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  1. Do keep in mind that Gogo's cave is viewed as a mid to later WoR area, so having the blizzard orb power increase for Gau is definitely a veteran player move. I like the idea of shifting some WoR rages to places deeper into the dungeons though.
  2. Download lunar ips first. Second, download the patch(es) you want to install. Third, double click the ips patch you downloaded and apply it to the src file (the rom not the save). Do this to the same file for every patch in question. Then make sure your rom and save file names match and you're done. If your game suddenly explodes start the patching process over again from a clean rom.
  3. It would really just be about executing a plan and knowing how to deal with rng. And there's a lot of rng to deal with. So you minimize rng, know exactly what you're doing every step of the way and try not to mess it up.
  4. I've done some routing that seems to stall a lot due to laziness and the constant state of change the game seems to be in. But I have done runs up through cranes (4.5 hours with a 1hr of mistakes) and I'm thinking the game is probably around the 14-16 hour mark right now based on some educated guesswork and maths.
  5. You can go either way. Healer Gau is probably a little more reliable than Mog, although Mog's dances are still good. The nice thing about Gau is you can quite easily do healing and damage with the same EL build, just swap rages. Use Stray for Stamina based heals/damage, or Fenrir for everything else.
  6. The only graphics glitches that should remain would be vanilla ones and typically with sprites during battles.
  7. He does in fact move diagonally. I saw it. The waitress didn't even flinch.
  8. You put too much balancing effort into that troll post.
  9. I think its time to introduce the new feature: Quad wielding. Also auto-morph for every character that can use it on the Zantetsuken. Lastly, please bring back the Imp set.
  10. Yo nice dude! Welcome. I look forward to seeing your work
  11. The needs a lot of testing before it's an official part of the mod, so I don't think it really ought to go in the downloads section yet.
  12. Terra gets the first vote. She's just that good.
  13. Yo! Glad we could get this up and launched! I look forward to all the new stuff and I appreciate everyone's support in moving over. If I can help with anything just poke me on the discord. As for me, I play games on Twitch and nerd out about BNW probably far more than most people should.
  14. Always great when registration is a thing that works!