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  1. I think that code worked, thanks.
  2. I think that code worked, thanks.
  3. I couldn't find anything on Google for backgrounds or location, and the code someone linked in this thread to learn all the dances doesn't work because the mod apparently changes how dances are learned.
  4. Does anyone have a code that would change the battle background to water, or that would teleport you to one of the water spots without screwing the game up?
  5. It says 4000 but he only gives 1000. On a related note, since Dinosaur Forest seems to be completely nerfed, what's the best place to grind XP in WoR?
  6. The code doesn't work. It says "Mog learned a new dance" after the battle but he still has the same incomplete list of dances in battle and in the menu.
  7. Crusader location changed again?

    Oh okay, I thought you got in from the secret room where the Air Anchor was.
  8. Thanks. When I said "hack" I just meant a code
  9. It doesn't appear to be in the Cultists' Tower
  10. And if not, is there a way for me to hack it in? I just want to see what BNW Mog is like with all his dances
  11. I'm just curious and I'm not gonna be able to figure it out on my own.
  12. I missed them in World of Balance. Wondering if I can still get them from the coliseum guy in WoR.