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  1. The new Unlockme has a small error. Very low chance of an actual spoiler in the spoiler tag below, but just in case: Overall I like a lot of the organizational changes and a lot of the cleaning up. The change of "bad coding" to "shit coding" made me crack a smile. I would still strongly advise removing the suggestion of a rape joke on line 540. That shit is just not acceptable. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. On the topic of Final Kefka, I had one fight (in 1.9) in which he just... never used Goner at all. That just feels weird. I like the random counter aspect, as it's scary and chaotic like the horrible man himself, but maybe there could be a guaranteed cast at some HP threshold so the player always sees / has to deal with it?
  3. Review of v1.9

    One thing that I definitely agree with is that it's a bit sad when you get new espers in the WoR and they apply to only one or two characters. I understand that there are game design and balance reasons for this to be the case. I also really like the idea that your available options expand over the course of the late game, and I want that to happen more, because it feels good. Maybe it's just because I've played the game a few times now, but I think it would be cool if there was a slightly wider variety of builds for each character. Maybe I just want Cyan casting Holy to be good. Giving anyone access to a +1 esper in a stat opens the floodgates for them to get a whole lot of that stat, though, which definitely blurs the characters' identities. Maybe there could be more granularity in how ELs affect your stats? Giving half points is (presumably) not an option, so maybe there could be half as many total ELs to gain but each one could be worth twice as much? Then, say, Alexander could be +1 magic / +90 HP, compared to pure stat espers which would give +4. With half as many total ELs, the total amount of stats gained from espers would be the same. (except that 25 is an odd number. shhh.) Also I think HP is the best defense, as it's the only thing that helps against defense-ignoring attacks. (Actually, I just realized I'm not completely certain if Stamina's effect applies to those. If it does, it's small enough to go unnoticed!) Early on in the WoR, it feels like so much of the stuff that you can't do (without excessive nonsense, i.e. llg strats) is because a boss has a big Quasar or similar that a character just can't live through. It's an issue that can be alleviated by grinding more, which is kind of fine. I wonder if there could be some kind of attack used against you that your vigor or stamina defends better than your raw HP total does? Stamina already helps dodge percentage damage, right? What if instead it reduced the percentage of your maximum HP that you lost? Actually that sounds pretty complicated. Each character taking a different percentage could obscure the fact that the source was dealing percentage damage to begin with. Iunno, just brainstorming.
  4. Brave New World is actually a really good game. We nitpick because we love it.
  5. Tone down Dadaluma

    The concern I have with the Dadaluma fight isn't so much its difficulty but the unpleasant play experience it creates if he spends as much time in the air as on the ground. It's just so much time during which you can't interact with the boss. The situation I found myself in when I first attempted the fight (in 1.6, so grain of salt) was that I clearly could win, eventually, I just got bored before he died. A friend of mine had a similar experience just a few weeks ago in his first playthrough (1.9); he did win on his first attempt, it just took a very long time, mostly because he was using fight with multiple characters on many turns. I don't think it would be realistic to expect the player to discover the effects of their commands on Dadaluma's behavior; after a while, they're just trying to get in as much damage as possible between jumps. My suggestion would be to make him jump slightly less often, maybe by changing the condition that causes him to jump from a counter of 3 to 4. On the other hand, that does make him less dangerous. To address that, maybe he could randomly jump 2/3 and elbow drop 1/3 along with the slim jim? That's not really consistent with the joke/gimmick of the fight, though. Just brainstorming. Once you've studied the fight and understand the manipulations, there's no problem at all. Even a level 3 party doesn't find Dadaluma to be a stumbling block (well, the fight is much easier than many other things in such a challenge.) So I don't think his HP or regen or damage needs a nerf. I just get annoyed by enemies that become invincible too often.
  6. I'm very interested in making a version of the script that includes the best of what BNW has to offer (some of the writing for Celes is particularly good) while reducing the density of memes, references, and fourth wall breaks. I enjoyed so very much about this mod. The mechanical design is stellar, from the HP scale to the proportion of enemies that can dispel you to the variety of options available to each character... it goes on. However, I strongly dislike rape jokes and anything adjacent to rape jokes. Also, for me the sudden shifts in the script's tone are more jarring than they are funny. I do think real-world references are appropriate in a few places. The Beginner's Hall can break as many fourth walls as it likes, as that's basically necessary for its purpose. The Ultros sections thrive on absurdity. Nearly any scene that plays the 'wacky hijinks' music could accommodate a few weird jokes. And so on and so forth. So I think such a project could be very interesting and also produce a version of BNW that would be accessible to a wider audience.
  7. The Printme incorrectly lists Terra learning Life 2 at Lv 20 and Fire 3 at Lv 25, when in fact she learns those spells in the reverse order: Fire 3 at Lv 20 and Life 2 at Lv 25. Also, the monster Io is missing from the Enemies sheet. Thanks for making this!
  8. BNW 1.9 Bestiary Tool

    Thanks for making this, I've found it to be very helpful! Given that it's a fairly spoiler-dense resource already, I've considered adding some rage/steal/lore information to it, once my own notes are reasonably complete. I don't want to step on your toes, though, if you're still working on it. However, I'm completely at a loss as to where the "Misc. Overworld Packs III" are to be found. After hours of searching, I gave up and looked at the encounters in FF3usME, and those groups don't appear to be assigned to any overworld locations. Of course, I don't expect FF3usME to necessarily be accurate when looking at BNW, due to the large scope of its changes. So it's possible that those packs exist somewhere and I've just missed them; the other possibility is that they are missable and cannot be found after the sealed cave becomes inaccessible. Or that it's somehow possible to re-enter the sealed cave, I guess?