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  1. Sorry to bother you again, I wondered how the W/A weapon heal bonus works of the Holy Claw (L/D Kevin). Is it+1 heal power per tick (total of +8ish?) of tech power or per tier (total of +3)?
  2. Ok, I get that and I find them interesting because of the possible builds based on them, and it's cool that they are not the obvious go-to. Considering my class combinations, for L/D-heal Kevin the W/A weapon still seems by far the best weapon at least for boss battles, and for my Buff/caster L/D Lise the W/A weapon complements her really well. On the other hand, for my D/D Hawk, the W/A weapon seems situational at best, and I think going with the petrify weapon for mobs and the anti-physical immunity weapon for bosses (because of it's high damage) would be the best choice. Making choices is interesting, and so in my opinion your design goals for them are fulfilled.
  3. I got the seeds to drop now, dropchance is just horribly low. Was a bit dismayed that the seed can still produce armor, so the chance to get weapons is even lower. Can the seeds produce items for class combinations that you did not take? If so, can D/D Hawk wield the D/L weapon, as there are no restrictions for armor. (In this case it would be Kongo Rakan)
  4. For example, enemies at the moment are without level boosting items around 66. I encounter in this particular area bloody wolves which should have the seed in their table (@60+: rare 5 W/A seed and rare 6 Ghost's Eye). I get chests, and I try to get them to drop the seeds by save/reloading, no luck so far. Is there something I'm missing regarding drop mechanics? Is it just a bad luck streak? Should I go somewhere where there are mobs that have the seed as there rare 5 and 6? (like King and Great Rabite).
  5. I had a question regarding W/A seeds. Where would you recommend farming them, and what would be the ideal level? I'm currently at the moontower with 4 godbeasts down, and still had no drops. Am I reading the droptable sheet wrong?
  6. Thank you, I'll check it out later, after Sin. How far along is development? Once again thanks. I would not have looked there. Too near to a hub. One other thing: can you target enemies with heal light? Tried it and didn't work, but then again perhaps I messed it up. You mention that it hurts undead in the support files.
  7. Hey, first of all absolutely well done praetarius! Well thought out, rounded and up to the point I played, well balanced. You did it! You spoiled the vanilla game for me: if they were to release it on the switch on the bugged state it was then, I wouldn't and couldn't touch it. Great job! Is there any other patch you would recommend / have worked on for a SNES jrpg (or game)? One other question. I can't seem to find the secret shop, I think I must be blind. Any hint more specific than the one in the readme? Keep up the good work!