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  1. Hmm..I did some further testing and it appears augments and strengthen DO affect draconic spell damage, just as you said. I suspect I didn't notice it earlier because my most prominent draconic user (Hammer Lord) is always targeting bulky frontline units so it didn't look like either of them were making a difference. Edit: Just completed my CH4 Palace run, now farming mats for the Secrets of the Master recipes. Would be nice if there were a few more sources of Daedalus Pinions, Racks and Skyiron (not too many because they're supposed to be rare). Maybe as max-rank steal loot like Orichalcums? On another note, the Valkenheim is listed as ice elemental in the changelog PDF but it has no element in-game. It's still a pretty big upgrade over the Spiked Bola (although you do lose the ability to equip a melee weapon alongside it for counters and parry).
  2. Finally got around to scaling San Bronsa for the second tier of draconic attack spells, and I've noticed that their damage is unaffected by buffs like spellcraft or strengthen. I suppose this is because of their unique damage formula, but their damage doesn't seem to be boosted by elemental augments either. Is this an intended drawback for their relatively cheap MP/RT cost (compared to apocrypha/summons)? Also noticed two small bugs in my playthrough so far - Dynamo Plate doesn't require any materials to craft (the materials page is blank), and the Steadfast skill can't be learned because its prerequisite is listed as -nothing- It has otherwise been a blast rediscovering all the bonus dungeon loot and dealing with the higher level enemies in the upper floors of San Bronsa (the Titans in particular really feel as tough as their namesake now). Now to tackle the Palace of the Dead!
  3. Currently playing through CH2 Chaos with World (~level 30) and I think elemental bombs (shots) might be a little too abusable by enemies. The Darza fight in particular has three melee enemies fitted with Field Alchemy II and all they do is spam 150-200 unavoidable AOE bombs regardless of any other skills they have set. It also makes saving Bayin impossible because he starts near a crossbow archer and all it takes is a bolt and a bomb from below him to knock him out.. Edit: Finally got Darza to not savage Bayin on his first turn and managed to sleep the three culprits. So not impossible after all, but still a massive pain in the butt. Never thought I'd see the AI use cheese strats against me.
  4. Hi there! I've been trying this mod out for a bit and the sheer number of changes and quality of life improvements is astounding. I've been trying to make the new Spellblade work (since rune fencers were my favourite vanilla class) but they just don't seem to have a unique niche or role that I can utilize in my team. That's when I had an idea for a unique skill that would fit the dual nature of their class and grant them a unique form of combat versatility: TP Infusion. I'm not sure if it's possible to modify an existing skill to do this, but since Spellblades can already convert TP into MP, why not the other way around as well? This would allow them to (indirectly) use MP to power physical finishers, and use TP to power magical spells, giving them a unique play style.