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  1. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    Was excited to start my Esper levels. This part is still kinda the dry early part of the game, although Ultros was no cake walk. IMF should be fun and builds will come into shape. Cannot wait to get to FC!
  2. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    Great to know. Sadly I am at Kefka's Tower currently so it won't assist much. I appreciate the feedback and will make sure any future runs don't use vanilla.
  3. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    This is when the mod started showing its teeth. Not Kefka though, that scrub went down quick. Having played an earlier version, I came in knowing Dadaluma was a roadblock. After semi preparing for this he....still is a roadblock. At no point did it seem unfair, it is just a matter of getting ahead of the curve with him. It is a fun fight and a good sendoff before getting your Espers. Overall until this point it has not varied too much, super excited to move forward
  4. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    I tried to put "clean" on but it didn't take sadly. I will have to tinker with it but I am pretty far in. I hope using vanilla is not frowned upon lol.
  5. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    Moving through Sabin's Scenario and through Locke's. Pretty straightforward, although the moved Phantom fight caught me off guard. Once we can get through Narshe the game will take off! Also Sir Andy forever
  6. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    So I lost a bet to my brother, and had to think of an extremely annoying voice for Kefka, thus Toad. I don't maintain it because it did a number on my voice, but amusing none the less. Still trying to get to Ramuh old buddy
  7. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    Oddly found the Condor (Cirpius) to pose the most difficulty, RIP Tuskers. Vargas posed no problem. Just trying to get to espers so the mod really takes off. Any jokes at Banon's expense are always appreciated
  8. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    Let me know any thoughts or feedback, hope you all enjoy! Thanks to all who have made 2.0 possible
  9. Hello All I started BNW 2.0, as it is one of my favorite mods and I couldn't wait to record 2.0 for everyone. They go for about an hour and I could not believe I wiped so easily. Looking forward to diving in further!
  10. Daryl's Tomb

    That made my nose bleed lol Thanks for always being there!
  11. So we have redone the tombstone puzzle, and i have NO idea how to solve. Any tips or hints would be appreciated!
  12. Did this puzzle change in 2.0? I seem to not be able to open unlike before
  13. Blizzard Orb on Gau

    Thank you for all of your help. Amazing job btw, one, if not my favorite Mod
  14. So I know what Rage belt does on both Gau and Umaro, and I am pretty sure I know what Blizzard Orb does for Umaro. (Been eating too many Icebreakers). But what does the relic do for Gau? On another note, does Memento Ring have any other effect besides teaching a spell?
  15. Gp WoR

    Cool thanks