remember if easy did this too, but in hard mode I sort of rushed through the fight with fast-forward and, after wave cannon (pretty sure I fast-forwarded this part), next thing I know I'm seeing "DOW" and a damage number under the far right character. And at this point, nothing happens. I fast-forward a bunch... still nothing. So at that point, I just say 'I softlocked it' and just restart the save state from before the fight. Remember, kids... don't rush. I mean, sure there was Valentina in easy mode, but I repatched it in the hopes of fixing that problem. Plus, I've seen people mention that bug before. No biggie. That's pretty much it for now. I started over on hard mode, so I'll let you guys know what I find (I won't be on too often, but I'll try to listen). EDIT: I just now remembered this tidbit. So, you can farm galaxy coins on Booster Hill, but something weird happens... Every time you get hit by a barrel, it sends you further and further towards the bottom right of the screen. Cue glitches, enter the snifits for some reason that's random to me. So if you need to level up, find a good grinding spot.