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  1. Leaving anatomy aside, the rest of the -ology skill give you more options, they are optional. By removing them we are losing options. If you want to speciallize a unit to fight specific races you use them. If not, you don't have to.
  2. Maybe you can eliminate only anatomy because 90% of enemies are humans but leave the rest of the -ology skills and balance the game from there. Although I still prefer to leave it as it is.
  3. I think you shouldn't take out the -ology skills. This game is all about to specialize units and those skills are part of that. I have a hammer user specialized in golems and lizards, a dragoon for dragons and beasts, a light magic user for umbras, an archer for fairies and so on... If you take them out we will lose a part of the customization.
  4. Hi, I`ve been playing your mod for a while and I must say that I love most of the changes that you did, how you made most classes unique, so great job on that. Although there is some things that I think ruined the game a bit, like the access of all units to most consumables that heal status ailment since version 0.89. I love to add these spells in my strategies but right now they are nearly useless. They are difficult to aply unless you are a magician which is not really a problem. The problem is that every enemy can and will use an item and heal them in the next move so why bother. I have seen how after I risked a turn with a 40% chance of triggering charm it worked only to see how the charmed enemy heal himself the charm with an item. Or how difficult is to silence a magician or healer because they are in the backrow and have high resistence (as it should be) and once you manage to do it the next enemy will heal them with an item. So again why bother to use them to begin with. I think those item should be behind the field alchemy so enemies donĀ“t abuse them, it makes healing magic way less useful as everyone can heal them and the status ailment magic become very situational that are mostly useful again monster unless they have human allies to heal them with items. I think you are doing great with these mod but these need more testing