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  1. Steal should have the poison element - though that doesn't affect the action itself; the upgraded form uses your weapon's element because there it is part of the attack. I hope you read the beginner's house, it should explain the most important new things. I'm half sad that a visit to the town is almost required - and half not because that way the chance is higher that people get some info from the info dump beginner's house. This way Raptor is the most likely candidate to win the "hardest boss in the game" award Btw. which scan HP display is preferable? just the total HP, not hinting at things like HP break points or a proper split into effective HP and number of remaining segments (LP) there was quite a bit of confusion over the HP values so far... like the boss has 3k left, was hit for 2x 2k (x-magic) and then another x-fight - and he was only down to 1k HP. Turns out the first point of reference was about 500 HP from the next threshold, so 3.5k damage wasted from the x-magic.
  2. I meant more in the sense that rank4/5 are similar in relative power but have different "roles"; like Flash4 is more a healer while 5 is more a damage dealer, etc.
  3. Even if I had wanted to, there's not really a lot I can do about CM squishiness/defense. STR can grow by level, AGL can grow by level, defense only has a flat bonus, so any try to give them more def makes them invulnerable early (high flat bonus) or too fast (AGL) or too strong (STR), ... yeah This was really problematic for the earth CM Sully since he's supposed to by tanky but slow. At Lv99 his original rank4 had 627 HP, 345 STR, 28 AGL, 316 DFP, 9 MGR now that is 770 HP, 581 STR, 182 AGL, 431 DFP, 23 MGR. and you don't want to know how long I had to adjust numbers to get Darbi5's Lv99 stats "right". I hope the differences between the Rank4 and 5 forms are somewhat notable, too.
  4. eh, I originally wanted to limit it to 20 skill slots, proved too much hassle, so I left it at 36. Plus you have 3 guinea pig characters that leave the party permanently, can always dump some skills out of curiosity just on them.
  5. The price is high because I originally didn't want the skill reset at all - still don't.
  6. Oracle learns skills in order: !Recover, !Predict, Turbo MP, !Fate, Enigma Enigma - innate, grants chance to dodge spells like aegis shield, though at 20% instead of 33% and does not stack, shield takes priority !Predict - 8 spells; each can be only used once per battle, execution requires a cast time of about 2 turns (double of !Jump), all 8 are unlocked by default Deluge: deals water/ice ground-type damage to all enemies Hurricane: deals wind damage to all enemies, extra strong against heavy enemies Plague: deals level-based poison damage to all enemies, can inflict poison and blind Dark Fog: can inflict poison, blind, mute, paralyze, stop to all enemies Starfall: deals high random-type ice/earth damage to all enemies Calamity: deals high fire/earth damage to all enemies, sets terrain elements to earth/fire Blessing: heal entire party, cures poison and blind Judgment: deals high holy/bolt damage to all enemies, heal party based on damage dealt !Fate - single target offensive spell but the effect changes based on the caster's name; potential effects include: magic damage (regular, def piercing or own HP based) HP drain to self or party one or more of various status effects: blind, poison, mini, toad, petrify, mute, berserk, charm, paralyze, sleep, old, slow, stop What does this Oracle variant have in common with the vanilla Oracle? {NULL}
  7. v0.665 added abilities for Oracle job changed default walk speed to regular dash, B = max dash, Y = slow walk magic damage is now subject to magic evade (or phys.evade/4 for player if that is higher) and accuracy (level, weight, agl, vit, mag) the damage is not subject to randomness; minimum is 50%, maximum 130% altered handling for multi damage attacks from "best resistance" to splitted damage removed damage variance from monster attack you can now always equip 2 weapons for dual wield but if the dual wield ability is not known you receive another -25% damage penalty renamed the ability Politics to Pillage sylph-type moves (deal damage and heal party by damage/4) are now subject to element; if the damage is absorbed the party is not damaged increased accuracy of Finesse/Weaken steadyMP no longer gives MP before the 1st turn added skill unlocking via owned bomb count to !Tinker added skill unlocking via total job levels to !Martial and !Finesse sleep status of "heavy" enemies is now cured by poison ticks and live loss mute no longer prevents casting, instead cuts magic accuracy in half - this also directly affects magic damage changed formula for Golem-type walls to (100+PARAM1*VIT)*(d(lv+2)*d(MAG+2)/4)/256, with d(x) as diminishing values for 30+
  8. At least not on normal.
  9. I've not removed any items from the AC, only added the new spells to it.
  10. It is possible, though you'll need a lot extra levels and bought spells for stats compared to where you should be/vanilla, especially on hard.
