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  1. I questioned it the same way Idnex just did here when I first read it, I've just not been present enough to formulate a response. Anyway, just here to agree with Idnex on this -- don't mix up "majority" with "objectivity". Also, there is no reference to support the claim that Woolsey's original, unaltered script is favored by the majority -- in my experience, it's the opposite (which in no way is proof of anything, just pointing out that what we "feel" isn't reliable -- at all).
  2. This is why discussions regarding the script is entirely fruitless. It just ends up being "My opinion is better than yours", which is entirely pointless.
  3. Howdy there, welcome to the site! I'm glad that people are still finding their way over here from ID, lurkers and members alike.
  4. It seems you think that just because you deliver your words with a confident tone, it must be true. It does not work like that. This very niche community is very healthy, despite its miniscule intended audience and the former (now in the past) issues related to insanedifficulty.com (where the community started). Your posts don't match up with our entire history.
  5. Considering its illegality, it's nothing that we offer here on the forums.
  6. I'm sadly gonna give you a non-answer, but have you tried just to use wine with the Windows version of whatever patcher you need? Used to do this with the PSX patcher ppf-o-matic all the time.
  7. So, where did all the posts go? If anyone wonders, I did a split.
  8. Another mod sub-forum sees the light of day, and @zombero is once again the person behind the mod itself. Make your way over to the steaming fresh forum with your questions, bug reports and/or critique regarding SMTN:HT, or just to see what the mod is about!
  9. To each their own, but if your impression is that there has only been minor differences since that release, then you're quite wrong. The difference is quite major, actually.
  10. Hi there! I just wanted to point out that we recently added CT:LA to the list of mods with a dedicated sub-forum. The mod is not really that new, so this is simply doing what should have already been done some time ago! The mod is maintained by @zombero, who also maintains "Ogre Battle: In the Lap of the Gods", as well as some other mods.
  11. Ah, nice, so I can use Mednafen (RetroArch) for Netplay. Cool, yo. Haven't used Mednafen a lot, but I think it will be my emulator of choice going forward for most console emulation. Maybe I should find a team to try this out with. Any one interested? ;D
  12. For net play, I guess we're still stuck with ZSNES, right? Or do anyone else have any other suggestions? Also, if anyone does, have you tried it out (i.e. not just "read it somewhere")?
  13. The homepage appears dead, I can't load it. Did the project die?
  14. Nothing I have any idea about, but I do know @Kyrios used to swap sprites some. Maybe he's got an idea? It took some time for me to reply, but better late than never: Welcome to the NG+!
  15. Sup

    Heya! Welcome to the NG+ forums as well. I would like to think the forums and the discord server are complementary of each other, though there will always be people you see in one place, not visiting the other, due to preference. The discord thrives as per usual, the site needs a little push to get going fully, but we are getting there. Glad to see you here as well!
  16. I just came in to say that I enjoy that reference. :3 Welcome to NG+!
  17. Hi! Considering the close relationship the ID community has with NG+, I post this in the Site Update section. As many of you have realized by now, Insane Difficulty is currently down. We at NG+ have yet to hear from the owner of ID, so we do not know exactly what is going on. Nonetheless, what we do know is: not only is ID's official homepage down, but also the facebook page and the youtube channel. The general consensus is that it has been taken down for good, but keep in mind that it is only speculation at this point. Also, here's a quote from @ninjasdf from the Discord announcement channel:
  18. For whatever reason, I stopped playing games a while back, probably got saturated for the time being. I do kick something up on occasion, but it's been mostly stuff that I already know, or just to fill the time, and then I'm straight back to not playing anything again. But I usually get back in style, sooner or later. Original: Xenogears Mass Effect: Andromeda (have an early game save file, though) Undertale Spelunky I have no idea, so many games... It's hard to remember all I've said "gotta play this game at some point" to. The list above is not necessarily even the ones I'm most interested in, just the first ones to pop into my head. Now, the below list is more interesting. Hacks: FFVI: Brave New World (for real, this time) Monster Tactics Mega Man X: Hard Type FFVII: New Threat Meatspace games: Volley Club -- I've only touched the surface of that game, needz it more... [Random example from google image search]
  19. smrpg:a

    Maybe it's simply because I haven't played SMRPG:A at all, but I don't understand what you're suggesting; what your idea is about. Maybe try to elaborate a little?
  20. Nice to hear, both the own game you're talking about as well as a future update of RS/FS. I will most likely pick it up again if there is a new major version being released. If your demo comes out before the weekend, I'll probably have some time to try it out then!
  21. Yeah, that's comming up. The entire history of this community. That in itself is worth a lot.
  22. Yes! I don't know exactly when it will be uploaded for hosting, but I feel pretty confident saying that it will come up fairly soon.
  23. fft 1.3

    Yo! We will not be adding 1.3 as a separate forum at this time. All dedicated forums have the support of the mod creators (actually, the mod creators run their own mod forum). However, you are free to discuss 1.3 in "General Discussion", and preferably with the "fft 1.3" tag/prefix.