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  1. I'm at a wall in the endgame content of Armageddon V.8. I can't find the remaining Pokemon which I assume is needed to fight May and Dawn. I think I'm missing Mesprit, Latias, Latios - maybe a few more I'm unaware of. I've captured Celebi, to which I actually made a Youtube Tutorial on. I Plan on making an entire youtube tutorial section of this game once v.9 comes out - maybe even on v.8
  2. I appreciate your help because you are the reason I was able to complete this game to this stage. Xion is up to me I shall farm all the galaxy gear tonight. Thank you again for so much help.
  3. Just beat Rosalina.. She was a joke once I went back with a speed ring and ultra shakes. Next is getting the Galaxy Gear, any suggestions on best way to farm money or galaxy coins? Also, whats the point in galaxy gear if the game is over and is there any item that allows mistake blocks vs Xion?
  4. ok, so my characters are complete, but I'm struggling with Rosalina. I beat the piss out of Terra Now, I farmed 3 crystal rings (Although I'm only using 2 because Soul Dew is so busted). 2 questions - 1.) Is there a specific turn counter needed to beat Rosalina - in other words, how do you make her use Crystal Stars while the Starfish things are gone, because she tends to use it when the starfish reappear, and theres no way to survive it, even with 240 defense. 2.)Why did you use a speed Bracer on Mario over a crystal ring?
  5. Yes, I beat them earlier, then I beat the 3rd trainer and got the kerocolas... Then I picked up two more Found illusions... The Soul Dew is BROKEN amazing btw. I'mm just trying to find the best gear for Mario Right now.. I've been rocking the Lazy Shell and Adamantite..
  6. Just beat Magus to get the Schala Ring. What does it do exactly and what the hell does the Nova Armor do? And, while we're at it, whats the Super Suit and Brave Suit do? anything special? I'm noticing certain armors have hidden properties..
  7. This is such bullshit... I'm still fighting her and idk if I should give up or not.. Riot Blade happens at damage thresholds so it's going to happen a set number of times. I'm hitting with Ultima and Darkstar for good damage as much as possible. What setup did you use ? The only problem I run into is Peach dies after riot blade overtime.. and Mario will die after Tsunami or whatever its called if he doesn't block or have the invincibility.. Do you have a video of beating her hardmode and do you have a gear set recommendation?
  8. oh wow! so basically she has 20 lives?
  9. Crystal Stars is used in the Terra fight or Rosalina? I've definitely taken 10 lives off of terra and she just keeps on KEEPING ON........ this is insane..
  10. well she's used it a fuck ton... how many lives does she have??
  11. Ummmm.... Does Terra Die? I've been fighting her for 8 hours and I'm starting to think something is wrong... lol. I gotta be close yeah??
  12. Yes, I've seen that topic - thoroughly Half the pages are down so, regarding hidden pokemons, there is no information. Apparently Dawn said there's 4 strong Pokemon hidden out there .. but no idea where. After I beat the Pokemon in the volcano, it said another one appeared somewhere, any ideas? and outside of latias, latios, what other Pokemon are there? I'm asking specifically to the difficult ones - not the obvious easy to find ones. Also, where do you get the Lazy shell weapon?
  13. I'm straight up addicted to fast forward and save states... it's painful having to play the game now hahaha. Well, holy shit good job man... I didn't want to believe your videos were legit actually.. But I do now.. Wow.. I really feel like I'm stuck in the game with a wall.. I got to Rosalina but didn't bother facing her because I used my Found illusion on Exor..
  14. May just says good luck on your search...
  15. Yea I've watched those videos haha I didn't know that was you! How the fuck did you beat Xion without save states.... And the dark daisy you actually beat with Attacks? I just figured out my Ultima Weapon hits for about 15k Damage , that shocked me.. but I still haven't figured out how to get his better weapons..
  16. Yes, I'm playing hard mode and am well aware of the INSANE difficulty. I'm wondering if people are actually beating these insane bosses without save states - and if so, I'd love to see them beat the 21st boss on the boss rush - the 3 dark daisy's... Also, is there some kind of pre requisite for finding Latias Latios? I've encountered so many hidden daisy and they never appear...
  17. I was going to suggest dropping their EXP to zero gained. Its just much quicker there because they suicide and they're conveniently located for repeating the encounters, but yea, I didn't think about trying it anywheres else. This is my first play through of Armageddon so I'm still learning everything. This game is AMAZING. I am pretty close to completing it though - I believe.
  18. Never mind - found his ass in the Ice Cave
  19. The Pokemon I was missing was at bandits way - Thank you!... But where does he run off to? Haha
  20. I made a video instead to explain it.
  21. I'd like to submit a an idea for change to v.9 - it's subtle. I was able to get level 100 in about 1 hour or less before facing Booster by abusing something in the game. I know it's really not that big of a deal, but it's definitely broken. Who would I message about this?