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  1. oh, also, I do have one direct recommendation for FF8. please make it so that you can syphon a MINIMUM of like 9ish magics from a given creature (not a pool though) so you aren't stuck in battle for 20 minutes using the same command over and over.
  2. Hey Sega Chief, I played through your New Threats remake (for the most part) of Final Fantasy 7 and I was very impressed. I had a lot of fun figuring out the little tricks and secrets that ,ade your remake both fun and challenging. I was actually inspired to eventually make a jrpg game of my own (using something like rpg maker), but right now I lack the time and resources to even remotely consider such an undertaking on my own, so I've decided to just dump my ideas here in the hopes that some might help you out. FF8s junction system is one of my favorites ever for a classic rpg. I actually have 3 absolute favorites, and all three of them are from Final Fantasy. The job system from 5 (never played tactics), Materia from 7 and Junction from 8. I thought all of these were unique and very creative, and so when I did my own brainstorming, I considered a plausible way to combine the three that is in no way over-the-top, and still practical. this message system doesn't allow me to attach a word doc, so I'll just copy and past the contents below: Junction system for stats Job system for character growth, abilities, magic etc. All magics are generally available throughout the world like in FF8, but you can only make use of a type of magic/ability that your job allows, but you can still junction any magic to any stat at any time regardless of whether or not you can use it. For example: My guy is a barbarian job ATM, but barbarians can't naturally use any magics. So I'll take all of the magics he has (fire, cure, wind, etc.) and junction them to his various stats. Meanwhile learning his multi-attack ability that he'll be able to use with future jobs. So this is helpful when he has a very high strength stat and pummels his enemy into the dirt with multi-attacks, which offsets his inability to learn magic. Each job has default abilities that allow it to be unique, such as "cast ELM Magic" as a Green mage. However, each of those abilities can become available for equip once the job is maxed out. So if my main character has just made it to level 10 of green mage (effectively reaching max level) aside from obtaining the 4xCast ability which allows him to cast any given spell 4 times, he also gains the basic "cast magic" ability which can be used to endow a warrior class (such as barbarian) with the ability to cast spells. I might also incorporate equippable accessories as well (as the only kind of equipment) which, among other more basic things, might give an ability like "Swap ATK with MAG" which would allow a fighter to use his spellcasting stat in place of his strength stat, and in the case of having the above mentioned "cast magic" ability equipped, can treat his physical attacks like spells and vice-versa. A combination such as this could be overwhelmingly powerful, as a barbarian can already attack up to four times in a row. This combined with the above attachments can equal a round of 16 attacks in a row. But such a thing would be considered "advanced gameplay" and would only be available toward the end of the game. Such tricka would be highly necessary however for secret bosses as they would otherwise be nigh-impossible to kill. Also, if I made a New-file plus, then I could make such builds even more relevant and call it a "nightmare mode" by making previously chumpy bosses into some seriously terrifying badasses that are just ridiculous to kill. Junctioning could become increasingly useful as the game progresses, but also increasingly challenging to manage, but in a fun way. Because, where yes, you can equip a certain kind of magic to certain stats and status attacks and defenses, you also deplete your reserves as you cast them. So, for instance, if I am a red-mage, and specializing in time and status magics, then having a high MAG ATK stat wouldn't be as relevant as it would be for a Green Mage. And I could use the Fira magics that I had equipped to my ATK stat from when he was a Knight, and deplete my reserves in order to deal damage to my enemies. hit me up with any questions, as I'll be happy to help. and good luck on the mod!