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  1. You mention ePSXe a lot with your testing. Last I knew ePSXe wasn't the most accurate of emulators. For mod making it's 'usually' best practice to use the most accurate testing method you can, be it somehow getting it onto hardware or checking it on an emulator with a focus on accuracy. From a quick search Mednafen appears to be the go-to option for accurate emulation. Would you be able to see if your iso, that works on ePSXe on your phone, also works on Mednafen? It's possible that your spritework ended up being something the PSX can't 'actually' support and that it only works on ePSXe due to inaccuracies.
  2. Actually, the issue (If I recall correctly) is that the queued action results in the Rage status being set again. This causes the Rage 'status' to be reapplied and Gau keeps doin' his thing.
  3. Updated link with some more fixes. Removed an easter egg item that didn't function properly. Fixed some broken formation/pack data, etc.
  4. While not intended, it's a harmless side effect to the Imp effect and a known issue
  5. Quick v3. One hidden weapon had its power reduced by 30%
  6. Yes. If you haven't yet speak up in the discord and get a red or orange name to give you a role.
  7. Fixed fire spell, no other spells appeared to have the issue after a quick once-over.
  8. NHT 2.0 release. Main post edited with download link. Please be courteous and considerate of mainline BNW testing still being done for BNW 2.0. Added more easter egg weapons, some as rare drops and some as rare steals from humanoids. Note that these weapons still do not have descriptions. These added weapons use item slots that BNW 1.9 uses, but 2.0 doesn't. This effectively means that NHT 2.0 is for the BNW 2.0 line only. Altered and added formations, expect to see some new enemy combos and enemies where you don't expect. Sometimes this even works in your favor Added a password requirement to access the patch, the password is the same as the BNW unlockme. I don't want people playing NHT as their first BNW experience in general. Now every item and relic shop has Warp Whistles or Back Guards (respectively). Known issue: The config screen version display looks janky when playing with any of the RC patches. This should resolve itself when 2.0 is out.
  9. Just to nitpick, the next Metroid game after Super Metroid was Metroid Prime. A really good Metroidvania in its own right
  10. For this one, testing with a battle at the start. If Biggs/Wedge use a Magitek command it's writing %5 dried meat into the inventory. If Terra uses anything or if anyone defends/row then it's adding %5 Slim Jims. Some discord chat is saying they're getting items as soon as the battle starts, personal testing hasn't had an item show up until after one of the PCs does something ETA: personal testing on RC12-a, others on base RC12
  11. To add onto this, the lag appears to roughly be "wait until damage/healing text vanishes, then continue". It causes some lagginess for everything, but is most noticeable when dual wielding. Example during DW:
  12. Terra's attack in the flash back doesn't have a name. She also doesn't move at all during the scene. (Fixed in the next RC) The wolves in the Captain battle don't seem to have names. (No fucking clue on this one. Anyone got a screenshot?)
  13. RC4 (due to RC5 hardlocking at airship) As soon as one of the doors changed this happened. Getting a random encounter fixed it. Movement did not seem to be altered, only graphics.
  14. Interacting with airship controls in RC5 (WoR) hardlocks the game. (Synchysi: This is caused by the usME issue mentioned below.)
  15. World of Ruin, Serpent Trench occasionally has encounters that are empty. South Figaro Cave, last room before Figaro Castle, has the same issue for every encounter I had in it. (Will be fixed in RC-6) In addition, something seems to break for XP upon reaching level 20. An encounter with Celes/Sabin granting 525 total XP only took her from 121 xp to level to 108 xp to level. (Added to bug list) Some formations have monsters partway off the screen during pincers. One example: FC 3x Djinn formation (Will need to start a section documenting all weird pincer formations - keep these coming)