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  1. Thanks for the answer.
  2. Can anyone answer this last post?
  3. btw, is there any documentation for the changes in this modified .exe, or more specifically, exact changes to LB's?
  4. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the answers, clears everything up, much appreciated. Is this March 2018 prototype .exe released yet, as I didn't see a posting of it on the forums, unless I missed it.
  6. Hey, so I've been playing this mod, and liking it alot, but I have some concerns and questions. When it comes down to it for the original game, limits basically become the deciding factor in terms of character strength. You start hitting 100k+ damage with certain characters with their LB's, and others just get completely outshun (red xii, vincent though you can make it work, uncontrollable is a major downside). It makes it so that by the end, it really becomes the deciding factor in the end. Another thing is, the quests for lvl 4. LBs, yes some are great.... but all creation for example, is completly worthless. Have you made any changes to make them more worthwhile? Theres really no point in using a single hit aoe, when you could use 15 single hits. I've read through a few dozen pages on qhimm to find out about changes to LB's and what not, but its too hard to search through the entire thing. I've read that you made an .exe patch to change the lb's, my question would be, is there any documentation on the exact changes you've made to LB's? I found that you reduce tifas charge time (which is great), but couldn't find anything for other characters other than vincents. Other question would be, this .exe, the page i was reading was from 2014, is there a more recent one to go along with 1.5? as I'm sure something from 2014 is somewhat out of sync with all the changes you've made to the patch throughout the years, if there isn't, is it advisable to use with 1.5? And is there any documentation for the .exe limit changes? Lastly, regarding arrange mode, I can't find much info about the difficulty of it in comparison with normal, but I have seen posts advising against it because it is more buggy, has this been fixed? And exactly how difficult is it in comparison to the normal, a through hard type? Thanks for your time.
  7. Thanks for the insights. Any thoughts on this though? Maybe its offset with more usage of healing items?
  8. I'm really liking the look of this patch, but what are the difficulty levels like? I can't seem to find much info about it, and most of the lets plays I've seen, people are basically just steamrolling through it. AI doesn't seem to be very smart, and with the lower access of heal, it seems, you can just safely target their healers from range, take them out, while the AI isn't smart enough to do it to you, giving you a significant advantage. Can anyone comment on this? I'm very curious to know how this plays out throughout the game.