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  1. seriously, what do you think why I added that?
  2. well, aside from trying it with cheats you're out of luck
  3. You're forgetting a tiny detail - you are hitting the boss more often this way so bosses with retaliation attacks trigger those more often (every X number of hits with spells adding more to that meter).
  4. v1.050 added weapon proficiency added natural magic evade based on level, magic stat, job type and equip% added bonus phases to final boss, each unlocked by beating one of the superbosses edited dummy enemy to 5A's Enuo and put him in the last chest, AI as close to the original as possible, sprite recolor of Omniscient edited AI of Shinyru changed encounter rate 6 to off added extra patch for save anywhere Lenna now starts with knife + shield equipped Faris now starts with dagger + knife equipped to show off dual wielding Omega now additionally drops a omega shield (formerly called blood shield) changed type of whips from wind to earth added new whip "Tamer" to tule weapon shop added new boomerang "Edge" to karnak weapon shop added new boomerang "Razor" to kelb weapon shop added new staff "Cleric" to kelb weapon shop added new rod "Storm" to jacole weapon shop added new rod "Magus" to necromancer rare drop added new rod "Nirvana" to Enuo drop added new bell "Mythril" to jacole weapon shop added new bell "Diamond" to surgate weapon shop added new harp "Fairy" to surgate weapon shop added new harp "Demon" to mirage weapon shop increased power of Full Moon from 63 to 102 nerfed attack power of endgame weapons lowered max attack of ChickenKnife to 127 BraveBlade attack power fluctuates between 50 and 150 depending on !Brave and !Def. uses added +2 heal power to flail added +4 heal power to morning star changed icon of flail and morning star from misc to staff fixed tutorial scenes screwing up other event flags fixed out of range bug for new skills potentially fixed stats of Corvette enemy fixed Mime not getting +AGL levels fixed bug that made new jobs not add to starting MP fixed unlock for sage skills not working properly changed skill used with 25% by chicken knife to !Smoke renamed enemy skill Snowstorm to Icestorm to differentiate from Blue/Snowstorm undead player now only get healed by 33% from Doom re-added exp split reduced penalty to exp gain for having a full party from 75% to 50% reduced exp granted from Gil Turtle added heavy flag to Ramuh to prevent victory that bypasses his death speech and made him refightable nerfed Meteo and variants when used by monster removed Hi-Lamia from world1 open sea fixed level of corvette and armon monster added a modifier to bomb damage based on AGL fixed bug that made Vampire skill learning not check the 4th hero slot for vampire job AGL increases proc chance for weapons that release a spell or use an alternative skill GrandCross: list of status effects gets now filtered based on target's HP; healthy targets are protected from instant lose statuses, dead targets get erased replaced book with hint about ZetaFlare's weakness (which doesn't even apply) with a hint on how to unlock the True Final Boss adjusted HP growth of heroes, Lv30 has -300 HP compared to before, difference is given back over the remaining levels reduced HP growth of monster
  5. Order/Geoform is just a dirty 16 bit value during supposedly 8 bit math. So something like x8 would become x264. shielddragon is a stupid mob, huge HP and defenses, innate reflect, and runs away at 50% HP so you get no reward (only in vanilla), they just exist to drive you out of the sealed castle before you have any business there. edit: I think I switched his HP <50% damage reaction from escape to drain, so together with the last chance HP of its heavy state, yeah... that would do it difficulty 1 or "heavy" status (not quite a boss flag) gives mobs a last chance hitpoint, same as if insurance was on. this is nasty with mobs that can heal themselves since they can get that last HP over and over - though to my knowledge neither of the mentioned creatures should have anything like that.. no idea what it is with grabitem... someone else managed to target themselves with that and the game doesn't handle stealing from a player unit well ambush is to be used after !show before anything hits that character. you don't get the bonus if a mob sees you and force-ends !hide that way passives do not stack, only +HP/MP do but only because it is way too much effort to make them not stack... try any other slot, please. I've seen that when it should check for if slot 4 is a vamp it instead checks slot2 gain...
  6. in which character slot is the vamp? you put down some of the BanX skills - they last the entire battle, once a law is passed it stays active - wait until an enemy breaks any of the laws then cast judge. judge heals those that haven't broken any law (more based on VIT and number of laws) and damages all that have broken any of the laws. (can't kill monster though because of reaction:death scripts, don't ask...) damage scales with number of broken laws. e.g. you cast BanMiss, stack up evasion/blind status, wait until enemies have missed a couple times (one of the reasons status spells now show miss instead of nothing when failing to hit, those count as well) and then use judge to heal yourself and damage them.
