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  1. Man, I love civilization 3, I'll have to give it a go. Civilization 6 was a waste of my money -- though I did quite enjoy Civilization 5 post 2 expansions.
  2. Hello guys, I'm back from a very long hiatus (work related / school related) -- but should be a lot more active again. Almost done with school. Anyway, on to the question. What are the best methods for creating a GBA patch now days? What is the most popular, error free method. Thank you for the help.
  3. Hey guys! I just launched another "sister site" (as in, an admin from ID / Ngplus launches a website) to ID / NGplus and would appreciate all the support I can get. A good friend of mine and I own a music production business (small right now, with only a few clients) and decided to post a forum and get a community going as well. This is for music production and general music discussion, but mainly promotion / production. If I could get the support of any of you who feel passionate about music, I'd be super grateful. It's a large forum with no members, and I know you guys will feel comfortable posting on it since you know me pretty well! The forum also operates on IPboards, which is convenient and awesome. http://unsoundmusic.com/ Thank you ~FFTA
  4. This is amazing. Will definitely encourage me to stream a bit more.
  5. Yeah, JD is my favorite cheapo. If I'm feeling a little ambitious, I'll spend some money and get a bottle of eagle rare or buffalo trace. Not a huge fan of anything clear, for that matter. Also, since this is a picture thread, here is another one of me (taken this weekend). I'm the one in the very front middle (navy) that looks like he doesn't belong.
  6. I actually thought laith was hart - hunt until I saw the name lmao. Here is me. I'm on the right and my younger cousin on the left.
  7. Glad to see you, man. Welcome to the site!
  8. Awesome. The GUI improved a lot. I still have an AIO type GUI for it which does similar stuff but I have no reason to finish it because yours is there. haha
  9. Hello all! So glad to see the community expanding and creating great things. Could not be happier to be a part of the creation of this wonderful new website, and cannot wait to see it flourish over the next couple of years. ~ FFTA
  10. Can you elaborate?
  11. This is amazing, thank you. Never forgave you for the easyvent cuck. Love you nonetheless 😂
  12. Good to see you man! I'm excited as well.
  13. Don't flatter yourself <3
  14. Good to see you, Raven!