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  1. No ETA, it's just a "Done when it's done" one. As far as save compatibility goes, this isn't going to be a major patch and your old saves will remain usable unless you consider "Cyan has 1 more vigor than he should" to be gamebreaking.
  2. If you use a shield and that lets Celes not die so you can get an extra 1-2 fight commands from her on a boss, then using a Crystal Shield is actually a more offensive option Using a relic slot for "Maybe I won't run out of MP while my character should be spending every turn doing something very MP efficient" is a terrible option for Celes. If you're utilizing Vigor Celes for her biggest strength she shouldn't be OOMing, and no 1-2 turns used (by any character) to top her if it's needed does not erase the the extra damage gained from using a good relic that actually contributes to damage or survivability directly. Why is it that putting Mag Edgar or Stam Sabin in a party with Vig Celes means they're "just" covering her MP costs? It's entirely plausible that the other 2 characters in the party are MP chuggers. Edgar and Sabin have notable support toolkits that can be fully utilized. Celes is already good for MP anyway, hell you could make use of her varied toolkit by popping runic a couple times and she's suddenly fine on MP AND is contributing to the party's survival at the same time. The context of the OP was "Do I need to build Terra and Celes differently because of the sword and relic choices?" Me saying that the relic and sword choices are not build defining and the girls can shine without Apoc/Illumina and without Soul/Gem box is in fact the crux of the conversation.
  3. Why are you prioritizing MP cost reduction on an offensive character to begin with? The topic creator was talking about how important the items are for those builds. It's perfectly viable to run a vig or mag Terra or Celes without the swords or the relics. Crystal Orb increases proc damage by 25% straight, this is going to be a more noticable boost than the +7 mag from soul box. In addition, the 25% MP boost helps with sustain. Hero Ring gives +7 Vig and +7 Mag, a significant boost. It also gives +HP% and +MP% giving her survivability (so she can keep swinging) and sustain. If you want to go this route and want to go all in on Celes offense, you can bserk her and suddenly she won't cover anymore Stat Stick: 100% worth the stats. There's a ton of other sources of Rerise (Setzer, Shadow, Relm, even Gau if you wanted to stretch it) and MP regen (a speedier character tossing a tincture or ether like 3 times in a fight isn't even a noticable loss, or Sabin/Edgar) where the MP reduction relic is made redundant unless the character is constantly tossing higher cost magic around. If you're spending half your turns casting Rerise and support spells you're losing out on Celes' damage anyway so you may as well build Siren or something for an actual support build.
  4. Bug? (info below)

    Characters shirting forward and backward weirdly and Palidor bugs are known issues. This is the first I've heard of it happening with the Intangir swap so I imagine it was fun.
  5. Crystal Orb, Hero Ring, another Stat Stick for a few examples for Vigor Celes that 'is' running Illumina. I was more disagreeing with the apparent importance being pushed on having the items. Notice that 2 of these relics also increase her MP pool while increasing her damage output via +7 to direct damage stats (and +5 speed on Stat Stick) or +25% magic damage. Alternatively, yes a relevant status protection relic can have a huge impact. If you're needing Vigor Celes to stop attacking so often that she runs herself OOM casting things like Rerise, you may need to consider more defensive gearing or some party adjustments.
  6. Hard disagree on the above. Gem/Soul Box are really only worth it on caster builds that don't stack +MP ELs. They're not worth the relic slot for half MP on MP Crits. In addition, a vigor Terra or Celes can function very well without their respective swords. Zantetsuken + Wing Edge is pretty beefy damage, as is 2-handing Excalibur (when you're not hitting the damage cap there). Their super cool swords are basically the best option they have as a caster stat stick as well. A better way to decide between the 2 weapons is that if one of them is using a Stam build (and therefore probably wants Atma Weapon) get the sword for the other character. So both weapons and relics are really nice but all the builds for both characters can function very well without them.
  7. Rod jumping in general is less damage than rod fighting. If you have the MP for MP crits then being in the front row swinging the rod is a higher damage multiplier than jump. It's basically just a more 'defensive' form of rod fighting (jump delay and back row)
  8. Thinking you have to backtrack is perfectly understandable, Magimaster and Kaizer's gimmicks can be handled by any party comp (assuming one has all their abilities unlocked). Hell, Umaro was used in the fastest and smoothest Kaiser kill I've seen.
  9. Missable WoB rages

    Phantom Train enemies (like Lich) are in the big forest south of phantom forest/west of the veldt.
  10. Most Important Attributes?

    HP boosting is the "boring but effective" route for pretty much any character that has access to it. If you have high HP and immunity to the statuses any given boss does you can usually KO it. No HP ELs are needed to clear the game (or levels even as LLG has proven) Outside of that, it depends on the character, build, and preference.
  11. Missable WoB rages

    Cactaur is not missable and no lores are missable. You can have 35 rages before Floating Continent + 4 from the continent itself (note that FC enemies aren't missable as they are in the WoR)
  12. Myria is overtuned

    If you are 2-handing it and not hitting the damage cap (and make sure you have MP for crits) Excalibur is usually* more damage than Illumina unless the enemy is high defense or Holy weak. *Gear, levels, and other conditions may apply, see store for details
  13. 1 dragon left?

