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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hey raics, I just tried updating both an older version of the mod and a vanilla ISO to 0.945, but Ocionne seems to have lost the ability to change into her Dragonborn class. Any idea why that might've happened?
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    I personally used my Spellblade as an MP battery for my casters (Spellcharge), and as an enabler for weapon procs on my frontline/scout units (Fated Circle). Many of the postgame enemy-only units are pretty damn bulky/evasive, and having a 100% chance to Fear/Stop/Slow them with just weapon procs is really useful. Units using inaccurate weapons like Barbarian Swords really appreciate the Surestrike buff to help them get their TP generation rolling, and buffing ranged units with the occasional Flame Fusion helps them reliably snipe enemy Rogues or Wizards that are just out of reach for the Spellblade.
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    I personally believe that limited weapon selection greatly benefits both the tactical and role-playing aspects of the game. Limiting a class's weapon selection allows each class to have its own distinct place on the battlefield, and encourages the player to use a wider variety of classes to fit their tactical needs. Having a distinct set of equippable weapons also helps to define each class's role-playing identity; Swordmasters favor bladed weapons, Spellblades prefer more refined weapons (swords/spears/staves), and Ninjas use more exotic arms such as fists and katanas. Not to mention the fact that there already is a class that allows you almost unlimited customization in terms of abilities and weapon choices - The Lord.
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Absolutely loving the Warden class so far. However, Pumpkin Strike/Crystal Pumpkin seem to use spell hit for accuracy (only Spellstrike increases their hit rate) even though their damage scales with physical stats. Is that intentional (to fit the class's hybrid nature)? Also, holy crap are non-holy/dark dragons and octopi really evasive towards projectile spells now. ~50-59% chance to hit in clear weather, 30-39% in blizzard/rain.
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hey Raics, just a quick bit of feedback. I finally got around to completing CODA 4 (and the One-Eyed Knight Slayer title) and I feel that Balxephon's personal weapon is kinda underwhelming for how late you get it. It's basically a 1-handed spear that requires both hands to wield, but doesn't seem to have any unique advantages over using conventional 1-handed or 2-handed spears. If I needed a fast, lower RT spear I'd just use the 1-handed variant while retaining the ability to equip an offhand weapon or shield.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Liches are probably my second favourite caster class in this mod for their ability to teleport alone, since it allows them to scale most terrain alongside my rangers/ninjas/rogues. Their Reflection ability also synergizes really well with the light-armored classes since they're the usually the prime target for spellcasters. But if you think Liches are amazing, the Astromancer will blow your mind. I just unlocked him and by god is he the most independent caster in the game. Amazing HP/MP sustainability, ridiculous re-positioning ability, and he can apply magic vulnerability in a large area - all this without taking up a combat action. Granted he comes pretty much near the end of the post-game content, but One Vision and Raics have made him absolutely worth the wait.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    Ah, okay. That makes sense..I was beginning to think I patched my ISO wrong or something. Thanks for the confirmation!
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the quick response, I've definitely been using accuracy buffs on my Golem at the start of each battle (Galvanize/Pixie Dance). I was just wondering why the difference between my Iron Golem and Bahamut's total agility was so large, because my Bahamut has only 10~ agility less than my Gryphon (disregarding the 11 base agility difference). The class stat tables have Iron Golem/Bahamut/Gryphon at 16/18/21 agility respectively, so either the difference in total agility between my Golem and Dragon is unusually large, or the difference between my Dragon and Gryphon is unusually small..
