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  1. Yeah what they said. Sorry for not being more clear but yeah I meant that almost everything someone remembers being good as kid is either actually terrible or not as good as they think.
  2. Isn't that code for "Not nearly as good as you think it is."?
  3. Personally the new script is hit and miss for me. I don't really care for the extra jokes and references but I do like the character changes, Celes for example is a lot better IMO. The game already had a bunch of pop culture references in it already and it feels kinda bloated with all the new stuff. It feels a lot more shoved in my face as well, doesn't help that the humor doesn't really mesh with me either. For me the ideal thing would be to remove the extra jokes (references, stuff like that fart joke, the silly item names like the slim jims, ect.) but keep the frankly much better character additions (Mishrak has already given great examples). Unfortunately I do see anything like this happening because for one BTB has already stated he has no interest in rewriting the script. And two nobody can even mention the script without some purist screaming "They touched the script! Burn the witch, nail the script to their charred remains and push them off a cliff!". I hardly think I'm making much of an argument either. I dunno why I even typed all this, just wanted to give my two cents on the subject I guess.