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  1. See my edit above about weaknesses.
  2. There’s a lot to like about this mod, at least in WoB, but I don’t know what you’re thinking with numbers like that. A lot of these WoR bosses are taking me upwards of a half hour to beat (or worse if I die). I hate to say it, but I’m actually getting bored, and I love FF6. It’s just every single enemy has SO MUCH HP. I’m noticing that a lot of fights and even random encounters are designed around the assumption that the player is bringing the optimal team, which completely defeats the purpose of locking the characters into “classes” and limiting what they can do. I don’t want to take the long trek through Phoenix Cave, Narshe, etc just because I didn’t know ahead of time that an elemental dragon would be one-shotting my party, or as is more often the case, my characters can *survive* against the boss, but don’t have the right spells or abilities to hit weaknesses, so the fight takes forever. Atma is another example, where if you don’t bring float it’s basically unwinnable, and if you don’t bring rerise, you’re at the mercy of RNG whether mind blast and a follow up will wipe you. And if you don’t know that ahead of time, you get to go through the floating continent twice. It was a really bad way to cap off the WoB, and it’s really disappointing to see that it is a theme in WoR.
  3. Is there a reason Hidon has about ten million HP?
  4. It would be awesome if there were a mobile friendly version of this and the readme/printme.
  5. +1 vote for removing the questionable “pop culture” jokes and maintaining the serious tone of the story. Surely nobody actually laughed at “do a barrel roll”.
  6. Cid’s death isn’t forced? I must have had shit RNG. It was giving me 1-2 fish of medium/Cid allergy speed every time for three attempts to save the poor guy. One time he died so fast he didn’t even get to say goodbye. What is supposed to happen to make it easier? Just got to Thamasa. The dialogue at Leo’s grave - now that’s Celes. And the relic is amazing. Makes her much better for WoR.
  7. Why would the enemies on FC being strong demonstrate the strength of the empire? At this point in the narrative, we just saw that the empire is shit in the face of a handful of espers. FC is apparently the world of espers unleashed. My issue with the enemies here is the high encounter rate. When you walk three steps and get sucked into a two minute encounter, you naturally feel disincentivized from exploring. I do appreciate the way status effects are implemented here, even getting to use bserk(!) to prevent behemoth meteos, the battles are just too frequent and drag on too much. You cannot sap or poison Atma. You can slow it but I honestly can’t tell the difference. Shadow does not have re-rise either. Maybe it was easier in an older build? Re: Celes, do you really think it had to be that heavy handed? At this point in the game we know virtually nothing about her, just that she betrayed the empire (but not why), maybe was a spy, and saved us at the magitech facility. All this “I am a weapon, blah blah blah” stuff is totally made up and comes out of nowhere. I could buy it if her motivation was more “I can’t let the empire do this, vector is ruined, Leo is gone, etc”. She doesn’t have much, but she is very protective, and she is inspired by Locke (this is her motivation in vanilla). She NEVER broods, unless you count the (now forced) suicide sequence, and even that only came when she thought she was literally the last person alive in the entire world.
  8. Still going through my first run of BNW (1.9). Finally got through the Floating Continent. Now, up to this point I have to say the mod has been pretty fantastic. There's some questionable dialogue or enemies here or there (too much "learn which enemies counter physical/magic and don't do that"). It has been very interesting to see formerly useless characters like Locke and Cyan become OP monsters, but I'll make another thread like that. For now, I just want to give you some feedback on FC. Floating Continent is the first point where I thought the mod is a straight downgrade from vanilla. The high encounter rate with stronger enemies makes it a slog, and you really don't feel like exploring to find all the treasure. Atma Weapon is insane. I think I spent three or four hours on that thing with Terra/Locke/Edgar. Yes, I could have just spammed Ice 2 with Strago, but I don't like Strago. In the end, I realized that I hadn't checked Shadow's esper, and sure enough he learns float (doh). That made the first phase trivial, but the second phase is just way too RNG. Each Mind Blast and Meteo is a potential game over, and both Glare and the Raid+physical combo could one-shot anyone. If you try to heal someone who gets killed, it wastes a turn and then you're REALLY in trouble. In the end, Meteo and Mind Blast didn't give me an instant game over, and I managed to get enough damage in with morphed Terra. I'm all for boss fights that take a few tries to figure out, but this was just way too much, and each try took way too long. It would be a huge roadblock for less experienced players. As for after that...which one of you has the mega hard on for Celes? I like the idea of fleshing parts of the story out more, but that was fanfic-level cringe. She never struck me as a brooding, borderline emo-type character. Giving her Leo's sword (with shock!) was a cool surprise (wasn't it Kefka's sword though?), but the short timer ensures that you'll die the first time when you're still figuring out that the whole sequence has been converted into a big Celes blow job. Finally, in WoR, after three attempts, it seems impossible to save Cid, resulting in a back-to-back Celes drama double whammy. I get that you want to put a little more focus on her character since vanilla kinda just throws her at you, but the way you went about it made her a lot less likable to me, and cheapened one of the most important parts of the game. Consider returning to the original scenario for the FC, but keep the sword.
