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  1. Review of v1.9

    I propose this as a alternative solution: BNW already removed a ton of enemies, presumably to free up space in the AI bank mostly I'm guessing (and we don't need 250+ normal enemies anyway). In addition, many of the remaining enemies aren't rageable anyway. You could conceivably remove some more enemies from the main game. You then create customized 1v1 scripts for some enemies, and that enemy is only seen in the colosseum. The only problems I can see preventing this are the ability to create enough space to make enough of a variety of colosseum enemies; the other being the necessity to create new and interesting scripts that aren't insanely difficult/bordering on RNG-dependency, yet still different enough to feel unique.
  2. Just like all the usual RPGs, that level cap is only something you'll achieve if you are some sort of completionist. Even to defeat the games hardest enemies, you only need to be in your mid 30s. Should you reach the early 40s, you'll find the entire game including bosses a cakewalk. It'll basically be like walking through the vanilla version with the Genji Glove/Offering combo on one character. One thing I've always disliked about most vanilla versions of games is the fact that the final bosses don't scale and are designed with to be about 2/3 of the cap, so if the cap is 99, they're around 60-70, but superbosses tend to make players level into the 80s or 90s (for most players, especially on initial playthrough). So if you like doing the superbosses, either you finish the game and reload the save before finishing and then do the superbosses, or just grind and take on the superbosses first, then accept the fact that you'll steamroll the final bosses.
  3. Yiazmat even having his vanilla HP is still ludicrous. That fight was never fun. It was an absolute chore. Hell Wyrm was a decent length in vanilla, but again, with the set attack pattern, it was more a chore than anything. I'm not familiar with the cheesing of Yiazmat in the vanilla other than briefly reading about a way to attack without getting attacked yourself or something (I believe it took a short time to set up or something). Agreed with Cross. His insta-death attack was a joke when you still have to chop off 15 million health and he's attacking with 10-16 hit combos, with a (5%?) death on each hit. Reduce that % or something. No sane person enjoyed that fight - not because it was hard. Because it was tedious. While XII's story didn't offer devious, sinister supervillain(s) like VI or VII, the antagonists' dreams were romantic (not in the usual definition, of course) and even relatable, and the gameplay itself was top-notch. The license board system you've implemented sounds interesting. Last time I played was the IZJS English patch a few years back. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
  4. When dealing with enemies with weaknesses of the big 3 (fire, ice, bolt) Terra will be your go-to. Morph plus weakness exploit and that's your 9999 dealer. Throw in Sabin's Chakra, and you've got an unlimited mana spring for her as well. I forgot to mention one of the biggest things I liked about this mod. Speed means something. The nATB system that was designed is great. Locke/Shadow/Gau being speed demons actually had utility. In addition, the status spells were useful as well. Imp, berserk, slow, even stop. Fighting new monsters meant you had to find out what they were susceptible to in order to make fights easier. ex. Double Diablos in KT can be deadly if you don't exploit their weakness. Other monsters were manageable the way they were, but things were made even easier if you hit them with statuses. Like others said, don't underestimate your level 2 spells. Cure2 is especially useful at nearly all times.
