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  1. Sweet! Thank you, BTB!
  2. Is Cyan's Mindblow Bushido affected by the back row penalty? It's not technically a physical attack, as it does MP damage, but uses a physical attack to perform the move. I'd confirm myself but I don't have a save readily available to do so. Thanks!
  3. HAHAHA... OK... @thzfunnymzn, what are your thoughts?
  4. This made me laugh and is fitting reference . You're correct in that I haven't played through much of the game yet, only up through the Battle of Narshe, however, I have spent A LOT of time reading through all the documentation, and know of the overhaul that's been done to the Esper level system and Esper Bank, as well as what Vigor, Speed, Magic, and Stamina now affect in the game. What I'm really interested in knowing is what are the "best bang for your buck" numbers to shoot for when choosing to increase those stats? As another example to the one in my previous post, if a character has 50 Speed and then is Hasted, would that same character with 60 Speed and then Hasted be faster enough to justify the 10 Speed points added through Esper levels or equipment? Because if not, then I could increase other stats or use that Speed increasing piece of equipment on a different character.
  5. What numbers should I be looking at trying to increase Speed and Stamina to before focusing on other stats? Will adding more Speed or more Stamina have diminishing returns at some point; especially once Haste or Regen is set? For example, a character has 3000 HP, Regen ticks replenish 1500 HP, increasing Stamina will increase the Regen ticks but does that really make sense given how high the ticks already are?
  6. @BTB Can I use this thread to report discrepancies between the Printme.xls and the Character Planner (BNWCP.xls)?
  7. I had a feeling that might be the case. Thank you for confirming my suspicions, BTB :-). I know you need to beat the game to get the password that unlocks the "Unlockme", and I would have done that a long time ago, but I REALLY want to stream my play through on Twitch once I've built my streaming PC, so I've only played BNW up through the Battle of Narshe. It's been really tough not to finish it LOL. I'm building my streaming PC soon so I won't have to wait that much longer.
  8. Back during the 1.7.4 release of BNW, I stumbled upon a BNW character planner for download on the Insane Difficulty forums. According to the character planner Excel sheet, the tool it was created by BTB and Mishrak, and as far as I can tell, there hasn't been an update to this tool since the 1.7.4 release. So what I decided to do, was to go ahead and update the character planner to reflect all the character, Esper, and equipment stats from the 1.9.0 release, and provide it here for everyone to download. I compared the updated information on the character planner with the 1.9.0 Printme.xls several times to ensure that the information was entered in correctly but, if you do come across any discrepancies, let me know and I'll fix them. The character planner itself is REALLY easy to use. You basically select the character you want from a drop down, select from another set of drop downs, the weapons, helmet, armor, relics, and Esper you have or want to equipped on that character, enter in your level and which Espers for that character you want to invest Esper Levels into, and the tool will nicely display your character's stats based on the choices you've made. Be sure to create a copy of the Character Planner tab for each character though, the tool won't allow you to plan more then one character at a time otherwise. BNW 1.9.0 Character Planner.xls