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  1. 23 hours ago, Fein-Life said:

    I level up because later characters join at the average so it saves time . And poison one shots terra.. not a very good adjustment of AI. 

    Definitely an anti grinding mechanic, although I'm sure it's accidental. Because it's almost impossible to get through the beginning cave without save states one you get to a certain level.. lols...

    No. It’s not. Read what BTB said. 


  2. None of that is particularly true. While it’s common in many older rpgs to not give you a heads up about what you’re about to deal with, if you’re a blind player and entering a Fire Dungeon it would make sense to get some fire protection before you go there.  If you aren’t blind you know there’s a fire dragon.

    The game is inherently designed such that lots of parties are viable and good, provided you’re even half decent at building a team (even if you aren’t).

    You aren’t at the mercy of Mindblast if you use status protection relics. And everyone has access to float with consumables. Just saying. 


  3. HP nerfs have happened several times already. Most dragons are either 90/120 (I think), the only ones in KT that are 160 are the goddesses and Kefka (Atma?). Conversely, pdef and mdef has been nerfed twice in there, meaning you can hit harder.

    If fights are taking this long, that tells me you haven’t found the enemy’s weakness yet. Or you’re just sticking with fight as the main damage option even when it’s not really doing much damage. 


    Everything has a weakness to exploit.


  4. Locke can take a hit from Jump even at level 10. You need to stack pdef of course but people forget Safety Gloves are basically additional shields. I usually run two of them plus a shield on Locke for Dadaluma (He’s a healer in my setup). Two Safety Gloves works well for Cranes too. 


  5. He can win fine with that party.

    Lo/Ce play healing and revive duty with as much pdef as possible, including shields.

    Edgar runs a stout spear and Bio Blast. His Bio Blast is especially important for adds.  

    Gau uses Wild Rat rage if you have it.

    Everyone in the back row. White capes and Safety gloves.  

    If you want you can try dual Butterfly Locke but I don’t like this personally.  As long as you have one dedicated healer you should be fine.  Just don’t waste turns and pay attention to how Dadaluma reacts.  




  6. I would encourage you to read this interview with Ted Woolsey. 



    . I felt really good about having captured a lot of the scatological humor, which of course would have to be expunged anyways for Nintendo's purposes. Some of the references to pop culture stuff that I thought were pretty cool and clever had to be ditched for branding and licensing and registration issues and stuff.

    So Ted Woolsey made pop culture references and tried hard to capture much of the juvenile humor in the original FF6 script.  Yet much of this was expunged because he had to rewrite the script four times in 30 days basically by himself.  It has plenty of errors, still plenty of pop culture references and is deeply flawed.  I do very much wonder how many pop culture references were in that first revision.

    None of your examples explain why specifically they’re bad, only that you dislike them.  Those are two very different things. I’ll concede that some of BTB’s crass humor doesn’t sit well with me at times but overall, I’m willing to look past it for Locke’s lines at the Opera House, Celes’ dialogue during Locke’s scenario, Cyan’s dialogue that was rewritten to be proper old Shakespearean by a studied linguist @Bishop and the beautiful new Setzer scene in WoR Kohlingen.

    But you never actually made it that far so you didn’t see those. I’m of the opinion that you picked up BNW having already passed judegment and simply found the first really obvious reference and came here to be internet mad about it. None of your examples violate canon or change character personalities or anything of that nature.  


  7. Welcome!

    There's not currently a version of the mod with the original script, if that's what you're asking.

    Do you have any examples of changes that are "really bad"?

    Excluding the deliberate 4th wall breaks from the Beginner school, and some of the more jovial movie references like Vargas, I'd be curious to know exactly what changes you think are really bad.


  8. MP management is a big element to the game, certainly. However I think it largely depends on your playstyle. And there are a lot of ways to recover MP. Whether it’s items or Tools or Blitzes or attacks like Empowerer or Osmose (which is very powerful), there’s very few situations where you’re completely left without MP to do something.

    The dungeons are designed to be a strain on your resources, but as long as you’re making good decisions you should be fine. Even if you’re making bad decisions, it’s not that punishing. 

