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  1. Save state request

    Thank you so much! This helps a lot! I'll use the one right after you saved Mog, which is basically my save file but you did Umaro for me. Thanks again and I'll get back to playing this mod today!
  2. Save state request

    I had Locke done, but hadn't done Umaro or Gogo. I also hadn't done Tower of Fanatic, Cyan's dream or Hidon. I had 3/9 dragons completed but that's not a huge deal. That save sounds like it would be a great help! Would I be able to use RetroArch to import (can't find a savestate folder) or would I need to use Snes9x?
  3. First off, I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful mod! I just started playing this a week or so ago and it's been great! I loved going back through one of my all time favorite RPGs and even considered streaming it. Now on to my request - here's the story. I had just completed Narshe and was going to go into Umaro's Cave, but I decided to call it a night. I guess I had been using Save States too heavily (I swear I remember saving) and my PC crashed, so I lost my save! I was reverted all the way back to a pre-FC save file.. I'm not sure if that's because RetroArch doesn't like being force closed, and it didn't "save" any of the saves I had done, or if I really hadn't saved in over 18 hours of gameplay and was relying only on save states.. but alas. So what I'm hoping for is that somebody can provide a SaveState that will bring me back to middle of WoR, with at least my core of Cyan/Sabin/Terra/Locke unlocked so I can grind my way back into the game and Esper reset the roster to go back to my setup. Could somebody provide that? Second, can I import a SaveState into RetroArch? Or would I need to use Snes9x? Lastly, I wanted to thank everybody for reading this and thank the creators of this mod for making such a unique mod that fixed so many of the issues in FF6 and gave me so much joy to revisit! I really am having a blast playing, but I'm really sad about losing my save file. Thanks everyone!