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  1. 0.780, didn't notice there was a 0.782 since i downloaded it at the previous patch. New one will fix that hopefully.
  2. Hello, first thing first is that so far loving the mod. Here to report a few things that i think are not intended so far in the mod. 1) Bartz HP drop to 0 once a new battle begin a) I'm at the part where you save the moogle from the undead T-rex enemy and during that dungeon everytime i would enter a battle Bartz HP would just drop to 0. I thought it was a Hero slot problem so i swapped him around and it would repeat for whatever slot he is (I think Exdeath really wants Bartz dead) 2) The Undead T-rex Boss a) Speaking of the Boss in that dungeon, during our fight he decided to smack 3 party members for 7k damage just out of nowhere, is that intended? Still managed to beat said boss Concluding my post i decided to continue playing despite Bartz HP dropping to 0 and it kept persisting throughout the game. Thank you.