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Just some quick feedback now that I've finished my first dive into PoTD. I decided to invest in a few large-size units (a dragon, golem, and gryphon) this time and they've been really interesting to use so far. The Dragon feels like a squishier knight who has AOE CC (mine's a Bahamut), the Gryphon plays like a pre-mod sparagmos rogue who can't dodge, and the Golem is a combination of walking wall and artillery. They have fantastic payoffs in terms of damage and reach, but they require a bit more micromanaging than human units due to their frailty (Gryphon), vulnerability to status effects (All), and the need to empower their finishers. Unfortunately, while the Dragon and Gryphon have enough agility (with Seal of Alacrity) to reliably hit half-leather clad units, the Golem can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn most of the time. My Iron Golem for some reason has around 40-41 less total agility (discounting base stat differences) than my Bahamut at the same level (34), and I'm not sure if that's intended since the class stat tables in the patch note PDF don't show much of a base difference between the two.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hey Raics, haven't posted here in awhile but I've recently started up another run and the recent updates have been amazing. Loving Vyce being a teleporting ninja, and I've found a workaround for Berserkers and their frailty - SKELETON BERSERKERS! However, I was crafting a few robes for my casters and I noticed that a few of the elemental armor tooltips seem to be outdated or misplaced. For example: The mails and coats still say that they enhance elemental abilities (only resistances) Viraat's Coat and Mail say that they enhance Earth elemental (should be Lightning) Radiant and Fuligin Robes/Titania Mail say that they enhance resistance to the opposite element (the opposite element is the only one they don't resist) Just slight nitpicks of an otherwise incredible mod experience so far. Thanks for the hard work!
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hmm..I did some further testing and it appears augments and strengthen DO affect draconic spell damage, just as you said. I suspect I didn't notice it earlier because my most prominent draconic user (Hammer Lord) is always targeting bulky frontline units so it didn't look like either of them were making a difference. Edit: Just completed my CH4 Palace run, now farming mats for the Secrets of the Master recipes. Would be nice if there were a few more sources of Daedalus Pinions, Racks and Skyiron (not too many because they're supposed to be rare). Maybe as max-rank steal loot like Orichalcums? On another note, the Valkenheim is listed as ice elemental in the changelog PDF but it has no element in-game. It's still a pretty big upgrade over the Spiked Bola (although you do lose the ability to equip a melee weapon alongside it for counters and parry).
  12. Feedback and Suggestions

    Finally got around to scaling San Bronsa for the second tier of draconic attack spells, and I've noticed that their damage is unaffected by buffs like spellcraft or strengthen. I suppose this is because of their unique damage formula, but their damage doesn't seem to be boosted by elemental augments either. Is this an intended drawback for their relatively cheap MP/RT cost (compared to apocrypha/summons)? Also noticed two small bugs in my playthrough so far - Dynamo Plate doesn't require any materials to craft (the materials page is blank), and the Steadfast skill can't be learned because its prerequisite is listed as -nothing- It has otherwise been a blast rediscovering all the bonus dungeon loot and dealing with the higher level enemies in the upper floors of San Bronsa (the Titans in particular really feel as tough as their namesake now). Now to tackle the Palace of the Dead!
  13. Feedback and Suggestions

    Currently playing through CH2 Chaos with World (~level 30) and I think elemental bombs (shots) might be a little too abusable by enemies. The Darza fight in particular has three melee enemies fitted with Field Alchemy II and all they do is spam 150-200 unavoidable AOE bombs regardless of any other skills they have set. It also makes saving Bayin impossible because he starts near a crossbow archer and all it takes is a bolt and a bomb from below him to knock him out.. Edit: Finally got Darza to not savage Bayin on his first turn and managed to sleep the three culprits. So not impossible after all, but still a massive pain in the butt. Never thought I'd see the AI use cheese strats against me.
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi there! I've been trying this mod out for a bit and the sheer number of changes and quality of life improvements is astounding. I've been trying to make the new Spellblade work (since rune fencers were my favourite vanilla class) but they just don't seem to have a unique niche or role that I can utilize in my team. That's when I had an idea for a unique skill that would fit the dual nature of their class and grant them a unique form of combat versatility: TP Infusion. I'm not sure if it's possible to modify an existing skill to do this, but since Spellblades can already convert TP into MP, why not the other way around as well? This would allow them to (indirectly) use MP to power physical finishers, and use TP to power magical spells, giving them a unique play style.