  11. no it doesn't because it is already included by default
  12. Version 1.042


    Major features: Equipment offers various bonuses instead of a simple attack and defense progression Rebalanced classes, stats and spells, almost everything is usable now Modified formulas that keep even high level techs useful Expanded inbattle options with running, regular strong attacks and counter techs Passive MP regeneration with high cost spells: be smart with your magic Extensive boss AI changes Accelerated level curve: from class changing at the earliest mana stone to facing the final boss at the level cap Transformed the shield slot into a second accessoire slot for everyone, shields count as regular accessoires Increased inventory capacity to 20 per item type instead of 9 Tons of bugfixes ranging from agility stats not working to Kevin's wolfform stacking attack bonuses 5 difficulties to choose from, covering the spectrum from "easier than vanilla" to "Atlus would be proud"
  13. Assassin learns skills in order: !Hide, !Ambush, Evade, Two Handed, Inner Eye Inner Eye - innate, weapon attacks that would miss instead produce a grazing hit of reduced damage (stat/2, level/4 for damage calculation) !Ambush - like !Fight but gets a damage bonus if used after !Hide BEFORE an enemy "sees" the user; no damage bonus against undead. If an enemy sees you they can drag you out of hiding before you chose to, in that case you are obviously not hidden anymore for bonus purposes. If you leave hide on your own you can retain the bonus until an enemy attacks or at least targets you - misses end the bonus as well. Why do I create abilities that require their own rule book...
  14. v0.635 v0.637 added abilities for Assassin job winning a (non-repeatable!) boss encounter on difficulty1 now awards a "Shard" having shards in your inventory increases gained exp by ~3% enemies have a 12% chance (33% for heavy enemies) to forcibly end hide status fraction-type damage spells are now subject to difficulty (unchanged on 4, less on 1-3, more on 5-6) fraction-type damage spells are now halved by shell status and by Opal Bracelet added a monster damage modifier by difficulty: 150% - 1, ..., 100% - 4, 75% - 6 constant damage attacks deal double damage in new game plus replaced Dispel/Anti-Magic Bow with Hunter Bow: 17 atk added Hunter Bow and Amber jewel (lightning element relic) to tule shop reduced price for amber from 380 to 135 reduced magic bonus for amber from 3 to 2 reduced HP and damage of WingRaptor renamed Blue/Vampire to Blue/Leech Jump: reduced 2x damage bonus to 1.5x but now applies to all physical weapons Jump: fists, lances, katanas get +25% attack critical hits are no longer exclusive to katanas, fists and bows; instead all attacks that deal physical damage can deal critical hits damage for critical hits decreased from 200% or 250% with ability to 150%/200% base critical chance is now 10%, increased by certain weapons; crit rate bonus stacks when dual wielding
  15. Nah, I wanted to keep it this way because I always find it strange if you start at exactly 0 in RPGs. Hey, that dude is a successful business making quite a fortune - 0 gold. Legendary warrior - Lv1. Yeah....
  16. It randomizes the randomness? I would guess this is more an option for advanced FF6 nerds - those that know how to abuse the default RNG, e.g. when encounters happen, how to force certain drops? The most obvious change might be encounter distribution; you'd probably still have the same amount of total encounters if you loop once through the RNG fully but with this they might be distributed differently, like the first 5 encounter come very soon and then you see a long time nothing. If FF6 has a way to seed the initial RNG forcibly this shuffle would make that technique void. Just a guess though.
