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  1. I'd like to say that you are doing an awesome work with the game and i'm having tons of fun replaying it. I also would like to ask you if is it possible to give Hobyrim access to some special classes, especially Knight Commander? I want to give him access to this class and maybe other, since its a shame he doesn't have his own special class. I'd appreciate if you could send me the codes or maybe show me how can i do it.
  2. Ty for your response, actually i didn't randomize the skills, i just used the editor to change monsters steal drops and give Locke throw instead of steal, since for me it feels like a waste of skill slot. I asked here because it could happen often with this patch and maybe i could find a way around it, but it looks like i'll have to start all over again, i tried to change again the skills with the editor but it doesn't change anything on my save file.
  3. I'm doing Locke's first scenario, but he has throw instead of steal, therefore i can't steal the merchant clothes. Is there a way to complete it without steal?