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  1. On 1/18/2018 at 1:37 AM, seibaby said:

    I have tried in the past to figure out how to set the parent map for Warp in Ancient Castle/Cave to the Figaro prison, to no success.

    Not to say it's impossible, but there may be another way; an event driven Warp point like the one in Phoenix Cave.

    Could you just make one show up where Odin is that puts you back at the start of the Ancient Cave?


  2. After testing from Deschain we confirmed the following with throw + jump:

    A non throw proc with a jump is a 1.5x modifier.

    A throw proc with jump is a 3x modifier as if the weapon was thrown (vs floating) but it did not get the jump modifier.

    The same occurs with a non floating enemy except it’s 2x as if the weapon was thrown.

    Also there’s an animation bug with jump + throw proc vs non floating enemy:


    basically when it's doing the throw animation against a non-flying enemy, instead of doing the "return jump" animation, he does the throw animation... from where his sprite usually is on the battlefield

    so he just never does the returning jump animation



  3. I'm tired of the forum warrior epeen over 9000 posts. It's getting old and quite impossible to read really any of it.  So I'm locking the thread to prevent further shitposts.

    Bottom line: the OP modded the mod. There's nothing wrong with this, but you're no longer playing the mod and revoke the ability to offer criticism (constructive or otherwise) of the actual mod when you do this.  Your points became invalid before you ever tried to make them. 


  4. 2 hours ago, TheRebalancer said:

    @Mishrak that argument can be reductio ad absurdum'd: why tell the player anything? They can have "fun" grinding out tests to reverse engineer the algorithms themselves. See timed attack and roll forumlae for Dark Souls to see it in action: the average player just shrugs and asks the guy doing the tests. 99% don't bother testing for themselves. They either look it up (like this thread is asking), or they complain about it. I prefer to be helpful (and funny) rather than pull things down.

    This is completely irrelevant.  The bottom line is BNW has stuff hidden, BTB doesn't want the details shared all over the forum, so he deleted the offending part of your post.  End of story.


  5. 59 minutes ago, TheRebalancer said:

    Hey I'm new to this community and I need to know straight out where the rules on behavior are.

    Basically, is it a toxic place to someone who is always time-invested, nice, and intelligent? Is this the kind of forum where mods will remove your posts, not because you've said something inflammatory or derogatory, but merely because they do not like the helpful, to-the-point content of your speech?

    No it's not a toxic place. Mods won't remove posts unless they're really really bad. We're generally down to earth and logical and we don't mind disagreements and arguments. Those are different than shitposts of course so normal forum etiquette applies here. 

    We still reserve the right to edit posts of course and we'll debate and argue and discuss points of contention and often tell it like is.  It takes a lot to get to where someone is having posts deleted. Most of the time we'd rather have the bad posts for posterity sake.