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  1. A large majority of this information is available after you’ve learned the password to the unlockme after completing the game.  At least hidden info and all the little details. 

    As of 1.10 a large portion of what would have been written would be mostly obsolete as far as an actual walkthrough goes. 


  2. 1) Even if it costs the player time and frustration to have to reset until they get what they want, that doesn’t mean it’s an interesting mechanic. Quite the opposite. 

    2) There are plans for the colosseum already thought up, but it will require rom expansion to do it and BTB isn’t ready to expand just yet. I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to share it or not. 


  3. 1 hour ago, velsper said:

    Is it on the level of the other bugs in the game? Or there's just no room in the rom left?

    It’s really not related to bugs at all. It’s more about how the enemies work. It doesn’t use their script, it uses their “control” attacks. So it’s very limited. And the character stuff is also programmed to work a certain way. Changing it is a lot of work. And making it truly interesting would require a focused effort that is frankly probably not worth it when there are much simpler solutions. 


  4. Changing the colosseum into something actually interesting would need a rom expansion. Or more likely, an entire redesign from the ground up.  It’s not a simple case of “developers don’t want to”. There’s very real technical limitations.  


  5. The removal of items was because they were (generally) redundant.  They won’t be replaced probably. 

    Also Image brush would probably be more strong than it ought to be.  Other examples of this were Rerise and to a lesser extent Regen and Haste. 

    By itself it’s not a huge deal but adding it to the healing potential a brush has is a bit much. 


  6. What part of the game are you referring to as mid-game?

    Forgive me if this has been answered, but there is far too much in here to really read every word of it. 

    Nowea addressed the major points about being too high level, and he was correct about how those affect a perceived balance shift.

    wrt: C/C, keep in mind characters that can do this effectively usually have to trade status mitigation or damage relics to utilize it.  Almost none (except Celes) can do every piece of what makes C/C most potent and even she doesn’t have the best of stamina.