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  1. Angela as a main character seems great since all of her classes have been changed up pretty significantly. I also like the Arch Mage since she gets a number of great spells. If the goal of the LP is to show what's different in the mod I'm less enthusiastic about light Kevin and Duran though, to be honest. They still feel like "heal bots who can still throw a punch" to me, which is well and good but basically the same niche they were in during Vanilla SD3. Light Carlie might be more interesting, especially as a Bishop where she becomes a powerful melee fighter herself!
  2. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    I did say it was a dumb question and that I probably missed something obvious, in my defense thanks bossman.
  3. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Dumb question inbound. I'm finally getting around to trying out some of the "converts buffs to debuffs and vice versa" items and I'm finding that I'm having issues with targeting now. I'm trying to cast Power Down on my allies with the reversing item equipped but it still says only "one/all enemies" as acceptable targets and I can't hit my allies with the spell even after cycling through all possible targets. It does cast Power Up on enemies when I use i however. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here. Any advice?
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Guess I'm just forgetting things in my old age then 320 max damage on bosses still seems reasonable enough for endgame tbh. Especially for a support-focused Wanderer.
  5. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Wait, Half Vanish does work on bosses? I've always heard that it does not but Lunatic works instead. That's how I remember it anyways... Lise with a shield seems perfect for that setup. Good idea.
  6. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I unfortunately have to agree that most of the Wanderer abilities are pretty low impact, especially since dark Lise can also bring anti magic in this party. The boosted half vanish is cool, but AFAIK still won't work on bosses and is only ST... I was thinking of giving him a weapon that scales with spirit so he can do a decent autoattack after throwing out all his buffs; energy ball and sabres should help him do decent damage to a def-downed anti magic'ed boss after opening with Lunatic. Should.
  7. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I've been thinking about doing a light Hawk playthrough at some point and this sounds like a neat team to try it out with I always forget that Cutter Missile and Landmine have built-in debuffs. Makes Rogue even more appealing. Although what I was currently thinking of for said party before your post was: Wanderer, Bishop, Fenrir Knight. Attacker party with elemental sabers, saint saber, moon saber, two Transshape casters, all debuffs, Def Up, and all of Wanderer's nifty tricks up his sleeve. It's too bad Wanderer no longer has Counter Magic, but he does have Mind Up...does Magic Shield stack with that? I forget. Also not having a FST to take advantage of aura wave kind of sucks, but MT Sleep Flower + Holy Ball and whacking things to death should be "fine" for crowds.
  8. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I'm late in my reply but, FWIW, in my Angela + Duran playthrough i wound up doing Lord, Archmage, Nightblade. Archmage brings a lot of neat tools to the table (including the all powerful anti magic) and with the armor that turns debuffs into buffs, you have all 4 stat ups between her and Lord. Nightblade hits harder than ninja master so its a personal preference for me as I like bosses to go faster. Obviously thats a no-go if you made Angela a Delvar at first class change though. EDIT: Regarding a Death Hand party, I usually struggle with making dark Kevin work since i usually like to make him a healer tbh. I'd think you would want light Duran (light Carlie makes less sense since you already have elemental sabres) and a strong debuffer. Maybe something like Paladin (heals, saint sabre, anti magic, and some buffs) with Necromancer (crowd control, TR, and the wonderful black curse)? Just spitballing ideas.
  9. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I'm glad to hear that Bishop is, apparently, crazy strong with her final weapon and her stat allocation is simple - makes me more confident in the Carlie+Kevin party. For Angela+Duran I've decided on Carlie there as well. Arch Mage, Lord, and Sage (as per a suggestion in the old thread) seems neat...if a little lacking in raw damage. With mind up and down, though, both casters should hit pretty hard! Finally I'm now trying to avoid Carlie in the final Lise+Hawk party since I'd prefer to avoid using her 3 times over. And I'd also like to have anti magic. I'm considering making hawk a Wanderer (since I've never tried it and it looks interesting) then adding in something like Dervish to change things up a bit.
  10. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Clearly I need to re-review all the potential items for each character. Thanks for the explanation. I guess to make sure I'm being clear, I'm not hell-bent on having Kevin in the party nor am I dead set on having Angela as Arch Mage (though it does seem like a strong class). This is definitely some food for thought however.
  11. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Whoops. My bad dude, edited original post to fix my typo I totally forgot to check the endgame gear for each character...good to know that God Hand's final armor and Bishop's final weapon do some interesting stuff. I'll have to check out the others as well. Thanks for the build feedback! Quick question on the Angela/Duran/Kevin party though: Will not having leaf saber for Angela be a liability in longer fights?
  12. Hi folks, found out about this patch fairly recently and I'm finally getting around to trying it. Thanks Praetorius Praetarius for your hard work on it! I noticed that there was a party discussion thread on the InsaneDifficulty archives but I also understand that some of the character classes have changed since several of these party recommendations were made, so I was hoping to start a new thread of party ideas for my first couple of playthroughs here. I hope people are actually still reading this forum since it feels kind of quiet on here. I'm planning to do is 1 playthrough for each of the "plot pairs" for a total of 3 playthroughs (Angela+Duran+x, Carlie+Kevin+x, and Hawk+Lise+x), and I wanted to make sure that the parties I'm working with will at least be semi-viable for this goal. I think I have a party set for my first run but I'm not sure about the subsequent ones yet. Here's what I got so far but I greatly appreciate any constructive criticism: Angela (main character) as Arch Mage, Duran as Lord, Kevin as Dervish. Arch Mage brings a lot to the table with Anti-Magic, 2 debuffs, Aura Wave, and lots of AoEs. The Dervish seems to be a natural companion for it since it has the other 2 stat downs, leaf saber for MP, moon saber for HP, and the physical strength that Angela is lacking to keep the party more balanced. The Lord then acts as healer, has 2 of the 4 stat ups, Life Booster to keep Angela alive, and Energy Ball to help Kevin hit harder - there's overlap on the Speed Down debuff but that's the only bit of overlap I could find for the party. The big downsides here are no Power Up, Mind Up, elemental sabers, and Lunatic which means that bosses might take a while to kill...but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how this looks on paper. Plus I've never played through Angela's story before and I'm looking forward to it! Carlie (main character) as Bishop, Kevin as God Hand, Lise as Dragon Master. Bishop seems like the ultimate support class with MTHL, MT tinkle rain, MT elemental sabers, ST saint saber, Def Up, and - as an added bonus - the almighty Turn Undead spell which should be very useful in Carlie's quest. I'm not totally sure about making Kevin a God Hand but it means having an off-healer, Power Up, a second saint saber caster, and he's a pretty strong attacker to boot. Finally, the Dragon Master is strong defensively and another pretty good attacker who also has all the stat downs and anti-magic. I'm really not sure about this party since Bishop and God Hand together feels kind of redundant. Suggestions appreciated! Hawk (main character) as Ninja Master, Lise as Vanadise, Duran as Duelist I think this is the party I'm least sure of; It's pretty hard to go wrong with the combination of Dark Hawk + Light Lise and Duelist hits like a freight train, but I worry that relying as Vanadise as a main healer is going to be tough. Especially since she only gets Heal Light and Tinkle Rain on the 2nd class change, and making both MT will take an item slot. Other than that though this has stat downs, stat ups, elemental sabers, Anti-Magic and really good attacking power. Feedback and help greatly appreciated!