    Most of the dragons' drops are items you have access to more than 1 of, so not super easily. I recommend just warping out and checking while keeping a save in the tower to backtrack to.
  14. 1 dragon left?

    The dragon countdown is not counting Kaiser. As far as dragon locations: 1 in Narshe Fields (where the first Kefka battle is) 1 in Mt. Zozo 1 in Ancient Castle 1 in Opera House 1 in Fanatic's Tower 1 in Phoenix Cave 2 in Kefka's Tower
  15. Recent posts?

    Activity > Unread Content will show all threads that have new posts. On the hope page, the "topics" section links to the 5 most recently posted to threads
  16. Random Encounters

    Possibly? A vanilla code that simply sets the threat counter to 0 or acts like you have the aforementioned equipment flag would likely work. Finding/making a code that does that is beyond my scope of knowledge though.
  17. Random Encounters

    BNW doesn't have an encounter removing relic. The encounter rate should be slightly fewer than vanilla. That being said, vanilla's random encounters being complete breezes makes BNW's feel more frequent. Without cheating or editing the ROM you can't reduce the encounter rate. There is a "fewer encounters" equipment flag that is still functional, but I'll leave editing gear to have it to your own efforts as BNW doesn't work fully with FF3usME without extra work.
  18. Missable WoB rages

    They are a WoR rage, no longer up in the snowy fields apparently. Look around in the caves around Mog's room. (If where you are fighting ends up with a formation with 6 fuzzy enemies, it's not the right cave) Alternatively, you might have encountered it in Cyan's Dream (the part that used to be a MagiTek section) to enable them on the veldt
  19. Download and patch directly onto your BNW 2.0 ROM. The password for it is the same as the BNW unlockme password After TENS OF MINUTES of work I'm ready to release my modification to Brave New World. This is deliberately designed to be harder in a "FF3usME stat hack" style. @seibaby helped a bunch. Changelog below: V1: ATB formula changed so that enemy ATB fills twice as quickly. Esper Levels that grant HP now grant half the HP Warp and Warp Whistle made 33.33x more expensive. V2: Lowered ATB multipliers for slow/normal/haste by 5 each due to an overflow error causing hasted enemies to have very few turns Made the timer for status ticks constant, so that they are no longer affected by other status effects like Slow, Haste, Sleep, and Stop V3: Removed the Warp and Warp Whistle price hike V4: Added Warp Whistles to many item shops Added Back Guard to (pre-IMTRF) Narshe relic shop Reduced Back Guard price to 5000 (was 7500) V5: Fixed a text error reported by @thzfunnymzn way back in February where HP EL gains were still displaying old values V6: At the request of @BTB I have edited the config screen to reflect that you are playing Nowea Hard Type. I did this all by myself and there's absolutely no way I screwed something up in the mean time. V7: Standardized HP and MP ELs, now all HP and MP ELs give +20 (if with another stat) or +40 (if just giving HP or MP) Added 4 new items. 3 are rare steals and 1 is a Colosseum trade. Steals were only edited on current humanoid random enemies that had steals previously. Note: This version uses item indexes 16, 60, 66, and 247. In 1.9 and 1.10 these indexes are not used, but other versions are not guaranteed. In addition, for maximum compatibility, these new items don't have descriptions V8: Changed 1 hidden item. 2.0: Added more easter egg weapons, some as rare drops and some as rare steals from humanoids. Note that these weapons still do not have descriptions. These added weapons use item slots that BNW 1.9 uses, but 2.0 doesn't. This effectively means that NHT 2.0 is for the BNW 2.0 line only. Altered and added formations, expect to see some new enemy combos and enemies where you don't expect. Sometimes this even works in your favor Added a password requirement to access the patch, the password is the same as the BNW unlockme. I don't want people playing NHT as their first BNW experience in general. Now every item and relic shop has Warp Whistles or Back Guards (respectively).
  20. Nowea Hard Type

    Yeah, Stinger is a super nice Scimitar-Class weapon for the very early game. It drops in usefulness after Zozo usually due to the lack of bpow and weak proc but a sap proc and insta-kill is useful. Technically he has a 2/3 chance of using Fire any round he doesn't use sleep until he gets under 1024 HP
  21. The BNW devs aren't personally interested in retroachivements at all. There has been some discussion about it with some of the more knowledgeable people considering what could be done. I know at one point @Aura Of The Dawn was talking about it a lot.
  22. Where is Mantodea?

    Maranda/Jidoor overworld
  23. Nowea Hard Type

    This is updated to 2.0, yes. Some of the items I added have glitchy animations but they still function (This is addressed on my end but not put out in a patch yet). That being said, make sure you have the unlockme password handy since I don't like people tossing on NHT without any BNW experience.
  24. I'm not one who has done so, but multiple people have beaten BNW with XP off for the entire game and therefore at level 3. Generally strats relied pretty heavily on Gau raging Conjurer to get Rerise spam or Flan for Life spam + Elemental Immunities
  25. Rough go at some Builds for 2.0

    Just for the record, outside of some truly excessive grinding you won't reach level 50. 30-35 range is what you should be building around for end-game. And probably around 20 ELs give or take