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  1. General Leo

    I’ll just spill the beans now. BTB will probably delete this but I don’t care. I’m done hiding it. You need 99 mystery eggs to unlock Gilgamesh on triangle island. It actually replaces the Zone Eater encounter. Collect 99, defeat Gilgamesh, take the Excalipoor to Ultros at the Colosseum and fight a special battle against Omega Weapon from FFX to unlock a playable Leo.
  2. Updated the link so it goes to the v5.1 version. Check the Discord pins for details on what was fixed.
  3. Bugs The Item Menu patch shows FF6's flags and not BNW's flags. See the screenshots from Nowea: Vargas can have an instakill ability that will proc on his scripted attack vs Sabin -> https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningDeafToothBrokeBack-4Sy9xdE_Z7xtlE-O Questions Is there a way to tell what randomization was used from looking at a seed? (e.g. .4 or .5) Is there specific and detailed documentation on what exactly is randomized, or does this require looking at the source code? Is it possible to make BCG compatible with Beyond Chaos' aesthetics, particularly the music? Ideas A flag to have steals follow BNW's logic - namely, only available from humanoid enemies No Text Option (would an existing BNW patch interfere with BCG?)
  4. https://github.com/abyssonym/beyondchaos_gaiden/releases/latest Abyssonym updated the BCG randomizer to work with the latest version of Brave New World! (b14 at the time of this post) I can’t even begin to express how excited I am for this. NOTE: Make sure you’re using the latest version, not version 3! https://www.google.com/amp/s/abyssonym.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/176/amp/ There is the original listing for version 3 of BCG that goes into more detail about what it randomizes. I’m looking forward to diving in and seeing what silliness occurs. If there are any balance concerns or bugs that we encounter, let’s use this thread to consolidate them.
  5. It's more that the fight is too short to really illustrate much about the combat system. Now it's just a small "are you paying attention" test and on to the rest of the game.
  6. Zozo clock busted

    Can we just pretend like it’s Zsnes’ fault.
  7. Boomerangs

    It's all about how you use them. In some situations they're very good, and in other situations they're just "decent". What's important about them is they function the way they're advertised. They rip floating targets to pieces like very few other things.
  8. Nowea is right. I would go a step further and change all those settings to whatever the default is. I'm not 100% sure but it looks like you're trying to run the game in high definition. Remember, SNES games were 240p standard definition and this is always going to cause problems.
  9. More bit from my 2.0 run

    BNW fights in general are about finding the right setup to deal with whatever it is you're facing. In the case of Dullahan, you're dealing with a fire attack where you have limited Fire mitigation (Tiger Mask) and don't have access to Shell. You also only have access to one thing that provides death immunity, assuming you found the Ribbon. And then the party is Forced to boot. I think these situations are really interesting to solve and what makes BNW fun. Thinking of a solution and then watching that solution actually work the way you would expect is good design. You couldn't figure out how to mitigate the fire damage, so you just ate it and hoped the zombie army would work in your favor. That's a perfectly viable (albeit RNG-reliant) strategy. I don't think adding Wall Rings to Kohlingen is a good idea personally.
  10. There's a handful of rages, such as the IMTRF encounters and Stray Cat. Once you leave the WoB a few Rage Formations are gone forever if you never actually saw them.
  11. BTB has been just as consistent at saying he hates challenge dungeons and in general, challenge stuff that is harder than the final boss of the game. BNW's "challenge dungeon" is Kefka's Tower. There's also half a dozen ways to impose restrictions on BNW and make it truly difficult. As well as NHT. If you want to scratch the challenge itch, that's the way to do it.
  12. There's a 2.0.1 planned with a set of bugfixes slated sometime eventually soon but beyond that, there's no further plans for the game. 2.0 was in development for nearly a year and a half. I don't think anyone wants to open the Pandora's box again for the forseeable future.
  13. I pretty much agree 100% with everything you've said. These are legitimate issues with BNW and I've tried to push back on BTB's design philosophy over the years to help some of this. Classic JRPGs always have the "COOL" factor. BNW discards most of this for balance, even with the "ultimate" weapons. For all its faults, vanilla FF6 was a true JRPG complete with all sorts of "holy crap I'm god" moments. BNW gets rid of almost all of those as it attempts to achieve a true balance. I definitely prefer to keep levels lower so the combat is more demanding. I have found that the combat is the most rewarding part, similar to SMT: Nocturne. Even if there aren't a lot of JRPG moments, there's still a lot of powerful build and party setups to be had in BNW. Kaiser is getting an HP buff in 2.0.1, for what it's worth. Nice post dude.
  14. Good Morning or Whatever!

    Our dating discord. Lots of hot singles there: https://discord.gg/TEYj3q
  15. Bropedio has pushed out a patch that fixes a lot of the current RC27 issues. See the pinned messaged in Discord.