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  1. Thank you so much to the makers of this. You gave new life to my all time favorite game, and I streamed the whole thing, including me crying at the ending. AGAIN. My only "bad" comment is the Kefka's tower was rather grueling, including deaths I came out around 8.5 hours. Then again, I might have been underleveld (Averaged arond 32 and EL 20, with Celes at 39 EL 25). Speaking of which, thanks for also making my all time favorite girl so good <3 So what next? This is my first experience with hacks like this (Except super mario world hacks). Anyone have a suggestion of more ways I can re-experience my childhood?
  2. I see I see. I had been meaning to go back to fanatics tower and see what they had to pick off. Sadly, I am actually at Kefka's tower, everything is completed, but I got bodied in the tower so im poking around for anything I might have missed while I grind some people to 30.
  3. Ive scoured google to no avail.. does anyone have an idea of some WoR steals that are worth doing? Now that I have pilfered the Black Heart relic frmo a Diablos and realized that that + gau flan = immovable object, I am curious as to what else I missed. Problem is I dont know where all the human enemies are, nor do I know if they have rare steals.
  4. So I went back and ran the patch through lunar, but im getting the same issue. The game has sound just fine before I patch it, but post patch it doesnt work. Another weird quirk is before I patch it, if I click off of SNES 9x, the game stops.. but post patch, i can click off the emulator but still give the game imputs. I dunno if that helps..
  5. I am so hype to play my favorite game of all time, but not completely broken.. I actually have the rom and patch working, but there's no audio. Any idea what I might have done wrong? did wrong? I renamed the rom [h]Brave New World 1.9.0 which I believe was how I was supposed to do it, I also didnt find the lunar patcher thing that the text file said it should have come with? i seriously cant play FF VI without music..