  7. ok, that one is intended, kinda as a miniboss/source for 2 blue magics there
  8. alone or in a group?
  9. It is not really intended, I wanted to have 0 passives that stack with themselves but in the case of HP/MP this can't be avoided else it'd penalize stacking endure+bulwark+sturdy since their HP bonus is the exact same. yes, known, happens to all that have watched any of the tutorial scenes (compare last page) err... corvette (stingray like) and armon (brown sahagin) are victim of a typo in their level stat... (31 instead of 13) Hi-Lamia certainly shouldn't be there (world 3 mob)
  10. 4.5k ... did you built for HP on Lenna or did I underestimate the HP changes last time? >.>
  11. maybe you changed an active ability last time? those affect stats slightly as well.
  12. I had to make some sacrifices somewhere with the RAM I have available, so I reduced the game to only tracking one value of ABP instead of one per job. When you switch jobs that value should be cut in half. The alternative would've been no new jobs.
  13. you did get a job level, not a character level, right? just making sure
  14. I have no idea what is going wrong on your end...
  15. what do you think single job mode is for? though in that case I'd keep it on normal difficulty (4)
  16. yeah, and then add the chance of only 1/16 to get the rare steal - very frustrating overall theoretically I could, but how would we decide which moves are worth 1 icon, which 2 (this would have to be a global decision, not per boss). but I'm not too fond of this option; there's already plenty of RNG in what certain bosses do (like 1/3 chance each turn to do nothing or grand lottery cross), this would inevitably end with cases of a 50:50 chance between low damage + 1 icon or massive/aoe damage + 2 icons, so bad luck would double penalize the player. one penalty per failed RNG roll I'm ok with but not 2+
  17. the enemy has to die by direct damage (though does not matter by whom), not HP leak, poison ticks, reflected spells or counter any lion fairy orc or one of the cure hares plant boss any plant girl any commander merugene any doomdealer palette swap skeleton any lamia any bone or zombie dragon darkmage or flaremage any unknown flayer siren gil turtle aoe before jobs: bombs and a full 6 enemy encounter is only guaranteed on difficulty 1 steal does not care about elements, the poison is purely for field icon purposes aside from that the base chance is still a measly 40%, same as vanilla, double with the thief gloves. well, you get a few extra % here with higher AGL or by being in the thief job field icons (karlabos) this is one of those things where it might not be possible to get a good solution. if the (heavy-type) bosses only got 1 icon you could flood them out to easily, you can always store turns or use brave to produce the mass of icons when you need them - but 2 icons as it is now may be a bit too much, and 1.5 icons is not possible. also getting 2 icons each is an option you have (later) as well, be it the fortress skill of knight or one of the mixes (both for heavy status) or the one !meta effect of sage.
  18. you tried the fix only patch? wherever I left that one.. either way I won't try to make that compatible, not worth it, got better stuff to do
  19. why should there be?
  20. I think most of that is actually answered in the beginner house 1. the equip weight works a bit differently here than in vanilla; in vanilla it was just a flat value, divide by 8 and that is how much AGL you lose for the purpose of ATB/turn calculation. here it is basically a % of your equip load relative to your STR value. in the 0-30 weight range you won't have much penalty to ATB. (monster are calculated as if they had 30 weight) <70 differences become more notable and at 99 you might as well never get an action with that character. Or in short: strong warriors can wear heavier protection 2. the stat ups are permanent for that character and independant of current job. 3. yes, but you can only gain up to 5 levels per job (15 for single job mode). depending on what you want to do with a character it may be better to dip only a few job levels in a given job for the abilities or go all the way for the stats or a mix of both. e.g. if you already have 2 levels of berserker you have !twin cut which is almost as good as !x-fight, so taking 5 level of ranger for the later is not as important. 4. the jobs each have different base stats, black mage has less str/more mag than a knight, etc. the character themselves have minor stats bonus, this is in the 0-4 point range which is not too much longterm. and don't worry: a certain character and the inevitable replacement are 100% stat/job identical. if you are really into stat min-maxing, equipping active abilities gives 0-3 points total depending on the ability
  21. Don't cast it on monster that absorb any of its elements or cast Anti-Magic on them before.
  22. ok thanks, I'll have both things fixed for next update
  23. only if you link back to here