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  1. Mod Information & Translation

    That's awesome! I never thought that someday someone would translate this mod. I can't wait to play it in english
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    I was thinking... Would it be possible to put each class active skill on Arts of War, as you did with ninja and swordmaster and make it learnable with scrolls or something, while keeping the restrictions?
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    It is understandable, anyways i forgot we also have white knights and Paladin that can use 2h swords which should be a better version of knight. I wish we had an evil/dark tank option, like the terror knight, but more focused on defense
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yes, but in the knight class description it says "a capable defender and strong attacker", so i would expect a knight to also have a good offensive power, thus making sense for him to use 2h weapons to go more offensive, same with Terror knight, that should also be able to use 1h and shield, since they are suppose to weaken enemies and "be a wall to enemy advance". Also as i said before, you did a really good job distinguishing classes by changing skills/passives and magic, i just think some weapon limitations are not necessary, like i mentioned above, since it fits the class archetype and probably won't affect balance too much. I think its a good idea. Yeah some wouldn't make sense stat wise, but i would still like to have the choice even if it is the wrong one, plus stats can be increased and you can max any stats if you really want to put time into it. I guess FFT spoiled me too much, i love that game customization Anyway, I would like to thank you for the awesome work you have been doing with TO, i'm having a lot of fun playing it(even without my 2h knight named Wallace ).
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    What do you think about letting classes use any kind of weapon or at least lessen some weapon restrictions, for the sake of customization and fun. You did an awesome job with the game, all classes really feel unique and useful, but we already have many limitations with passives and action skills to distinguish one from another, i don't think the weapon restrictions are necessary. For example, i don't see why a Knight wouldn't be capable of using 2h greatswords, or even 2h katanas if they have learn it from the warrior class. I know some combinations won't be as effective, but it is nice to have the option and i think it adds fun to the game especially because of the finishing moves.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sorry, my mistake. Anyways its a nice addition.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    I found a bug, the Silver Brand (1h sword) shows as a 2h sword on the item menu. Looking at the tooltip it says 1h but when equiped it works as a 2h sword.
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    That is too bad, i'd love to use dark purple or red colors. Anyways ty for the fast response.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi. Is it possible to change the player faction color? Green is so boring.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    I'd like to say that you are doing an awesome work with the game and i'm having tons of fun replaying it. I also would like to ask you if is it possible to give Hobyrim access to some special classes, especially Knight Commander? I want to give him access to this class and maybe other, since its a shame he doesn't have his own special class. I'd appreciate if you could send me the codes or maybe show me how can i do it.
  11. BNW Randomizer

    Ty for your response, actually i didn't randomize the skills, i just used the editor to change monsters steal drops and give Locke throw instead of steal, since for me it feels like a waste of skill slot. I asked here because it could happen often with this patch and maybe i could find a way around it, but it looks like i'll have to start all over again, i tried to change again the skills with the editor but it doesn't change anything on my save file.
  12. BNW Randomizer

    I'm doing Locke's first scenario, but he has throw instead of steal, therefore i can't steal the merchant clothes. Is there a way to complete it without steal?