    Similarly boss fights can run a character low on MP if you’re using a lot of big spells,  and so that management becomes an element to the fight which was sorely lacking in the original FF6.  

    I think the only time MP cost is used as a legitimate gate is early in the WoB when you first get a lot of spells.  By the time you get to the Floating Continent, this is a lot less of an issue. Especially with a small investment of MP ELs (Seraph, Carbunkl) and a 12.5 or 25% boosting item. 


  9. I have considered adding rage/steal/lore stuff, I just haven't had the time to do it yet.  

    Those Misc. Overworld Packs are usually on the isolated islands scattered about the world.  You can always pop onto discord and ask BTB however.  I don't remember.


  10. 10 hours ago, GamingFiend said:

    Celes does have a Stamina Attack too with her special hidden relic. I don't see the uniqueness issue, as it's kind of ubiquitous. Only Relm, Strago, Locke and Edgar don't have one. Locke and Edgar can through Omega Weapon. Relm has Regen X but a massive burst heal from that isn't a big deal considering she can burst heal with Cure 3 in a Magic Build. It's a bit hard to justify the use of Stamina Relm and when I did my Tier List on this page. Strago has Odin Summon, which is MP intensive but viable with heavy carbuncle investment, and gives him a 1 turn burst damage during a boss fight.



    This Tier list was for 1.8, and the new stamina additions likely affect it. Unicorn Edgar probably jumps up to C Tier, but because the Cover mechanic is anti-synergistic with Stamina it's very limited. I could see him being a respectable team member if holding Omega Weapon and Nirvana Band so that his heals and damage output can at least be effective enough to not feel like a wasted turn.


    Stamina Relm is frankly not tanky enough for the Counter mechanic to be useful and as I said earlier the stronger Regen X is irrelevant because Cure 3 exists for Burst heal. The trade off for Mag+ which is so powerful on her with Flare/Meteor/Osmose is too much. Next to Umaro, she is easily the worst character/build in my opinion, Umaro might actually be better. You could I suppose use Stamina Relm in the capacity of Regen X healer but even with high stamina her HP is so low that she can die easily. I struggle to see the upside. Even with Intercepter it's very underwhelming, and losing Shadow for that purpose is just plain silly.



    Tier List Synopsis:

    A Tier

    A+ : Stamina Terra

    A: Phoenix Locke

    A-: Maduin Terra, Kirin Locke, Magic Edgar, Magic Celes, Magic Setzer

    B Tier

    B+: Vigor Edgar, Terrato Sabin, Crusader Celes, Vigor Cyan, Shadow, Gogo (infinite versatlity poor stats), Zoneseek Relm, Magic Strago, Stamina Setzer, Magic Mog

    B: Vigor Locke, Vigor Celes, Maduin Mog, Vigor Mog, Speed Relm

    B-: Bismarck Terra, Golem Sabin, Speed Gau

    C Tier

    C+: Stamina Cyan (late game), Stamina Gau (late game)

    C: Stamina Strago

    C-:  Stamina Sabin

    D Tier

     D+:Unicorn Edgar

     D:Stamina Relm

     D-: Umaro (Uncontrollable almost no utility)

    Everything you’ve listed as B or lower I personally have listed as an A at some point. 

    What your post tells me is what you like and dislike. Nothing more. 

    The reality is every character and every build thrives at what they do if you utilize them well. 


  11. To be fair, I incredibly disliked the later naming schemes.  I much preferred Illumina to Lightbringer, and the -aga spells are a goofy naming scheme that I still really don't understand.  Also, bizarre name choices like Valigarmanda similarly make no sense at all and just make me think that Square is trying hard to be cool for the sake of being cool.

    Basically, we have to ask: why should something be changed?  If it's just an arbitrary reason because one person doesn't like it, that's hardly a justifiable reason - particularly when it is exactly the same in the original FF6.



  12. There are no relics that directly boost cover  or counter chance, they only enable it. So stacking black belts will not increase counter frequency. Same with Knight Capes.


    No shared % modifiers stack, so wearing a green beret and a hero ring will take the highest % and give you 25/25.  Magic cube would give you 50% mp and ignore the others. This includes esper equip bonuses. Damage modifiers similarly do not stack with each other.