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  1. Fixed fire spell, no other spells appeared to have the issue after a quick once-over.
  2. NHT 2.0 release. Main post edited with download link. Please be courteous and considerate of mainline BNW testing still being done for BNW 2.0. Added more easter egg weapons, some as rare drops and some as rare steals from humanoids. Note that these weapons still do not have descriptions. These added weapons use item slots that BNW 1.9 uses, but 2.0 doesn't. This effectively means that NHT 2.0 is for the BNW 2.0 line only. Altered and added formations, expect to see some new enemy combos and enemies where you don't expect. Sometimes this even works in your favor Added a password requirement to access the patch, the password is the same as the BNW unlockme. I don't want people playing NHT as their first BNW experience in general. Now every item and relic shop has Warp Whistles or Back Guards (respectively). Known issue: The config screen version display looks janky when playing with any of the RC patches. This should resolve itself when 2.0 is out.
  3. Just to nitpick, the next Metroid game after Super Metroid was Metroid Prime. A really good Metroidvania in its own right
  4. For this one, testing with a battle at the start. If Biggs/Wedge use a Magitek command it's writing %5 dried meat into the inventory. If Terra uses anything or if anyone defends/row then it's adding %5 Slim Jims. Some discord chat is saying they're getting items as soon as the battle starts, personal testing hasn't had an item show up until after one of the PCs does something ETA: personal testing on RC12-a, others on base RC12
  5. To add onto this, the lag appears to roughly be "wait until damage/healing text vanishes, then continue". It causes some lagginess for everything, but is most noticeable when dual wielding. Example during DW:
  6. Terra's attack in the flash back doesn't have a name. She also doesn't move at all during the scene. (Fixed in the next RC) The wolves in the Captain battle don't seem to have names. (No fucking clue on this one. Anyone got a screenshot?)
  7. RC4 (due to RC5 hardlocking at airship) As soon as one of the doors changed this happened. Getting a random encounter fixed it. Movement did not seem to be altered, only graphics.
  8. Interacting with airship controls in RC5 (WoR) hardlocks the game. (Synchysi: This is caused by the usME issue mentioned below.)
  9. World of Ruin, Serpent Trench occasionally has encounters that are empty. South Figaro Cave, last room before Figaro Castle, has the same issue for every encounter I had in it. (Will be fixed in RC-6) In addition, something seems to break for XP upon reaching level 20. An encounter with Celes/Sabin granting 525 total XP only took her from 121 xp to level to 108 xp to level. (Added to bug list) Some formations have monsters partway off the screen during pincers. One example: FC 3x Djinn formation (Will need to start a section documenting all weird pincer formations - keep these coming)
  10. Here's a set of .srm files. I'm not sure how exactly Retroarch handles SNES saves as I don't use it for SNES, but for SNES9x, simply drop the .srm file into the saves folder where your emulator should be and rename it to match the ROM's name. These are all complete saves, as in I gathered everything one could at the time and got all the rages etc. In addition, Shadow is alive in the saves. I'd recommend grabbing the one that's furthest along that matches what you've done but doesn't have anything finish you didn't do (alternatively grab the .srm with the first save after getting the airship) Also, I'd say to stop using save states for anything other than emergency saves... But that's just me.
  11. Io is encountered in the Kefka battle area, where the ice dragon wanders around
  12. But that's all we do anyway.
  13. First I'd like to say that this is a nice review, giving honest and opinions that are quite fair. It's also clear that you put thought and formatting into it (even something simply like green/red text). I'm not going to nitpick any opinions or anything here from you, but I'd like to address some statements you've made as far as factual accuracy goes and possibly explain some things. So, here's how nATB works. It only fills if you are in a top level menu and there are no animations being played. So the menu tricking you were doing doesn't actually accomplish anything. To reiterate, being in a submenu pauses everybody's ATB. When a monster's ATB is paused so is yours. The bets not feeling like upgrades anymore is by design. From a personal stance I kinda wish that the trades were completely public knowledge. In addition the player either has to already know what both items do or consult the printme to see what they're actually getting. As far as having to waste time on battles, I recall BTB has mentioned that he's just going to make all of the Colosseum battles much easier ones. To add on to the "very few bets felt like straight upgrades" thing. There's an element of 'pick your poison' here. You either have to make the trades into upgrades, which basically makes it "just mindlessly do them and move on" or you have to make them not upgrades, to where a lot of players don't really see the point (especially when the details of what you'll end up getting and the full trade 'map' isn't visible in-game) Lastly, I feel like you know this one. But I feel it worth stating that the gear swapping was removed because it didn't work properly with how BNW puts the dual wield and two-hand properties on the weapons themselves instead of outside relics. Last I heard @GrayShadows was working on a method to allow people to swap a weapon/shield out, but it would cost a turn. In regards to these, they scale off Magic and Stamina respectively. Chakra/Mantra are(were?) getting buffed a bit. That being said, it's a hard sell for them unless you're building Edgar or Sabin very heavy on Magic/Stamina. Since you did more 'general/well rounded' style of builds I can see how they'd seem weak.
  14. As far as including summon info in game, as far as I remember that was unfortunately removed when the Esper equip bonuses were added. The response is likely going to be something about space (either in the overall banks or for the individual frames... or both). Regarding the difficulty, you mentioned the rats going at you when you only have Terra. Early game enemies will behave more aggressively when the party is higher level. This is so that they still do something noticeable on return trips. A few examples are Wild Rats, Leafers, Repo Man, and Mammoth. All of these monsters have 'extra' attacks that they'll start tossing out after you reach level 7. Advice on handling that would largely be to avoid grinding unless you find you really need it.
  15. The equipping issue comes down to how the game handles the dual-wield and two-hand effects. Because BNW has them on weapons it makes it so that the swaps don't properly swap those effects around. If that part gets fixed then it'd be possible to implement. I believe BTB has talked about allowing it to be done but it taking a turn for the swap to happen