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  1. Myria is overtuned

    Gear for fire resistance/absorbing and Myria really isn't that bad.
  2. It occurs to me that, given the nature of this game having 2 more characters than you necessarily "need", an "optimal" run is one where you let Shadow die, isn't it? Assuming every character is viable, and having 12 characters is effectively the same as having 14, having one character get a significant upgrade by losing another one seems like a definitively stronger move. Obviously I'm talking pure numbers here; I would never let my good good ninja friend die like that.
  3. Hey, thanks for mentioning the r*pe joke thing. There have been a few things like that in past versions of this hack (namely IIRC there was some "tentacle" related content with the Ultros fight in the mountains, and some stuff with Edgar I felt didn't add much to the story/wasn't particularly funny, but did make me super uncomfortable) but I'm always afraid to bring stuff like that up in gaming communities because like, "edgelord"-y humor is so much the norm still.
  4. Frankly while I love this mod and think for the most part the dialogue comes across as more naturalistic and human, I do agree that most of the "jokes" feel fairly cringe inducing, reading more like a fan game than a professional product. Which, I mean, I get that this technically is that, but also I tend to think of this mod as the definitive version of FF6 for me anymore, and I feel weird recommending it to people when it has that weird disparity between professionalism and being fairly juvenile. It is WAY better than in the early days when it had the absurdly high amount of swearing, though.