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  1. As a slightly different approach to my suggestion above, you could make "Spirit" (Stamina) the source of all restorative magic and defensive behavior. Severing restorative magic from damaging magic would constitute a new character dimension without distracting from the opposing damage stats Magic/Vigor. This approach would also be intuitive for veteran RPG players. With this approach, the changes are: * Vigor loses its damage reduction, but gains Counter % bonus * All restorative espers/magic/tools/bushido/blitz/rage/dance/slots -> Spirit (except drain) * Rock/Shrapnel/Tentacle rages, GP Toss -> Vigor Some Implications: Sabin would need access to Magic boosts, Gau might prefer Vgr+1/Mag+1 instead of Stamina, and Cyan's now-magic-based Bushido might be repurposed as primarily status attacks. Current stamina builds that can output lots of damage (???, Terra Morph, others?) might become too powerful as healers. In general, you would build your mages as either Black or White, and only balanced fighters could capitalize on Cover+Counter. I would expect these changes to encourage more strategic decisions regarding team planning, since fewer characters will be equally effective as healers and damage dealers.
  2. To better answer the question why, allow me to pose a hypothetical: What if we re-purposed the “Speed” stat by equalizing everyone’s ATB rate and changing several attacks/heals to use “Speed” in their damage calculation? It would definitely create several new character builds, but I think, despite its added complexity, it would hurt the *depth* of character building. Vigor/Magic as opposing damage sources makes characters 2D, but adding Speed as a third damage source doesn’t make them 3D -- it makes the existing 2D plane larger. On the other hand, adding Speed (in its current implementation) makes characters 3D. My goal would be to make characters fully 4D with an implementation of Stamina that provides a unique dimension to character building. BNW already does this to a large extent (particularly via Tank n Spank, status mitigation, damage reduction) -- but I am curious to see if I could make the stat stand completely on its own. I imagine this problem was debated extensively during development of the Stamina Redux patch, and I would not be surprised if there truly is no alternate approach that would satisfy the requirements I’m setting forth. But still, I think it’s an interesting puzzle to try to sort out, even if just for my own enjoyment.
  3. Stamina Redux Redux With 1.10 on the horizon, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I would change about BNW if I had the hacking expertise (I’d like to make my own patch, someday). Above all else, I would try to streamline stamina to make it simpler and more intuitive. The change I am proposing runs the risk of making stamina useless again, and invalidating some character builds. I realize I am opening a very large can of worms here, but I am very curious to hear thoughts about how I could mitigate this impact. Basic Concept Rename “Stamina” to “Heart”, conceived as a hybrid of a character’s endurance and bravery. Remove all stamina implementations that are inconsistent with this description. No More Stamina Attacks/Heals Revert damage/healing calculation to use either vigor or magic (possible exceptions: Interceptor, desperation attacks, atma weapon, ???). * Make magic esper bonuses more available to previous stamina builds * Adjust base power of previously-stamina-based attacks * Switch Regen/Remedy to fractional healing to keep them viable on low-magic builds? Use Stamina for Magical *and* Physical Damage Reduction/Variance This would hopefully help with stamina’s usefulness, and would mitigate the change to cover mechanics below. Never Evade while Covering The in-game cover animation suggests that you are using yourself as a physical shield, so you should always take the hit. Preserving Stamina's Usefulness * With stamina more of a dedicated "tanking" stat, perhaps enemies need to hit even harder? * Could other uses be made stronger? (morph damage reduce, dance success, sap/regen ticks, counter/cover rate, status evade) I really appreciate any thoughts you all have!
  4. I just finished my first playthrough of BNW. FF6 has been my favorite game for as long as I can remember, but I can safely say I will never play the vanilla game again -- it's BNW from here on out. What an incredible achievement. Thank you so much for making it! BUGS (possibly) * While fighting magic pots in the cultist tower, I used a warp whistle with Relm, then selected Setzer's slot command. The warp whistle executed while the slots were still open, and the game locked up. * I used Shadow extensively in the end game, and despite parrying many physical attacks, I never saw Interceptor in Kefka's tower. I can't recall whether I saw Interceptor in the WOR at all. Is it possible that Shadow lost Interceptor status somehow, or could there be another explanation? * I also encountered the reflected raze soft lock in the Phoenix Cave that someone else mentioned. However, the soft lock never resolved -- I tried fast forwarding for a very long time. * At one point on the Veldt, I started encountering battles with every single step (6+ in a row, until I got to my airship). I did not apply the separate encounter-rate patch. SUGGESTIONS * I learned all of my magic a bit too quickly -- I think it would be more rewarding if it took longer to buy each spell, and you were forced to think more carefully about which spell to buy, when. * Myria and Yeti were BY FAR the most difficult boss battles for me. Perhaps I was not paying enough attention to countering behavior, or perhaps they are slightly unbalanced. * I was disappointed by the final boss battle, which didn't seem to require specific strategies. * I generally loved the script modifications, including Relm's potty-mouth, with the sole exception of her calling Ultros a "douche", which seemed too anachronistic, somehow. Thanks again -- I'm looking forward to my next playthrough already!