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  1. I'm not quite sure if this is intended or I've run into a problem. But I just noticed that I can still stack -kunda and -kaja skills up to 4 times before getting limit reached. And they seem to work as usual too, for example Matador did not use dekunda for a big amount of turns until he had 4 sukunda stacks on him. Is this something that was changed in an update or some such? The description of the hack says it only allows 2 stacks but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. A possible bug?

    Alright so after tinkering with this for a full day I seem to have got somewhere with this oddity. What I essentially did is ditch my original iso file i used for the patch and got a new one from the internet and applied the newest version and after a quick hospital test it seems i get limit reached after 2 rakundas. I'll need to get back to matador to see if he's still all weird to make sure it's working 100% right but it'll take me a bit.
  3. A possible bug?

    I see what you mean, but here's how it actually played out. Turn 1 - he used Dervish on his first turn which let me Sukunda him twice. Turn 2 - Dervish again, +1 sukunda and +2 tarukaja for me. Turn 3 - More Dervish, I cast tarukaja 2 more times and still didn't get "limit reached message" Turn 4 - Dervish, +1 sukunda and normal attacks. Turn 5 - Dekunda + normal attack from him, etc. So i'm quite confused why the 3rd time I cast sukunda or tarukaja they still worked, and why he didn't bother doing anything.