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  1. In the past, I've made a song for Angel (not the one currently registered on the site, but an old member we now haven't seen in a while), an opening video to use for FFTA:X AI Tournament for FFTA, and designed a holiday greeting in Terraria for AuraPlatonic. And this is only what I've done. There has been all kinds of submissions -- Hart-Hunt made a chip tune out of one of my songs with a band I used to play with, and a lot of holiday greeting pictures have been made, either with ties to what has happened in the community, or just with a general greeting. ...you can do pretty much whatever, just do something nice.
  2. Secret Santa always stresses me out a little, but I'm always in. x]
  3. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    I understand most of the concerns, but it is still an interesting idea that definitely is worth trying out to see how it works in real life. If it works at all, it's a pretty fresh approach. Side-note: save scummers gonna save scum. Never design to try and block that. Only worry I see being, from my perspective, invalid. Edit: OK, the worry would be having to deal with those people on the forums/chat... >.>
  4. Development stream updates!

    Nice to see you back up on the mod-horse! I might find the time to check in on the stream Sunday! Depending on when it is, of course.
  5. I'm not gonna lie: it will remain a low priority feature. That being said, now when I've been reminded, I might take a stab at it fairly soon, if I find the time to focus on it.
  6. The Perfect Video for NG+ Members

    Bump, because I hope to see more. :3
  7. Sal-U-Tations! [penny.gif]

    Noice! Welcome to the site. BNW brings all the boys to the yard, for the most part, but as you said, there are other goodies here to look into! If you haven't already, don't forget to join our chat to get the full community experience.
  8. Battle Tag Sharing

  9. The torrent has a very steady host, to boot...
  10. Podcast Review of BNW

    I questioned it the same way Idnex just did here when I first read it, I've just not been present enough to formulate a response. Anyway, just here to agree with Idnex on this -- don't mix up "majority" with "objectivity". Also, there is no reference to support the claim that Woolsey's original, unaltered script is favored by the majority -- in my experience, it's the opposite (which in no way is proof of anything, just pointing out that what we "feel" isn't reliable -- at all).
  11. Podcast Review of BNW

    This is why discussions regarding the script is entirely fruitless. It just ends up being "My opinion is better than yours", which is entirely pointless.
  12. Hello Everyone

    Howdy there, welcome to the site! I'm glad that people are still finding their way over here from ID, lurkers and members alike.
  13. Where are the forum rules

    It seems you think that just because you deliver your words with a confident tone, it must be true. It does not work like that. This very niche community is very healthy, despite its miniscule intended audience and the former (now in the past) issues related to insanedifficulty.com (where the community started). Your posts don't match up with our entire history.
  14. Looking for a pre-patched ROM

    Considering its illegality, it's nothing that we offer here on the forums.
  15. Looking for a pre-patched ROM

    I'm sadly gonna give you a non-answer, but have you tried just to use wine with the Windows version of whatever patcher you need? Used to do this with the PSX patcher ppf-o-matic all the time.
  16. Mystery Egg and Rage Belt...

    So, where did all the posts go? If anyone wonders, I did a split.
  17. Another mod sub-forum sees the light of day, and @zombero is once again the person behind the mod itself. Make your way over to the steaming fresh forum with your questions, bug reports and/or critique regarding SMTN:HT, or just to see what the mod is about!
  18. 1.3 Easytype plus Complete - anyone have this?

    To each their own, but if your impression is that there has only been minor differences since that release, then you're quite wrong. The difference is quite major, actually.
  19. Hi there! I just wanted to point out that we recently added CT:LA to the list of mods with a dedicated sub-forum. The mod is not really that new, so this is simply doing what should have already been done some time ago! The mod is maintained by @zombero, who also maintains "Ogre Battle: In the Lap of the Gods", as well as some other mods.
  20. Play this as a group if possible

    Ah, nice, so I can use Mednafen (RetroArch) for Netplay. Cool, yo. Haven't used Mednafen a lot, but I think it will be my emulator of choice going forward for most console emulation. Maybe I should find a team to try this out with. Any one interested? ;D
  21. Play this as a group if possible

    For net play, I guess we're still stuck with ZSNES, right? Or do anyone else have any other suggestions? Also, if anyone does, have you tried it out (i.e. not just "read it somewhere")?
  22. For those of you interested in music...

    The homepage appears dead, I can't load it. Did the project die?