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  1. It’s really not related to bugs at all. It’s more about how the enemies work. It doesn’t use their script, it uses their “control” attacks. So it’s very limited. And the character stuff is also programmed to work a certain way. Changing it is a lot of work. And making it truly interesting would require a focused effort that is frankly probably not worth it when there are much simpler solutions.
  2. Changing the colosseum into something actually interesting would need a rom expansion. Or more likely, an entire redesign from the ground up. It’s not a simple case of “developers don’t want to”. There’s very real technical limitations.
  3. Mind Blast isn’t a party wipe if you defend against the statuses that cause you to lose control of your characters.
  4. It’s been an optional patch as of 1.9. It’ll very likely be an official part of 1.10 if testing works out.
  5. What’s crazy is how much is gonna be in 1.10 that’s not in that changelog (yet). Namely all the stuff that’s about to happen to enemies. Wew. This is already looking like the biggest release ever.
  6. Aero proc does have the dual wield penalty on it (but not x-fight), but yeah it will be a very good damage source. An effective proc rate of 75% also is a huge boon.
  7. Makes sense. Safe + 25% (which puts him around 1200 at 30) is sufficient to take a physical most of the time. And 47 is fairly mediocre evasion but also sufficient to dodge still. It’s cool that it still works tbh. I don’t really see it as being too powerful when the player can combine the right stuff to be effective.
  8. His front row damage is among the very best, so that’s right on. C/C will work but he’s still fragile.
  9. Evasion is halved for c/c so Shadow isn’t a good candidate for it really. It also won’t work with image (cover anyway). Kage + Mutsu will probably be strong and that’s a good thing imo. He needs a reason to be put on the front.
  10. I’ll miss the poison rod breaking as well actually. That was a helpful strat at least.
  11. The removal of items was because they were (generally) redundant. They won’t be replaced probably. Also Image brush would probably be more strong than it ought to be. Other examples of this were Rerise and to a lesser extent Regen and Haste. By itself it’s not a huge deal but adding it to the healing potential a brush has is a bit much.
  12. What part of the game are you referring to as mid-game? Forgive me if this has been answered, but there is far too much in here to really read every word of it. Nowea addressed the major points about being too high level, and he was correct about how those affect a perceived balance shift. wrt: C/C, keep in mind characters that can do this effectively usually have to trade status mitigation or damage relics to utilize it. Almost none (except Celes) can do every piece of what makes C/C most potent and even she doesn’t have the best of stamina.
  13. Dino Forest has the best exp Movers have the best gp Any desert besides the big Figaro desert is a very balanced and efficient place to grind both gp/exp. I like it better than Dino/Movers because you’re less likely to die. Gogo’s cave is an excellent place as well.
  14. I’m not entirely sure proc rate is that flexible either. Maybe BTB or Synchsyi can chime but I think they’re hard coded. So it’s a flat 0, 25% or 50%. Would make adding any formula based method a real pain if I’m correct.
  15. There are not enough concatenated names like TunnlArmr or MithrlBld. Also why haven’t we switched to the GBA naming scheme. Firaragaza please.
  16. No. It’s not. Read what BTB said.
  17. None of that is particularly true. While it’s common in many older rpgs to not give you a heads up about what you’re about to deal with, if you’re a blind player and entering a Fire Dungeon it would make sense to get some fire protection before you go there. If you aren’t blind you know there’s a fire dragon. The game is inherently designed such that lots of parties are viable and good, provided you’re even half decent at building a team (even if you aren’t). You aren’t at the mercy of Mindblast if you use status protection relics. And everyone has access to float with consumables. Just saying.
  18. HP nerfs have happened several times already. Most dragons are either 90/120 (I think), the only ones in KT that are 160 are the goddesses and Kefka (Atma?). Conversely, pdef and mdef has been nerfed twice in there, meaning you can hit harder. If fights are taking this long, that tells me you haven’t found the enemy’s weakness yet. Or you’re just sticking with fight as the main damage option even when it’s not really doing much damage. Edit: Everything has a weakness to exploit.
  19. So I did a thing with things and made a BNW Bestiary tool. Disclaimer: this is with unlockme data, so if you want to avoid spoilers (enemy HP), avoid this. Best opened with Excel. YMMV with Open Office or Libre Office. The idea is to be able to select a particular area and see the enemies and the formations within said area. As far as I’m concerned, this is finished. However I’m still open to some ideas. To save space, when there are multiple enemies within a formation they’re given a quantity rather than displayed multiple times. Also, areas that don’t follow the 3/16 and 5/16 encounter rates are given a special tab. Lastly, areas are sorted (for the most part) by the way they’re organized within FF3usME and I named each one myself, with some help from BTB. The exception to this sorting is, I grouped some of the more obscure overworld encounters together, and added a few “areas” that don’t actually exist in the editor, namely Doom Gaze and Phunbaba. Spreadsheet: http://btb2.free.fr/temp/BNW_1.9_Bestiary_1.4.xlsx Notes/Log:
  20. Locke can take a hit from Jump even at level 10. You need to stack pdef of course but people forget Safety Gloves are basically additional shields. I usually run two of them plus a shield on Locke for Dadaluma (He’s a healer in my setup). Two Safety Gloves works well for Cranes too.
  21. Stickied. I shoulda done this sooner.
  22. There’s nothing broken with the encounter at all. It’s difficult, yes, but lots of people have had much less of a hard time with it than you did on their first play, myself included.