  9. The patch seems to have helped. Thanks for the suggestion. Got up through the opera. I really like how the new script communicates the intent of the story much better. There is ONE line I think should be changed though. Many players bring the Figaro Bros along to the Opera. When the party recruits Setzer, Celes takes a two headed coin from Edgar and uses it to fleece Setzer. Sabin realizes that it’s the coin Edgar used in their bet, and his response is “What the hell, Edgar?” Sabin should not sound angry. This is supposed to be more of an “oh shit, Edgar lost on purpose so I could have my freedom” revelation. Maybe instead of what the hell, something like “oh my god” or even the original “brother, don’t tell me...”. Sabin already respects Edgar, and now he realizes that Edgar sacrificed his freedom so that Sabin could live the way he wanted. This is his most emotional moment in the game.
  10. I didn’t know about the encounter patch. Thanks for helping me out. I’ll give it a try, though it sounds like it still doesn’t totally correct things. Strange, I didn’t feel overleveled going into the battle against Kefka in Narshe. Are things balanced with the incorrect encounter rate in mind? If devs are looking for enhancement ideas, setting encounter rate would be a huge QoL improvement. Maybe just a simple “high med low” in the config menu. The battles are very interesting, and I love to see how every enemy is changed from the original game, but sometimes I just want to get from point A to point B and not have to waste time on wave after wave of weak enemies that are no threat.
  11. Just gonna throw this out there, but random encounter rate gets a little crazy at times. Two steps is not enough.
  12. So I finally got the time to properly patch the game and start over. Played up through Ultros and Cyan’s scenario. Havent seen much of the crass language that the mod is usually criticized for. Was that cleaned up along the way? So far everything is really great. It’s nice to have to think about new random encounters (though it usually boils down to “what triggers the counterattack”), and status effects being relevant makes the combat much better. One suggestion I’d make is to make equipment management a bit easier. Whenever I go to a shop, it seems like every equipment gets the “this is an upgrade” triangle even when it is equal (haven’t tested worse yet). It kinda sucks to buy duplicate hard leathers or whatever early in the game. With so many relics being changed, it’s also kind of hard to track what they do since you only see the description on the equip screen. It would be nice if you could also see the description for currently equipped gear. Other than that, no complaints so far. Very excited to see how the game picks up once I reach Zozo.
  13. Ughhh. Maybe a good feature in the future would be an option to start at zozo.
  14. Ah. That makes sense. Does anyone have an MD5 of a properly patched ROM? Will I have to start over?
  15. New player here. Started 1.9 from scratch. Playing on BSNES on 3DS. A few errors I’ve noticed: - the tutorial people say tents don’t exist. I can buy them. - the tutorial people say that tonics and potions heal fractional HP but they do not - supposedly stealing from monsters is bad. I just get tonics - the upper left guard in Figaro’s central walkway has no dialogue - stooge dialogue pops up during the Vargas battle - hitting Vargas with an Aurabolt triggers what I presume is dialogue for suplexing the Doom Train. Kaiser Dragon dialog follows Very cool mod. Looking forward to getting to the actual differences in magic and stat building.