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  1. That's not a bad idea. Maybe not what we should start with, but not a bad idea at all.
  2. So, I've found this plug-in, but I can't just download it for a test drive, it seems. Also, don't know if it would do what I want to anyway. Otherwise, one could try to just add an if statement, checking the forum name or current url or something such (whatever is easiest), and add the appropriate css tags to change the div class "ipsPageHeader" to include a specific background image.
  3. After looking around a little, the short answer to this is "no". But there are always longer answers involving the answer "yes", as it of course is technically possible. From what I can see, you can force change the theme a forum uses, so technically possible that way. However, tedious to keep several whole themes up to date for this single purpose. Will have to research more to see if there are easier ways to go about this, without resorting to something home cooked and half baked.
  4. OK, so you have not uploaded your files anywhere. There is a plethora of ways to go about this. I can recommend several, but I guess you're not that interested in checking out alternatives, so I'll narrow it down to one, for the sake of simplicity. Go to the homepage http://dropcanvas.com/ Create an account if you want the files to be available for longer than 6 hours. Drag and drop to upload Copy-paste the "Share link", which can be found at the top of the page when you've started the upload.
  5. Yeah, as you seem to have understood, management over at ID was hardly existent for years, ngplus.net being the reaction to that. Advent = Kyrios I'm gonna be honest, I'll probably not try to do this challenge. Partly because I never really was that good at 1.3 (not that bad either, though), partly because I haven't played FFT for years, but mostly because I don't feel like it at the moment (i.e. got better things to do). If the latter changes, I might give it a go. Hopefully someone else will oblige you, however.
  6. It seems like one of the standard ways to find this place. Welcome to NG+! I hope you enjoy your stay. I don't need to add anything else here.
  7. Checking through the documentation is considered sexy... ...by very few people.
  8. I'm a navigation nut. I want the navigation on the site to feel easy and fluent. I should not have to think twice. This is generally the case here on NG+, we have a good platform. However, I seem to not naturally be drawn to the current methods of getting to the latest post while browsing new content. Does nothing more than show you what type of content it is. Takes you to the latest post in the thread Takes you to the start of the thread Takes you to the latest post It works as is, but 2) is neither an obvious choice design wise or that easy to navigate via. The travel from "Unread Content" in the top left and 4) is also not good from a UX perspective. I would suggest making 1) also go the the latest post of the thread/the new content.
  9. I would just like to agree with above posters -- no subsection needed for it, as it already has a place. I would say "General" if you are just playing a mod and wish to talk about it, "Development" if you are (one of) the creator(s), for feedback and announcements.
  10. I just wish to inform that I have now made downloads available to guest viewers of the site -- i.e. you don't need to register to download. If you bump into any issues, just holler.
  11. Goddamnit... I'm away during the whole week, starting tomorrow. I guess I will get one night of GDQ. Not that anyone should feel sorry for me, I just have other stuff planned (like hosting a week long circus/fire arts camp). Oh well, I can't have everything.
  12. I'm in, but very rarely available (especially since I don't have anything decent to play games on at home). We'll probably talk on discord about this!
  13. A silly coincident, but I was living as a homeless (which is a big difference -- I had a home to get back to in Sweden, so not making a comparison here) while traveling around the states for a while, and managed to hitch a ride from Arkansas to Seattle (in a re-purposed police car). The story is a lot longer, but this thread is not about me. Anyway, sent in a small donation. Best of luck, D!
  14. What is it that you wish to do? Add a playlist of videos, or extra/related content? For extra/related content, we'd have to look into what you just described above. To just have a playlist, just use the link to the youtube-playlist, and it will be available on ng+ as well. Then you also don't need to update the video section as you update the playlist on youtube. What would do is just post a comment saying a new one has arrived, or something such. Regardless, we should look into making that section more user friendly.
  15. Congrats, well done and welcome to the site!
  16. Ah, nice! Hopefully I'll find myself trying this in the future.
  17. It's great to see your face around these them parts! <3
  18. I approve.
  19. Hello there, and welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find something to your liking.
  20. 170x170 pixels is the maximum size. SLASH It should fit within the attached picture's canvas.
  21. Yo! Got reports on NG+ not handling PMs as expected, so fiddled with the settings. It should be solved now, but without any sort of testing, I can't know for certain. If you experience trouble sending PMs, just holler in this thread or to any Overlord/Administrator on Discord. As a bonus, while I was looking around, I changed so members now can vote up to 50 content votes per day, instead of the earlier restriction of 10.
  22. Keep in mind, I was only talking about best practice in the videos section: http://ngplus.net/index.php?/videos/ How you present your LP in this thread is up to you.
  23. Best practice is to make a playlist on Youtube, and then link to that playlist (instead of individual videos). As long as you add the video to the playlist on youtube, it's on here as well.