  17. Softlock is "easy" - the ghostship+volcano sequence resource management on hard is a bit easier and harder; easier because chest drop rate is higher easier because a bad streak sends you to the title screen instead of into the reds harder, well obviously because of how fast the bad streak can happen
  18. The default difficulty being the hardest was a conscious decision. Basically you are 99% certainly required - thanks to limitations of both the base game and my hacking skills - to interact with the documentation, if only to find out how to open the menu now... so the default difficulty being the highest is my little test (a.k.a. dick move): did you understand what you read. If I would set it to a different default, it'd be easy since that is closest to what vanilla would be. Well, money is a topic of its own; since you can spent money only once, either on new gear or consumables, those that "know" what they need are clearly at a huge advantage here. Though the items (or money by selling them) you get from chest is supposed to be counted into that as well, so... dunno, I'd probably have to make equipment super-cheap across the board and reduce boss gold? but then you can just buy the perfect gear setup for each boss which is something I don't want either. The money game falls apart mid game from increasing gold gains (mostly bosses, mid game is a huge boss rush), less need to buy new equipment since 90% of the stuff was already available and the increasing chance that you have someone that knows heal light to cut down on healing expenses. I see no good solution for this.
  19. entirely passive, doesn't stack
  20. When the hate meter reaches the point where the boss would normally use a counter move, you get a random chance that he will not use his counter move; either way the hate value drops down to 0.
  21. or light Kevin or light Charlie would have been choices as well for that
  22. I think it should affect them - is your level at least on par with them? That was a limitation in the original as well.
  23. -intentional, the same spell exists outside AC as well; the whole set of spells it belongs to is part of a joke against the people of that town -I think that is vanilla behaviour -doesnt really matter, cm exp/level is tied to maxim; i think what happens there is that you have the exact exp that an untied cm would be 1 level higher - afaik they have a separate table with the required exp to next level that needs ever so slightly less, like 3 exp difference at lv20
  24. As a sidenote: "greater resistance" was "immunity" in the original version. Regular resistance modifes damage with atk -25%, def +50% (vanilla had just atk -50%, this was never on any enemy, only on heroes) greater resistance modifes damage with atk -50%, def +50% (vanilla had atk = 0) in the damage = (atk - def) * M calculation
  25. v0.611 added info dumps to Beginner's House replaced evade% in equip/status with magic attack power added max job levels to status menu added experimental faster dash: hold Y instead of B to run even faster pierce now also makes attacks ignore up to 20 (magic) defense after other reductions like elemental weakness weakness hits against targets with excessive defense bypass some defense poison ticks against heavy targets get more infrequent over time, refreshed by applying poison again renamed MagicAmp to MightAmp MightAmp now also boosts non-elemental magic by 33% and weapon attack by 25% nerfed spellblade additional element factor from 2 to 1.25 changed spellblade to actually add its element to the weapon's base element instead of only roling a second element check increased spellblade/tempr from flat +20 to +50% attack bonus added +20 flat attack to spellblade/flare increased double grip bonus for weapon attack from +25% to +33% increased double grip bonus for magic attack from +12% to +17% weapons now also have a weight weight recalculation is now also active during battle fixed in-battle calculation for evade reading wrong values fixed text for newly learned abilities fixed miscalculated status durations, e.g. underflowing paralyzation against bosses for infinite stun fixed certain in battle events not firing if the boss is stunned fixed several issues with the sandworm boss fight like too high HP, not having weaknesses, not giving exp, ... fixed !mix resulting in garbage spells "fixed" exploit with old status that reset old-penalty on equip change to 0; base stats now drop by 1 for player characters each tick decreased SolCanon HP, changed type from Holy+Wasser to Holy+Ice decreased Launcher (SolCanon add) HP, changed type from earth to water enemy resistances become strong resistances on difficulty 1-3 or absorb in New Game Plus Galuf lost access to BlackMage, instead gains Arcanist Faris lost access to TimeMage, instead gains Mimic MP gain from Ethers and Elixirs via !X-Item is now reduced to 33% shields can now not only remove their element from weaknesses but also upgrade the resistance to greater resistance