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  1. Thank you for all of your help. Amazing job btw, one, if not my favorite Mod
  2. So I know what Rage belt does on both Gau and Umaro, and I am pretty sure I know what Blizzard Orb does for Umaro. (Been eating too many Icebreakers). But what does the relic do for Gau? On another note, does Memento Ring have any other effect besides teaching a spell?
  3. Cool thanks
  4. Antone have any good GP spots in WOR. Maranda desert spot is gone so just seeing if anyone knows a spot or two
  5. Got it thanks for your help
  6. South Figaro? I dont remember anything relevant there after the whole Gerad angle
  7. Any help, even a private message would be greatly appreciated
  8. So I finally got this game on cartridge, 1.9. I have played before. I'm in the WOR and got the airship and went to Thamasa for a certain Crest. And nothing..... what I am doing wrong. Trying to show my partner how cool this new item is