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  1. Thanks guys. How do I find Rydia? I checked all of Star Hill, but I assume it has to do with the flower/star door on the 1st screen, and I have no idea how to activate them.
  2. Thanks a lot for the help Falcon. 1- I didnt know about Rydia, ill to find her. 2- For Galaxy Coins, can you only get 10 each time you do the beetle game? I can get 10 coins from The Master in MK a lot quicker than I can by chasing beetles. 3- The dream cushion thing worked. My counter was at 96, so I increased it to 116, then went to Amayzee Daisy screen 3 times, saved, checked the spawn, rechecked a couple times and it appeared.
  3. So I just started playing V8 a couple weeks ago, havent played any other version. This site has been very useful but I still need some help with a few things. 1- Is there a list somewhere of all the Secret Bosses(not hidden enemies)? If they are all listed in that insane difficulty thread then ignore this question. 2- What is the best way to farm Galaxy Coins? 3- How does the Latios/Latias encounter work? Ive fought and captured the 1st one. For the 2nd do I just go in and out of the Amayzee Daisy screen 29 times, save before the encounter, then just keep reloading till it appears? I think thats all I need. Any help would be appreciated. I wish id heard about Armageddon sooner, SMRPG is 1 of my all-time favorites. Looking forward to V9.