  5. Finished this game over the weekend. Good fun. I ended up never utilizing the ELs. My final levels were in the 30s for everyone. By the time I got into the WOR, I figured I should wait until I gather the rest of the Espers. Then once I grabbed them all I was nearly complete, so I figured I might as well make it slightly more of a challenge. Used Celes, Locke, Cyan, and Edgar for the final battles. Celes and Locke helped keep the HP maxed out while Cyan used Eclipse on the first two tiers (while back rowed) and Tempest on the last two tiers (front row). Edgar did his damage with the Jump (and Dragon Helm, of course). The attackers did backup healing and revival when necessary until everyone was back on their feet. Loved the new dragon sprite that was used. Was not expecting that! I'm not sure if things just got easier, but the first few dragons I faced seemed like their AIs changed as they lost HP, but the others didn't really seem to change all that much. Might have just been me. I liked the minimized Rage list, though I still tended to lean towards just a few of them. (Conjurer, Adamantite, Dragon, Behemoth) Strago's Lore list seems ... worthless almost. He has 2 water based Lores, 2 fire based Lores (one with added poison). Nothing ice (yes, Shiva), no bolt. No wind or earth. Raid didn't work half the time for the MP. Ninja type enemies were just plain douchebags. Counter disappear and chuck swords quickly for OHKOs. I was definitely disappointed that some of the hardest bosses had no item rewards upon their defeat, including the statues. Had to look up how to get the ???. I really thought I had to do something akin to Shadow's dreams based on what the kid says in Thamasa. Never did end up using it, though, since I was at the end. I do agree with others that Relm is over-the-top in her language. She's 10, and where in that village would she have learned to talk like that? Nobody else seems to... Definitely love the concept this mod brings to the game. It indeed made things harder, but not impossibly difficult. Thank you for the great mod. I had actually made my own mod years ago (difficulty and dialogue, not the extent and mechanics like this), and this one is up there for me too!
  6. Some Random Comments

    I feel like this is a great mod...If you have the time to spend 20 minutes on fights multiple times before things go south and have to reset. Nearing 40, I don't have quite that kind of time to spend getting nowhere. There were a few fights that just really turned me off of this mod. The first was the Dorter Trade City where Vormav first appears. The second was Zirekile Falls. Both fights devolved into massive enemy sandbagging that caused the fights to drag on and on. It wouldn't have been so bad if only 1 or 2 enemies have revive-type commands. But when 3+ do? It ceases to be fun. And they seem to revive them right before the dead guy's turn comes up quite often. Zirekile Falls ended up taking me a few hours from the setup that I had. It didn't help that my Panther was somehow killed and stoned at the exact same time, so it could not be revived at all. Despite that, I did end up winning, but the 2+ hours it took was the final straw. I just don't have the kind of time this mod requires. It seems great, but it requires an investment.
  7. Oh, I'm aware I'm at a disadvantage. Sabin & Celes were able to withstand a Blow Fish, Edgar and Terra cannot due to HP. I either gave people the limited fire resistance I have (Tiger Mask) or Shell in some form or another for the fire attacks...figured none of the 4 could equip Ifrit. Like I said, I think I was very close. I had to have dished out 60-80k in damage, and survived half a dozen Southern Crosses, but the last one was just too much. I'll probably just grab Locke and continue on then come back later. The Dragons are optional...As if. That's downright blasphemy. Who would play this mod, and not play it to completion at least once to see all the changes from vanilla?
  8. But when a clock is pointing at 10 minutes, it's pointing at II, not X. Was the solution still 06:10:50? I didn't pay too much attention to the NPCs, and just decided to see if the same numbers worked...which they sort of did.
  9. Was I the only one confused by the new choices in the Zozo clock puzzle? We all knew it as 06:10:50. On a normal clock, that would be VI, II, X. Not VI, X, L (or whatever it was). Who's ever seen a clock label every single tick mark? It was about two weeks ago I did the clock puzzle, but I think I'm remembering that correctly. Forgive me if I'm not. Edit: Are the 8 dragons designed to be fought at a later time once you've amassed a good deal of some of the better equipment? Earth destroyed me early in the WOR, kinda expected it. I probably got through nearly all the fire dragon later on by wasting it with Ice3 for 4k each time with Celes along with the constant sap and sporadic other damage via Sabin blitzes and counters, but eventually a Southern Cross wiped me. I probably spent about 30 minutes on it. (Low-mid 20s, but I have NOT spent any ELs yet. Trying to amass them all before spending the points.)
  10. Yes, definitely some bugs with Palidor. I didn't check all possibilities, but when using Setzer's slot to activate it via triple-bar, all characters seem to still be vulnerable. Sounds like they're vulnerable regardless of triple-bar or actual summoning. Characters are able to activate their own counters upon these hits. Finally, when they land, Setzer, who was in the bottom slot, always ended up off screen to the right. I haven't checked to see if it's only the bottom character or him specifically by switching party order. Been a great mod so far. I'm about 2/3 done with retrieving characters in WOR.